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With 63 state parks and historic sites, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic sea islands, more and more adventurers are picking Georgia for their outdoor expeditions. Anchored by the mass metropolis of Atlanta on the north end, and graced by the Southern charm of Savannah in the south, Georgia offers plenty of adventure in between, with some of the highest peaks, prettiest waterfalls, and the best shelling in the South. Grab your tent, your best broken-in boots, or the car-camping accoutrements – camping in Georgia is waiting for you!

The Chattahoochee Forest is a popular camping destination, but it can be hard to escape the hustle and bustle, especially at the Chattooga and Blue Ridge recreation areas. Luckily Three Forks Campground at the Appalachian Trail offers an escape from the hubbub of more popular sites. Enjoy multiple waterfalls, trout streams, and gnarled trees, all in an old-growth forest. There’s also access to several trails – the perfect home base to get some serious day hiking done.

Enamored by all of your options for camping in Georgia? We are too! With its stunning biodiversity (home to the greatest concentration of salamander species in the world), lush forests, and verdant bottomlands, it’s well-worth a trip. For a great taste of the beauty, try the Bear Creek Trail, with its adjacent campground. Winding through a beautiful stream valley, this trek takes you past the second-largest tree in Georgia, burbling waterfalls, and plenty of wildflowers for your 5.7 mile round-trip hike.

But if you’re looking for something different than the Chattahoochee area, check out the Silver Comet Trail, a short jaunt north of Atlanta – perfect for weekend warriors eager to get out into nature. Free and paved, at just over 61 miles long, the Silver Comet trail is built on abandoned rail lines. The path winds through residential areas and forests alike, where you’ll find everything from tunnels to trestles, bike rental shops to wheelchair access points. Find camping in Georgia along the way and get as close to the natural beauty as possible.

Whichever route you choose - mountains or flatlands, waterfalls or sea - you can be sure to find some of the best camping in Georgia off the beaten trail with The Dyrt!

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Perfect campground in a very friendly town

Very spacious sites, well maintained. Love the view, great sites, but as in most places, the noseeums were unbearable as we set up camp. Love the trails here, and you need to visit downtown St Mary’s and take the ferry to Cumberland Island to visit the Carnegie Estate ruins and wild horses. Second time here and will come again.

Wonderful, private, quiet park and friendly rangers

Pros: this is one of the best campgrounds I've ever visited, and one of the quietest. The sites are decently sized and most have good privacy because of plants left up in between sites. The facilities in this park are also the cleanest and most modern I've ever encountered in a campground, and the hot showers were free!! In addition, the rangers were very friendly and one of them even biked to my site to check on how I liked it (because I was a last minute walk-in). This park also has several trails throughout, and the ones I hiked were absolutely gorgeous, the sandpiper trail in particular.

Cons: the sites have cement picnic tables which are very rough. That's all I could think of, this place was great!

I would definitely stay here again given the chance!

Blissful, Romantic Treehouse Retreat At the Foot of Lookout Mountain

Just a few minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee and the trendy St. Elmo neighborhood, Treetop Hideaways is a lovely little retreat at the foot of Lookout Mountain, where there are many great hiking trails and climbing areas, as well as a few tourist attractions like Rock City, Ruby Falls, and the Point Park Civil War Battlefield. Cloudland Canyon State Park is nearby, too.

In addition to the location and the convenience, the Treetop Hideaways crew has gone above and beyond to hand-build two gorgeous, one-of-a-kind spaces. Unlike other treehouses that are glorified cabins on stilts, the Treetop Hideaways really are these romantic little visions tucked away in the branches. They are built with found and salvaged materials that give a romantic, Swiss Family Robinson vibe and kept the project eco-friendly.

Inside, you'll find amenities that are far more luxe than rustic, like velvet sofas, walk-in showers, and fluffy rugs. It's very Instagram worthy and magical, with twinkle lights, comfy beds, and beautiful floor and wall finishes. The bathroom in one treehouse has a floor made of shiny copper pennies! Talk about glamping.

I also really like how the Treetop Hideaways crew is very community oriented. Every year since they opened, they throw a huge bonfire party called the Christmas Tree Burn down in the meadow near the road. Last year, they lit the bonfire with a rocket attached to a zipline! Everyone cooked smores and hot dogs over their old Christmas trees, drank beer, and got to know their neighbors.

