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The U.S. Virgin Islands form the border between the Caribbean Sea and The Atlantic Ocean. With such easy access to dazzlingly clear water, activities like yachting, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving are incredibly popular. With beautiful beaches and exotic scenery, the Virgin Islands are a perfect place for tropical camping trips. But before you can enjoy a tropical getaway, you’ll have to choose your favorite Virgin Islands campgrounds.

Visitors looking to enjoy privacy and lush foliage while remaining close to the water will love The Virgin Islands Campground. These campsites are at an eco-sensitive resort set on the pristine 500-acre Water Island. Water Island is a secluded spot perfect for campers looking for a chance to get away. The Virgin Islands Campground is equipped with eco-friendly tent-cottages build of wood and canvas. The tent-cottages, complete with a private terrace, offer the comforts of a hotel room along with closeness to nature.

Magen’s Bay, located close by in the Northern region of the island of St. Thomas, is a protected white sand beach. The stunning beach stretches for nearly three quarters of a mile, and is St. Thomas’s most popular tourist destination. The water in Magen’s Bay is typically calm, and campers can often spot turtles, conch, tarpon, and other fish. Open year-round, Magen’s Bay visitors can rent a wide array of beach equipment, ranging from chairs and towels to kayaks and paddleboards when camping in the Virgin Islands.The beach also offers lockers for a small fee. Magen’s Bay is also home to a coconut grove, a mangrove, and an arboretum that visitors can access via a nature trail.

Campers can get a feel for the Virgin Islands’ rich history during your trip by visiting Blackbeard’s Castle, located on the island of St. Thomas. The castle was built in 1679 as a watchtower to protect the harbor, and is built on the highest point in the neighborhood of Government Hill. Blackbeard’s Castle proved to be a great vantage point for Danish soldiers to spot enemy ships. Unfortunately, Blackbeard’s Castle is currently closed due to damage from Hurricane Irma, but the castle still stands and plans to reopen at a later date.

The Virgin Islands has had strong recovery efforts since Hurricane Irma. Many of the beaches, resorts, and attractions have reopened, including the Virgin Islands Campground and Magen’s Bay. However, much of the area is still in the rebuilding process and campers should take extra precautions when camping in the Virgin Islands.

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