Hey, campers, it’s time to wake up and smell the pine needles—our season is upon us.

Summertime is as fleeting as the bluebird that alights from a branch or the embers of the campfire floating toward the stars, so you’d best be making those camping plans.

To give you a little nudge, we’ve curated our favorite things to raise the awesomeness factor of your summer camping trip.

Whether your plans include summiting peaks or just playing cornhole in a meadow with your bros, this stuff will help make eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing in the woods a little easier, more comfortable, and more…awesome.

Table of Contents

Camp Accessories

AeroPress Go Plus

AeroPress Go Plus

Watching nature awaken with the morning sun is one of our favorite things about camping, and we don’t want to waste it with anything less than the perfect cup of joe. This is why the AeroPress Go Plus is our new favorite coffee system.

First, all the components pack into a stainless steel mug with a leak-resistant magnetized slider lid. (It’s so portable, in fact, that it has enabled our coffee snobbery literally everywhere we go.)

Second, it combines three different methods of brewing—cowboy style, French press, and a filter—which allows the grounds to steep fully for the best flavor, but without the silty sludge at the bottom. Just position the press over the mug, add coffee with the included scoop, pour in hot water, stir, and press.

Savor it—and the sound of the birds as they start their day.

Buy Now   —  $79.95

Treva MultiPower Fan

This neat little fan is a delightful addition to your camp kit. It’s super lightweight, has three speeds, and makes the perfect white noise for sleeping. But the coolest thing about it is that it has rechargeable batteries that last for seven days—continuously running—and has a USB port to charge your devices.

If you’re going off the grid longer, put additional store-bought batteries in its easy-to-open battery bank. It’s perfect for keeping RVs, camper vans, and even tents cool on sweltering afternoons, so you can play cards, hang out, nap, or read while you recover from your morning adventures. It’s also great for home, too: Charge it up and put it in any window without unsightly cords.

Buy Now” fans   —  $59.99

Radius Outfitters Camp Storage Boxes

As if packing up for a weekend camping trip isn’t hard enough, then you have to suffer through a long drive with the sound of clinking and rattling coming from who knows which bag or box. And as the road gets rougher, the clinking gets louder… Enter the clever padded camp boxes by Radius Outfitters, which will protect your gear, wine, and sanity.

Each box has customizable compartments, allowing you to organize everything from tequila to chips to fly reels to camera lenses. Velcro on the bottom sticks to carpeted trunks, which means things stay exactly where they belong, and handsome leather-wrapped handles make carting to-and-fro a breeze. Available in three sizes, these boxes are sturdy enough to stack on top of each other and even to sit on. Just don’t get too comfortable on the cocktail box—that one needs to be easy to access at all times.

Buy Now   —  starting at $239

Celsius On-the-Go

Celsius on-the-go powder

Leave Tang to the astronauts—Celsius On-the-Go is the ideal partner in any of your Earth-bound adventures.

Made with vitamin C for immune support, vitamin B for energy production, caffeine to boost muscle performance, and chromium to help naturally control hunger, which can come in handy when you’re packing to be fast and light. Unlike its canned counterpart, these travel-size On-the-Go sticks weigh next to nothing and are perfect to stash in a pocket or pack.

They come in a ton of refreshing flavors like dragonfruit lime, watermelon ice, blueberry lemonade, kiwi guava and more. Made with only clinically proven ingredients, CELSIUS On-the-Go has zero calories, zero sugar and zero artificial flavors.

With 200 mg of guarana-seed-derived caffeine to aid in sports performance, focus, and elevate energy levels, this is the ultimate adventure essential. Just add one powder stick to 12-16 oz. of water and go!

Buy Now   —  starting at $9.98

Camping Rig Accessories

Waggle Pet Monitor

There is nothing more anxiety-provoking than leaving your furry friend in an RV or camper while you go hiking or to happy hour and worrying about the rising temperature.

The Waggle Pet Monitor has your back—and Fido’s, too. It monitors the temperature and humidity level and, once it hits a pre-set level, alerts you instantly via text, the Waggle app, or email. The monitor runs on Verizon wireless (a subscription is required) instead of Wi-Fi, so you’ll stay connected anywhere you get cell service.

With a rechargeable battery, it will stay running even when your RV loses power—and send you notifications about that, too. So cancel the pet sitter and bring your animal planet aboard. They’ll keep you company, and Waggle will keep them safe.

Buy Now   —  $349

Ford Yakima Rack Mounted Cargo Basket

Coolers, tent, sleeping bags, chairs, table, stove, hammocks, badminton set… let’s face it, camping comfortably requires a lot of stuff. That’s why we love this rack from Yakima, which gives you more room inside the car for your people and pets.

It’s easy to install—no tools required—and fits a host of Ford vehicles. It comes with integrated crossbars to mount carriers on top of the basket, too, plus fully adjustable accessory crossbars to help you secure your load or attach additional mounts. It may not be cheap, but to never again have to endure the words, “Mom, he’s touching me!”? Priceless.

Buy Now   —  $709

Gear For The Adventure

Hest Truck Bed Mattress

The Hest Truck Bed Mattress will transform the cab of your truck into a five-star hotel with an incredible view. It boasts two layers of the same memory foam as your mattress at home, and either rolls or folds (depending on whether you get the single or the double) for quick and easy portability.

Trying to get your S.O. into camping? The Dually will seal the deal—you can put sheets and a comforter on it and snuggle comfortably.

Buy Now   —  starting at $249

Scarpa Moraine WP

There is a magical town called Montebelluna in Italy that has long been the ski boot and mountain shoe capital of the world.

Its history dates back to the Middle Ages when local cobblers were the only ones capable of making footwear for the nearby Dolomites—and it is here that Scarpa (which means “shoe” in Italian) makes its home.

So it’s no wonder that this brand’s Moraine WP has become our go-to for every summer hike. Made for hikers of every age and experience level, the Moraine WP strikes the perfect balance of being both supportive and lightweight. The nubuck outer is durable, while a waterproof breathable lining keeps you dry no matter the weather. Sturdy tread keeps you on track, while a RECCO reflector is searchable in case you somehow venture off.

With a high- and low-top option in both men’s and women’s, the Moraine WP will be your best adventure partner for years to come. Andate!

Buy Now   —  $169-179

Black Diamond Astro 300-R Rechargeable Headlamp

Hey, people, headlamps don’t need to be complicated. Sure, five-bulb, two-battery, red-light options may come in handy if you’re a hunter/gatherer, but most of us just need to see what the heck we’re eating.

The BD Astro 300-R is a simple single-lens headlamp with one switch to turn it on and off. That doesn’t mean it’s without bells and whistles, though—it has a strobe option (hello, tent dance party) and a dimmer that remembers the last brightness level you used when you turn it back on. It’s also waterproof—and affordable.

Buy Now   —  $39.95

The Dyrt PRO

Aaaand of course, we saved the best for last.

Giving experiences instead of things truly is the best way to make memories for the people you love. And it’s good for the planet, too.

So, give the No. 1 people on your list a subscription to the No. 1 camping app—The Dyrt. PRO members enjoy access to thousands of free dispersed camping locations, discounts on campground reservations, and can road trip like an expert with our Trip Planner.

It’s just $35.99 for a yearly PRO membership, and they’ll get endless adventures. The gift cards are digital and will be emailed directly to the recipient. Don’t wait! Camping season is here!

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