Even if you aren't visiting on that particular date, you can enjoy a fire pit area and s'mores thanks to the welcome package for guests. Pop into town for a local growler from Oddstory Brewing Company, Hutton and Smith, or Heaven and Ale, and grab some cheese and charcuterie from Blue Fox and bring it back to your treehouse for a picnic out on your balcony.

Clean, friendly and quiet.

Great hiking trails. Beautiful covered bridge.

Scenic views, waterfalls and history

Great spot for day hiking, camping or backpacking trips. Over 23 miles of well maintained trails and abundant campsites. Plenty of options for the novice or experienced backpacker. Great place to learn about President Roosevelt and the CCC. Peaceful woods and quiet streams make this an idyllic location to get away from it all.

So much to do!!!

This is one of my favorite places we’ve stayed! We were atStone Mountain over Memorial Day, they do an amazing fireworks show over the lake, which is great for kayaking (no motorboats allowed!!!) Great for bike riding too. Bathhouses are nice. We were in our pop-up, and had plenty of space. Highly recommend!

Great hiking and camping near Atlanta

We visited this park a few weeks ago with friends and had an amazing time! The park is set up on the land of an old factory that used the river to power a water wheel. There are a whole bunch of trails of varying difficulty and length that meander through the woods along the river. Along with the campgrounds there are also picnic benches and large group areas where you can host a lunch or dinner. We took the trail that shows you where they built the mill then goes along the river for a while. It was a beautiful hike but definitely challenging since there are a lot of rocks you have to climb over. The campgrounds are nice and across the road from the park through you can also take other trails from there that go down and around the reservoir. The amenities are nice and the whole park is well taken care of. I would highly suggest staying the night since it is such a short trek from the Atlanta area.

RV Only site

Make sure to check out my video review below where I show you around some of the campground. This is much more of a mobile home or RV park than a campground since most of the people staying here are set up for long term residency rather than for a night or two. Additionally, it is right near downtown Atlanta so not exactly where I would want to spend the night if it wasn’t more of a home situation. If this is your purpose I would first check out the Atlanta West Campground down the street since it was significantly nicer in my opinion. This location seems mostly like a large parking lot where you can park and set up your site but there is not really any privacy or separation between different RVs. Only a couple miles away is Sweetwater State Park which is well worth a visit and has some wonderful hiking trails.

Great hiking near Atlanta

We visited this park a few weeks ago with friends and had an amazing time! The park is set up on the land of an old factory that used the river to power a water wheel. There are a whole bunch of trails of varying difficulty and length that meander through the woods along the river. Along with the campgrounds there are also picnic benches and large group areas where you can host a lunch or dinner. We took the trail that shows you where they built the mill then goes along the river for a while. It was a beautiful hike but definitely challenging since there are a lot of rocks you have to climb over. The campgrounds are nice and across the road from the park through you can also take other trails from there that go down and around the reservoir. The amenities are nice and the whole park is well taken care of. I would highly suggest staying the night since it is such a short trek from the Atlanta area.

Bike Camping Site

Make sure to check out my video review first since it gives a good view of what is available at the site and a better overview of the different tent setups. I passed through this campground while biking the Silver Comet trail with my wife and some friends and checked it out as a potential overnight option. It is a primitive site with two gravel platforms set up for tents each with its own firepit. The sites are rustic but well cared for and perfect if you are bike packing the trail and need a free place to stay overnight. It is also only a 5 min bike ride in from two different trailheads on either side but only accessible from the trail and not connected to the road. This makes it a nice option since you will have much more privacy than any of the other options in the area. However, this also means you won’t have any of the facilities. There is a small seasonal creek that you could probably get water from in the spring when there is water available but it was totally dry when we were there in the fall. Overall, if you are looking for a “backpacking” like campground along the Silver Comet Trail this is a perfect option.

Close to amazing climbing

I visited this area while on a day off from staffing a sleep away camp in the area. We spent the day doing sport climbing on some of the many amazing rocks in the park and then trekked up to the viewpoint to get a beautiful look at the nearby area. The park is really wonderful and has a whole lot of trails and different areas where you can either set up top rope or lead climbing routes. The campground itself is slightly down the road from where the hiking and climbing is but has amazing amenities and is really well taken care of. The tent sites are large and spaced out though not so private but great if you have a group staying at several different ones. They also have volleyball courts and other fields you can use if you are staying there.

