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Ranger Review: Wenzel Tent at Sequim Bay State Park

Campground Review

This campground is a great spot for families wanting to be near the Olympic National Forest. The grounds are on Sequim Bay, with a few sites butting up against the river edge. The Olympic Discovery Trail runs through the campgrounds and is well maintained. For those with boats, there is a lot of moorage space and even space for overnight moorage. This campground has tennis courts, a basketball hoop, and lots of wide open fields. The sites are relatively open, and this is a favorite of families, so if you are looking for a peaceful time you may want to skip this one. There are full hookups and decent showers and bathrooms. You must have a discover pass to get into this park in addition to camp fees. Down the 101 to Dabob bay, there are great spots to go clamming and oyster hunting. On Sequim Bay, the access for boating and kayaking is unbeatable!

Gear Review

I was offered the opportunity to test out the Wenzel Shenanigan 8 teepee tent.

Pros: This is a great front county beginner tent for a family. This tent is huge and very tall! My husband is 6'4" and is able to stand with no issues of hitting his head. There are a lot of vents so the tent does not overheat. In each of the corners, there is a small pocket for personal items. There are three windows for venting and the entire door is able to pull back for screen venting as well. This is a perfect tent for kids.

Cons: The center pole tent is the only pole on the tent. The stakes are the only thing holding the base outward. If you are not camping in an area that has softer ground to stake, this tent will not stay open. The upside down T, for the opening, is difficult to get in and out of. The center tent pole, while making the tent very tall, does not allow for queen size mats or air mattresses. The ground cover fabric does not reach up very high so a tarp is necessary for under.

Private and free with discovery pass!

Lyre River is private and has a couple bathrooms. Picnic tables.

Not very well maintained

Great place for the family

fairholm campground is very well maintained and hidden in the trees just off of the lake. There are multiple bathrooms but no showers, dock for swimming and a store located on the campground.

Beautiful Scenic Views

Salt Creek Campground is beautiful! Every camp site is well maintained, the bathrooms are very clean and you have beautiful views all around you. Near the entrance there is a park, horse shoe pits, basketball court and a huge grass field. Make sure to check out the trails, bunkers and tide pools!

Great Views!

Depending on your campsite this place has incredible view but also offers plenty of trails and access to viewpoints and tidal areas. I stayed 2 nights and the first was pretty windy out by Tongue Point and the next on was calm. So be ready for a little wind if you’re out next the the water and it just happens to be windy…

Beautiful lake

We stayed for two nights. On first night (Friday) we didn’t get there until 730pm but there were not too many people and we were still avail to get one with water view. There were many sites right by water open but having a puppy with us we figured to stay little fat from water. It’s $20 a night, and depending on which loop your site is in pay station differs (it’s all right by bathroom) one of the book we have says this place offers shower but we did not see one.

Size of the site was pretty big. There were 4 of us plus dog we had 3 tents (4p and two 2p tent) still had enough room for us to have cooler around etc. first night said lowest was 45 but it definitely felt colder. We had our winter sleeping bag but our friends said it was pretty cold. View of lake was beautiful and you can walk down to boat launch with wasn’t too far from my site (80). Some people had hammock but some sites like ours had trees too far from each other so if you’re thinking about hammock make sure you get a set with decent tree for your needs.

There is not many pet friendly hikes sadly. But there are plenty of short hikes near by for those without. If you go back to where the ranger station is there is hike for waterfall which is pretty easy and towards the end there is stairs but very easy hike.

Sites were busy on Saturday there were definitely more cars and people. Even there is quiet hours some people got loud pass midnight which woke me up. Please be considerate of others! (Sites were close to see each other but can’t hear conversations or anything)

Check out time is 11am. Sunday wasn’t too cold at all didn’t need my jacket in the morning to go use bathroom and we only started fire to cook, actually had few logs left over.

I wish I had my kayak or something. Water is definitely cold to swim but would love to be out there. View of stars by the boat launch at night was beautiful as well.

I think it was pretty quiet and not too clamped considering it’s only the second weekend after they open for the season. Would love to go back there in the summer hopefully there isn’t too many people lol

Lush and majestic

Beautiful stay here on Loop B. It was a great place to stay, we would have stayed in a different site, we were in 060 and it was ok, but lots of passersby. Hiking was simple to find and the waterfalls were in plentiful supply. We had a small rodent stuck in the car for a bit, so I wouldn't recommend setting up camp while your car doors remain open. Amateur move for sure. The bathrooms were clean too. Reserve with confidence.

No camping any longer

Due to an ongoing issues with trees dying from infections almost all campsites have been closed for some time. There is one site accessible only by boat that is still open. Still a great park for day hikes and the beach is fantastic.

Amazing Lake Views!

Willaby Campground is right on Quinalt Lake in the southern part of Olympic National Park -- a great spot to hit if you're coming into the peninsula from Oregon or Southern Washington.

