The United States has steadily been going green — and not just in terms of environmental policy. Illinois recently became the second state to legalize recreational cannabis in the midwest and the eleventh state in the country. As more and more states drop their prohibitions on puff-puff-passing, more and more products are becoming available to help people enjoy their cannabis bliss indoors and out.

If you’re planning a trip to a cannabis-friendly campground in a legal state, we’ve collected 12 great items that will fit right into both your stash kit and your camping kit. From accessories that make it easier to blaze and Leave No Trace, to bongs, bowls, and rigs that are tough enough for the great outdoors, these pieces of gear will help you get the most out of canna-camping in whichever states are the next to embrace a little extra greenery in the great outdoors.

12 Cannabis Accessories for Green-Friendly Campers

a woman holding a joint and a lighter

Whether you’re trying to remember your trusty camping spork or the carb cap for your dab rig, the trick to any camping trip is staying organized. These cannabis accessories for campers go beyond double duty to help you pack in, pack out, and pack a bowl without missing a beat.

1. Ameri-Canna Multitools

two multitools from ameri-canna

Image from Megan O’Dea

Ameri-Canna makes all kinds of goodies for stoners, from greeting cards to hand-blown Christmas ornaments. But the most useful for campers and backpackers might be their multi-tools. Flatter and lighter than other popular cannabis multi-tools like The Nuggy, Ameri-Canna’s two multi-tool styles are perfect for backpackers, thru-hikers, and bikepackers who need to be mindful of weight and space. You’ll find pokers, roach clips, tampers, scoops, blunt holders, and even a grinder cut from a sturdy piece of metal a little larger than a credit card, and about the same weight.

2. RAW Hemp Rolling Papers

a pack of raw organic filters

Image from RAW

If it isn’t broke, why fix it? That’s the attitude many cannabis enthusiasts have towards the latest methods for cannabis consumption like vape pens and dabbing. When you’ve spent decades perfecting your rolling technique, there’s no reason not to throw together a baggie of joints for your next camping trip. RAW Hemp Rolling Papers and Filter Tips give you a quality product that won’t burn harsh or interfere with the flavor of your flower.

Made from organically grown, chlorine-free hemp processed in an eco-friendly manner, you’ll fit right into a natural environment with these in your pocket. You can even get RAW pre-rolled cones if your joint technique isn’t quite where you want it to be. Just be sure to bring a doob tube for your roaches and to be careful where you ash — practicing Leave No Trace ethics is just as important for outdoor stoners as everyone else.

3. Loksak Storage Bags

a loksak bag

Image from Loksak

Forget the dime bags of your youth — Loksak Storage Bags are the sturdy, reusable, odor-proof stash bag of the future. Loksak started out designing clear drybags for scuba divers, and eventually branched out into more waterproof, odor proof bags good for all kinds of outdoor activities. Ursack’s bear-resistant food storage products, for example, incorporate Loksak into their design.

If a bear can’t smell your snacks through a Loksak, it’s unlikely your fellow humans will be able to smell your stash, either. Made of 100% made of recyclable polyethylene, these bags are made of medical-grade food-safe materials, too, for extra peace of mind.

4. Smokineer

a man smoking from a device at the beach

Image from Smokineer

Smoking outside isn’t always the easiest. You’re dealing with wind, humidity, and, more often than not, the need for discretion. The Smokineer is designed to resolve those frustrations with a convenient all-in-one design that simplifies woodland tokes to increase stoke. Part storage device for your stash, the Smokineer is designed to drop a portion of the cannabis from the main container into an internal pipe, where a sliding mechanism packs the “bowl”, pushing the flower into the combustion chamber.

From there, the Smokineer lights what it just packed, and because it’s all happening inside the sturdy case, you don’t have to worry about somehow making a wind cave with your hands while frantically flicking your Bic. Instead, you can enjoy your smoke sesh and slip the Smokineer back in your pocket or backpack when you’re done — no fumbling with multiple pieces of equipment or storage containers. It’s all the convenience of a vape without losing the simplicity and flavor of your favorite flower.

5. Stashlogix Hemp Doob Tube

a hemp brown stash tube on a white background

Image from Stashlogix

A Loksak will keep your flower fresh before you smoke it, but what do you do with your roaches and ash? Any time you smoke in the great outdoors, even at a cannabis-friendly campground, it’s important to pack in and pack out any trash you make. Catch the leftovers from your smoke sesh in these Stashlogix eco-friendly stash tubes made from biodegradable hemp plastics that are designed to compost naturally over time when tossed. Until then, they’re sturdy and child-safe, making sure you’re the only one getting into the good stuff.

6. The Puffco Peak

a hand holding a futuristic bong

Image from Puffco

While flower is the classic way to enjoy cannabis, concentrates have gotten very popular in the past few years. If you prefer to dab over hitting up bongs, blunts, pipes, or joints, the Puffco Peak is hard to beat. This electronic dab rig is sturdy, portable, and easy to use, even if you are new to cannabis concentrates.

With a sturdy, rubberized base that’s easy to grip and hard to tip, the Puffco Peak can definitely go on an adventure. You still have to be careful of the glass (which comes in a variety of fun colors), but Puffco designed a special travel accessory kit to minimize the risk and keep all the extras together. There’s also a party setting designed specifically for sharing with friends, and it’s rechargeable, using a simple mini USB plug.