Nice large RV site near Atlanta

Make sure to check out my video review below where I show you around some of the campground. This is much more of a mobile home or RV park than a campground since most of the people staying here are set up for long term residency rather than for a night or two. Additionally, it is right near downtown Atlanta and alongside a highway so not exactly where I would want to spend the night if it wasn’t more of a home situation. However, for its actual purpose it does a wonderful job and has nice spaces for residents along with a small park and easy access to the nearby areas. Only a couple miles away is Sweetwater State Park which is well worth a visit and has some wonderful hiking trails.

Little Canyon

Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area is called Georgia’s “little Grand Canyon”.

There is no regular campground but there are 6 backcountry campsites and three pioneer group sites. We visited the pioneer site #3 with enclosed pavilion , grill, picnic tables and restroom facilities. Excellent for large group outings. Reservations online can be for specific pioneer sites. If you reserve a backcountry site it is not specific.

The Canyon offers a lot to explore. Realize you will have sand in everything by the time your done ;).

The Canyon was created by bad farming practices in the 1800 but it now offers some picturesque views. While your hiking the rim you will see some of the “refuse” left on old homesteads, (ie rusted vehicles).

Some of the canyons open up into barren “valleys” others have a LOT of vegetation.

There’s not much nearby so make sure you pack what you need the first time. Bug spray is a must and mosquito screen or netting.

I completed the Canyon Climbers Club this year and this was one of the four canyons to hike.

Bring your money ;)

Stone Mountain Park is a reflection of the Atlanta, GA area. In other words you pay for everything you do , from entering the park to traveling to the top of the mountain.

You pay upon entering for parking. If you are camping you still pay for parking when you arrive but get a voucher for the duration of your stay.

This campground has many rules so ensure you review them. Pets are allowed, alcohol is not. Guests are permitted but if they are not part of your original group you have to pay for them to stay overnight. You can not camp in your vehicle. You can not swim in the lake, there is a pool. And so on.

All that being said it is a nice, large campground. Depending on the loop your in you may have more privacy then in others. The sites are not necessarily level if you get in the “tiered” areas BUT you have more privacy. There are some excellent choices for picturesque views of the lake and Stone Mountain. Every camping combination you may need from no electric to full hookup.

In my opinion this is very similar to Yogi or KOA, etc. If that’s the type vacation your looking for.

Check out everything they offer and have your credit card ready ;)

Dogs are permitted on the trails around the mountain but not permitted on the trail to the top. I was not aware of this until we got there so we didn’t get to do a picture on top. We did enjoy the trails and lake.

The weather was perfect for camping, cool in the evening, great for campfire gatherings;) The Country Living Fair was on the event calendar so it was a little busy in the park.

Definitely a destination campground and so close to Atlanta you’ll probably want to visit there too.


It was awesome. The trails are well marked and easy to follow. The river is beautiful and the overlook towers were a nice touch. Being able to lay in the hammock right next to the water was perfect. The campsites are flat and easy to get in and out of especially with large 5th wheel campers. The tent sites can be right up front or just off the beaten path. I really appreciate the choice. The picnic areas are perfect for the whole family and the boat ramp is well maintained. I will be a frequent visitor.


its a good place to stay for a few days a lot to see and beautiful views.


some of the greatest views in Georgia! this place is a great place to explore and sight see! surrounded by a small town its great to go and see what the town holds!

Ranger Review: Renogy Solar Speaker at The Beautiful Rock Campground

Campground Review:

Overall summary: A great campground with sites for tents, RVs, and even cabins. Well organized so that different camping experiences have designated spaces making for better experiences for everyone.

My wife and I stayed at this campground with another couple who are friends of ours from Atlanta while bike packing parts of the Silver Comet Trail. We spent the whole day covering about 35 miles on our bikes with gear on the back having an amazing time. We were even able to stop for lunch in Rockmart and take a nice break. Since I knew it was going to be one of the first beautiful weekends of fall and that there would probably be a crowd I emailed the campground in advance to make a reservation. They told me that they don’t have staff on the premise working over the weekend but that they would hold a site for us. When we arrive that afternoon we found many sites available along the road so we just went and grabbed and envelope to pay and set up camp in a semi-private area next to what looked like a vacant small cabin.

