We scan sold-out campgrounds and send a Dyrt Alert text message to your phone when a campsite opens.

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    How The Dyrt Alerts Work


    Set Up a Scan

    Select sold-out campgrounds you want to stay at. We then continually scan for cancellations.


    Get a Text and Book!

    Dyrt Alert! We send you a text message when a campsite opens so you can act fast and book it. Get ready for some great camping!

    Campers Love The Dyrt

    Clear, precise info when you need it
    Really helps out a lot when looking for camp spots
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    What are the Dyrt Alerts?

    The Dyrt Alerts send you a text message when a campsite becomes available at a sold-out campground.

    How do The Dyrt Alerts work?

    You set up a scan for a specific campground and time, we text you when something opens up.

    Do The Dyrt Alerts book camping for me?

    No, The Dyrt Alerts text you when something opens up. You then decide if you want to take action.

    How much do The Dyrt Alerts cost?

    The Dyrt Alerts range from $9 to $19 per scan.

    How do I stop receiving a Dyrt Alert text message?

    You can stop receiving a Dyrt Alert text message anytime. Log in, go to My Dyrt Alerts and mute the alert you would like to stop receiving.

    Are The Dyrt Alerts always online?

    The Dyrt Alerts are always monitoring your campgrounds of choice on your behalf.

    Can I get alerted about a specific campsite?

    The Dyrt Alerts tell you about any campsite that becomes available in a given campground.

    When I get the alert, how long do I have to book the site?

    As long as the next fastest camper — could be days, could be hours, could be minutes. We recommend you act fast if you know you want the booking.

    Search for a location to turn on your first Dyrt Alert now.