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Gift PRO Membership

Just $35.99 for a yearly membership

Gift Pro and adventure together

One year, endless camping adventures. Gift an annual PRO membership to any explorer on your list. Perfect for planning ahead or for spur-of-the-moment trips.

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About your PRO gift


Gift cards are digital and are emailed directly to the recipient.

Plan ahead

Gifting for a birthday or holiday? You can buy today and choose a later delivery date.


Say hello. Personalize your gift with a custom message.


How do I activate my membership?

Once purchased, you or the recipient will receive an email with a special activation code. Use this code to begin your one-year PRO membership.

Do PRO gift cards expire?

No! A PRO gift card lasts forever. Once redeemed, your membership will be active for a calendar year.

Can I gift a PRO membership to someone who already has one?

At this time, no. However, since PRO gift cards have no expiration date, you can purchase one at any time to be redeemed after an existing membership expires.

Do you offer physical gift cards?

All gift cards are digital and sent by email—save the trees!

How will I know if someone receives my gift?

We’ll notify you via email when the recipient activates their membership code.