7. Evergreen Organix THC-Infused Sunscreen

A bottle of THC sunscreen

Image from Evergreen Organix

It might sound like a gimmick to get a nice body buzz going after slapping on the sunscreen you need to protect yourself outdoors, but there’s more to Evergreen Organix’s THC-infused sunscreen than a cheap thrill. Based out of Nevada, Evergreen Organix knows a thing or two about the need for sun protection in tough outdoor environments, and this paraben-free SPF 30 sunscreen’s extra special, recently-legalized ingredient has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that work especially well with endocannabinoid receptors in the skin.

That’s good news for preventing irritation and burns, or soothing skin that’s back out in the sun after another bright day. While you will likely have to swing through Nevada to pick up a bottle, because THC still isn’t legal everywhere, it’s nice to know the green direction more sunscreen formulas might be headed in as legalization continues to take off coast to coast.

8. Carve Designs “Geekey”

a man ignites a key shaped multitool

Image from Carve Designs a key shaped pipe

It’s hard to get more discreet than this hexagonal bowl hidden within an outdoor-ready multitool that looks like (from a distance) your basic house key. This product rides the line between an outdoor accessory, a cannabis accessory, and a pipe in its own right. Unlike the Ameri-Canna multi-tool, which is intended for cleaning your preferred piece and prepping your bud indoors and out, the tools included in the Geekey are for outdoor enthusiasts who happen to enjoy a little marijuana.

The Geek Key is especially ideal for bikepackers because it features Imperial and Metric closed wrenches, a wire bender, and bike spoke key. But the Geekey also has screwdrivers and a quarter-hex driver pocket that will come in handy for other small repairs, too. There’s a bottle opener, natch, for the backcountry bartender in all of us. But that’s not your only reward for hiking hard — the inside of the key is a secret hollowed out shaft running to the hexagonal bowl, too, meaning you can be carrying your favorite pipe on you without anyone being the wiser.

9. Roll Uh Bowl

a man next to a silicone bong

Image from Roll Uh Bowl

Bongs are fun for big rips and sharing with groups, but there’s no getting around the main problems with bringing one into the backcountry — they’re often clunky, fragile, and just plain awkward. Fortunately, the Roll Uh Bowl uses a medical-grade silicone that makes this lightweight and virtually unbreakable, no matter how far you get from your nearest headshop.

Because silicone is flexible, you can easily squish the Roll Uh Bowl into your pack. It’s lighter than glass, and easier to clean since you can even turn the Roll Uh Bowl inside out and stick it in the dishwasher when you get home. You also don’t have to worry about dropping and breaking your bong, leaving shards behind. And especially perfect for campers, the Roll Uh Bowl comes in a “glow in the dank” style that will make it easy to see even when the campfire is down to its last embers.

10. The Miwak Junior Sierra Charlie Pipe

A stone shaped pipe

Image from Miwak Junior

For those who prefer smoking out of a pipe rather than a bong or vape-like experience, a rounder, chunky design that fits well in your hand and is easy to grip will help prevent flower spills or breakage if you drop the piece. Miwak Junior’s beautifully designed Sierra Charlie pipe is just the right shape to hold securely, and is made from a pretty, neutral-toned porcelain that looks and feels like river rocks. After all, the only thing better than smoking weed in nature is smoking weed from something that blends right into the landscape.

11. The Puffco Plus

 a puffco plus vaporizor

Image from Puffco

There are a lot of good vape options out there for cannabis enthusiasts who want a discreet, simple way to light up. Many rely on cannabis oil, like the popular PAX, GreenDot, and Orchid models, and come with a cartridge pre-installed. Others, like the Puffco Plus, work more like tiny dab rigs for cannabis wax and concentrates. Because availability varies greatly from brand and state to state, it can be tricky recommending one product in particular for outdoor enthusiasts coast to coast. That said, the Puffco Plus stands out for its design, like its big sibling the Peak, and because its widely available when ordered online.

Like the Peak, the Plus has three heat settings and a party mode for when you and your friends need a serious smoke sesh. The mouthpiece is also a combined carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard, and it recharges with a mini USB. That gives you a level of control and longevity you don’t find with all weed pens, and the ability to use it with your existing concentrate collection, so you can pick just the right strain for the kind of outdoor adventure you’re planning.

12. The Sun Token Solar Bong

a smoking device on a rock

Image from Sun Token

A fantastic way to feel in touch with nature, as any smoker knows, is to get high with the bird song and fresh mountain breeze all around you…and use the power of the sun to light up your flower. If you’ve never tried a solar bong, it’s a simple concept; the specially designed dome concentrates the sun’s rays at the flower packed into the bowl, heating it to the right temperature for smoking. You don’t even need a lighter.

Sun Token’s Solar Bong is made from beautiful cherry wood finished with flax oil, with borosilicate solar dome and mouthpiece and a fresnel lens. If the sun isn’t out, you simply remove the dome and hit the bowl with your Bic the newfangled way. But if you are lucky enough to be camping at some of the sunniest places in America, all you need to do is find a beam and get stoked.

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