Getting settled we were also able to explore around the site a little more and found that it was set up to have several different campground areas divided for different purposes. There is a huge field right along the main entrance that is designed for groups of bike campers where you can set up wherever then use the picnic and gazebo area for cooking and hanging out. This is also the area with the bathrooms (a retrofitted trailer) and there are several benches and swings. Continuing along the main road in the ground to the right are many small campgrounds for private groups interspersed with a couple small cabins. On the other side of the road are RV sites for people wishing to stay for a couple nights only. If you continue on and head up the hill there is a whole separate section of the camp set up for long term RV sites with monthly rental options. Additionally, right across the road from where we stayed were 2 small shower rooms that have a sink but no toilet and hot water for showers.

After getting settled in we began working on getting a fire going and were trying to use a small knife to break down some larger logs we found. The gentleman staying in the cabin saw us struggling and offered to grab his chainsaw and break down the wood for us. We happily obliged and got to chatting with him. He told us that it is actually his father-in-law who owns the place and that he stays in the cabins sometimes when they aren’t being used. Later on the owner came by to pick him up and I cannot express just how wonderful, welcoming, and friendly they both were. It was an amazing experience and they could not have been more gracious hosts. The only downside was that many of the tent sites are close together but everything else about the site is very well managed and organized. You can tell that the owner really takes good care of everything and values the environment he has built.

We had a restful night sleep and continued on our trek the next day. If you are in the area and have a chance to spend the night here I would highly recommend it!


Product Review:

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get to try out new and interesting products at campgrounds I visit. On this trip, I tried out the Renogy E.TUNES Solar Bluetooth Speaker. My takeaways from using the combo speaker/solar charger are:

  1. The solar panel actually works and is effective if you have full sun and can leave it out to be exposed for a while. I found a great spot was on the dashboard of the car while we were biking for the day. It has an indicator light that lets you know if you have it angled correctly and if it is charging. Then there are lights that blink and fill in as it charges so you can know when it is done. A couple hours out in the sun is enough to recharge the battery completely and give you several hours of music time.
  2. Wow the speaker has some serious umph. I will be honest that I wasn’t expecting much from this speaker. I thought it would be a small thing that would be good for those occasions where I want to listen outside on a short hike or at a campground in the evening but the sound from this thing is no joke. It actually has a separate bass built in so you get really loud high quality sound. The speaker itself doesn’t have volume control so you will need to use the bluetooth connected music device to adjust that. However, you can skip songs and pause/play so that is a nice feature. I have actually started using this speaker at home in parallel with another when we project movies outside since it gives such a nice addition to the sound.
  3. USB outlet for phone charging. This was a wonderful feature for a car camping trip where we weren’t worried about the extra weight but didn’t want to have to bring along another battery pack to keep up with at the campground. We could just charge our phone and play music all in one device.
  4. Finally, the speaker is very well built and durable especially with the additional rubber bumper you can add on. I have accidentally dropped it a couple times already with not even any visible wear let alone effect on the functionality.

Overall, I would say this speaker is well worth the value and an amazing addition not only to your camping gear but also perfect for around the house or just a day at the beach. It charges quickly, puts out some wonderful sound, and comes with a slew of extra features.

Strenuous but absolutely worth it

The hike was a little more intense than I thought it would be. We took the shorter more direct trail and I definitely recommend taking that one, setting up camp, and then exploring more. Sunsets and sunrises over the lookout points were gorgeous and absolutely worth the trip.

Best in the Fall

Cloudland Canyon SP in Georgia is on the top of Lookout Mountain. A small stream runs through the park, and has cut a deep gorge into the mountain. The view down the gorge is spectacular in fall. There are 2 campground loops, walk-in tent sites and a yurt village. The west loop is larger, mostly wooded, with level sites, with water and electric. The east loop sites are closer together, and not as private. The Waterfalls Trail is a steep climb, with stairs down to Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls. There is also a cave to explore with a guide.