Campsites are in a big loop that is on a slope, and some of the sites have amazing views right overlooking the lake. It's a small campground.

The are plenty of hiking options around the area and lots of lake activities. Willaby makes a great base for seeing the whole Quinalt area. There is a national park lodge on the lake with beautiful gardens just a short walk away, and the small town has a little general store that has a little deli and Free WIFI! After not having internet for a few days, we might have spent a little bit too much time in the general store instead of in the campground!

Good Base for Hiking and Hot Springs

The highlight of Sol Duc was the long loop hike around the waterfalls. We were disappointed with the hot springs as they felt more like a crowded public pool than the wonder of nature that I'm sure they once were. We did enjoy the showers at the hot springs through after a very wet camping day.

The campground is pretty big (80+ sites I believe) and is quite spread out and booked out well in advance. You'll want to take note of the facilities are when you make your reservation. Bookings for the summer through October can be reserved beginning the end of April.

The Stars were Amazing ...When it wasn't raining

We we surprised to be able to find a walk-in site here in August -- perhaps it helped that it was a rainy weekday and there had been some fires in parts of the park at the same time.

The campground is busy, but the view from the cliffside makes you forget all the other campers around you. When it stops raining, the stars over the ocean are pretty magical.

The camp shop just down the street - near the Kalaloch lodge was pretty well stocked including beer, wine and coffee. You can also hit up the lodge for a breakfast or dinner, if you're in need of a meal that you don't have to cook on your campstove or fire -- especially handy if you get hit with the rain.

A great site for bikers, and for easy hikes down to the beach.l

Needs some work

Spent one night on 4/22/19, granted it’s still early in the season, the camp hasn’t been very maintained. The drive from Quinault is partly paved but mostly dirt road with lots of potholes. I love how secluded it is, and i’m sure it’s well kept in the summer but this was too early.

I was not impressed

Maybe the reason I was not impressed was this was my last night camping on a 10 day vacation, and we stopped here, just because we didn't want to go home. The camp sites were small. Lots of Ada sites, nice hiking trail, bathrooms were well kept, there are coin showers. The water in this part was very red and did not look healthy. We spoke with a park ranger, who seemed to know nothing about the algae blooms, nor did he seem to care. Told us not to worry about it. Well I worried a little. We didn't eat anything we caught. We left to go get some dinner and when we got back we had a woman as a neighbor in the next campsite, who told us that she was about to steal our stuff

Stunning. Breathtaking.

This is my favorite campground ever! We went late August 2018 and the lake was gorgeous! The campground is on the lake, beautiful views. Parking is difficult in some sites for trailers, due to being on a hill. The host was awesome, the creek that runs behind the host site leads to the lake. Bathrooms were clean. You are camping in a rainforest! Campground is on Southshore rd, I HIGHLY recommend taking the slow dirt Rd on Northshore Rd. Such gorgeous views, I saw a bear, maybe 2.

Beautiful Oasis

Small and quiet. Large picnic area with park for the kids. A short trail brings you to a beautiful ampitheater amongst the trees.

Sol duc was beautiful

While all the campsites were a vit close on Loop A, we hardly even heard or noticed anyone. It was amazing to fall asleep with the Sol Duc river close by and a nice little hike to the Sol Duc falls simply made this camping weekend amazing!! It made the extreme cold that night so worth it.

Easter weekend

We arrived little later around 6 p.m. And being such a nice day there were only few sites left. Size of the sites varies but one we got we were avail to put up 2-2 person tent and 1- 4 person tent (only had one vehicle so used extra spot for vehicle as temt site.

Toilet was near by but it ran out of toilet paper next morning due to high number of people camping overnight. If there is any trouble of sorts, park ranger station was right there at the entrance of the camp sites.

It was hard to find pricing on camp online, it is $12 per site per night. And discovery pass is required. ( if you don't have one there is a slip there for you to pay for one as well) You get the little slip, fill out the info and out cash/check and deposit the envelope portion, keep the detachable slip and display on vehicle.

It got little chilly at night but wasn't too bad. One person said he got bitten by spider, but asides that didn't experience any mosquitos at this time of the year which is great for me.

Beach is walking distance. And you can walk around if you want we did spot a bald eagle early in the morning.

This place is little further from town so make sure you have everything you need if you want to get comfortable and enjoy the getaway.

Dog friendly and they recommend 6ft or shorter leash.

Beautiful Campground

This campground is one of my favorites even though it is pretty hard to score a spot. The upper area seems to have a lot more RV’s. It has amazing walk in spots right on the lake. It is a truly beautiful lake. I kept my kayak at the spot and just carried it down to a launch spot. There is a small market out on the main road. The facilities were basic but well kept. Super forested camp ground so privacy was pretty good.

Beautiful forest campground

The campground is in a beautiful forest and the loops are relatively spread out but near enough to the hot springs resort for soaking or other amenities. Some of the spots are close together but they seem nice for RV’s, but not as private as I personally like while tent camping. The nearby hike to Sol Duc waterfalls is a nice activity while you are staying at this campground.

Just close enough, just far enough

Looking to gently break your young kiddos into backpacking ? This campsite is a mile walk-in from the parking lot. It has fire rings, picnic tables, and water supply via the Dosewallips River. There is one section that requires a detour up a steep hillside, but other than that it's a flat walk. We used it as a training backpack trip for some of the younger Scouts in our troop. It has enough flat, open area in which to play, and the river was not too deep or fast-moving in October.

Great Grays Harbor County spot!!

This is another great Grays Harbor County spot just south of Montesano. Like Lake Sylvia it is super family and pet friendly. The campsite is divided into two different areas…one for RVs and the other for tents. The facilities are all well maintained and the bathrooms have showers. It is a pretty quiet campground even though it is near a highway.

There are lots of spots to fish in the campground as well as the surrounding areas.

Hidden Gem

Set in a former logging camp above the town of Montesano, park life revolves around a large swimming and fishing lake. This site is super family friendly and pet friendly too.

There is a playground on site and TONS of old logging roses turned bike trails.

There are plenty of tent and RV sites and s few primitive sites for campers. There are showers a flushing toilets.

Great spot

Really liked this campground- we actually didn't stay too long, though. We were headed up toward Bellingham area, and decided to take a pit stop and stay here 1 night and do some hiking the next morning before arriving in Bellingham. I wish we would have just kept driving though, because the weather wasn't too good. We woke up and were socked in with fog and rain. We decided to hike anyways because we really wanted to get a hike in in this area. As you can see from the pictures, it was very foggy and no view. At the end of the day, I was glad that we ended up hiking this beautiful area. Thankfully the rest of our trip in Washington was sunny and so beautiful. The campground looked really nice, big spaces. We actually ended up sleeping in our car because we didn't feel like setting up our tent in the rain. We got to the campground around 7:30pm, so it was already getting dark and it was super wet and muddy. Sleeping in the car worked great and we stayed warm and dry. The restrooms were within walking distance, and seemed pretty clean. There was only 1 other car in the campground that we saw!

Breath Taking views

This site has some fantastic well put together trails. They are well marked, well defined, and the area is spectacular with lots of vibrant green and brown colors from the moss, grass, and trees. This particular hike that I did here called the Marymere Falls was beautiful as the trail opened up right to it. Highly recommend you visit. Watch out for nettles though.

Great hiking!

The campground was great, but we only stayed 1 night because our main reason was to hike Saturday morning. We got an early morning start on Saturday to beat the hiking traffic. We really only slept at the campground and were there less than 10hrs total. The campground looked nice, and clean! The spots were a decent size, fit our car and tent. Table and fire ring within the campsite which was great! We used the table to hold our packs and food! Bathroom seemed to be pretty clean and had TP. Obviously because it’s a porta potty it didn’t smell the best. Campground was easy to find in the evening and within good distance to some awesome hikes. The weather held up for us and was sunny and blue skies. We thought it might rain but didn’t. We would definitely come back, but hopefully next time we will make a long weekend out of it.


This camp ground is fascinating. It is on the water and there is a chance for some great kayaking and views of the lake. Plenty of Wildlife to be seen and plenty of amenities to use if you are going to put your kayak or paddle board in the water. John Wayne even has a house nearby which you can see from his marina down the street. There is a lovely beach as well to take nice long walks on during the sunset and sunrise.

First to Review

Really liked the campground, but definitely loved that the hiking was amazing!! The campground was pretty clean, a little smaller, but we liked how well kept it was. The campsite spots are fairly big, and separated by some trees and shrubs. We like when campsites are separated by something because it doesn't feel like we are right next to our neighbors. We have been to some sites where the spots are small and right next to each other with no barriers. The bathrooms were pretty clean, but definitely bring your own toilet paper. They ran out toward the end of our stay. It was a little busy, but not too bad. The hiking was great, and nearby. There is also a walking path right next to the campground that my parents enjoyed going on and walking our dog. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash. The campground is easy to find, and the road was great when we went. This place would be beautiful in the fall to come with all the changing colors of the trees.

Beautiful spot near beach!

The hiking around here is amazing and theres so many different things to do here. It’s close to the water, too which is really neat. They have a playground for kids, fields to play in and an awesome volleyball court. We will definitely come back once they reopen

Liked everything except the spacing

The camper spots are really close together. There is a big field to play ride bikes walk dog etc . The beach is really nice and nearby and at low tide is so peaceful to take a walk. There’s group activities too which is great for the kids.

Hurricane Ridge

This site is phenomenal. I visited it in June and there was still a ton of snow on the ground. Plenty of well marked trails and great areas to explore. There is a ski lodge that wasn't operating at the time I visited and a great visitor center with very clean facilities and a gift shop. This area had the most beautiful views you could imagine of all the mountain tops in the area. I highly recommend you visit.