Hiking, fishing & Dillard, GA

Black Rock Mountain SP is Georgia’s highest elevation park. It’s located on the Eastern Continental Divide, in Rabun County, in The Blue Ridge Mountains. The road up into the park is very steep, narrow and winding, so large RVs could have trouble. There are 2 camp loops. The front one is on a hill, sites are small and tight. But, they are in a grove of rhododendrons, which is nice in spring. To get to the 2nd loop you drive along the side of the mountain. These sites are larger, and mostly level. There is a fishing lake, hiking and wildlife. And, there is the Dillard House!

Would be better with more lake

Mistletoe State Park is just outside of Augusta, GA. It’s on Lake Strom Thurmond, which is good for fishing and boating. The campground was nice, with level sites, and clean showers and bathrooms. When we were there the lake was very low, so the water activity was limited. It is close enough to Augusta for dining and shopping if you need that.

Decided against it

We may return though! The spots are a bit close together but the neighborhood is quiet. Wasn’t what we expected as there is not really a view of Sweetwater Creek- but it is about a 5 minute drive. We may go back to stay for a while because it is convenient to be so close to Sweetwater and we do enjoy going! 😄

Fun park for families and great for large RVs

Given the size of the RVs, this looks like a great family vacation destination. For us, the attraction was Cumberland Island which is a 45 minute ferry ride from St. Mary's GA (20 minutes from the campground).

Some Info About the Sites

  • There are many pull through sites which have huge gravel pads.

  • Back in sites have long parking pads.

  • The grassy areas accompanying each site are spacious.

  • We ended up in the middle (see map) on #3 because it's what was available. I recommend you stick to the outside of the loops. There are more opportunities for shade.

  • You'll be closest to the water at sites 39, 41 or 42. There are woods behind you if you stick with the area that includes sites 11-27.


  • Water and electricity at all sites

  • There is a restroom behind our site (#3) that is set up as men's/women's restrooms with 2 showers in each. One of the showers is handicapped accessible, but there is a nicer (newer) restroom across from site 48 and next to ADA site 46. There are 4 private restrooms (2 handicapped accessible) with toilet, sink and shower along with a laundry room with 2 washers and 2 dryers. The other restroom has a washer, dryer and utility sink between the men's and women's rooms.

  • Dump station and trash dumpsters along with recycling bins

  • Playground

  • Golf cart paths

Fun Things To Do

  • Visit Cumberland Island (see info below)

  • Mini golf

  • Bird watching - there's a bird blind for bird experts, novice watchers and photographers

  • Boating and fishing on the Crooked River

  • A few trails and an observation tower

  • Nature center

Cumberland Island National Seashore: The only way to reach the island is via boat. A day trip via ferry from St. Marys is definitely worth the trip. You need to bring food for the day because there's no place to buy ANYTHING….really! You can get water in a few places, but we brought water to start the day. Our 8 mile hike took us south on the island to the Dungeness Ruins and further south before we turned around and headed across the island to the beach on the ocean side. There were probably only a couple hundred people on the island, and we only saw a few people on the beach. We saw lots of wildlife (feral horses, snakes, deer, armadillo) on the trails and in open areas. We hiked through the Sea Camp campground which had beautiful sites. If you want to stay overnight on Cumberland Island, you'll have to bring your tent and all your food.

Great camping in the woods

Red Top Mountain SP is a great place to get away into the Woods. The park is just north of Atlanta, so it gets crowded in summer and fall, so reservations are needed. There is one loop of pull-through sites for large RVs, and a loop along the lake with back in sites. There are also some walk in sites along the lake The sites are mostly level, with water and electric. You can get internet for an additional fee. The park has hiking, boat ramps, swimming beach, fishing and mini-golf. Many years ago there was an iron smelter at the site, and in the fall they occasionally have an “iron pour” so visitors can see them smelt iron.

Great sight, even greater staff

Super quiet, clean, and peaceful campground. The staff are awesome,e and super friendly. Clean bathhouse, great Lake views from most of the sights. Will definitely go again.

So's like camping on someone's farm

This is our "go to" campground near Savannah. We sleep here while we explore Savannah and surrounding areas, but it's also a beautiful campground if you want to spend some time here. If you camp in an area other than the large field out front, it's like camping on someone's horse farm. Just recently, we camped in the dry camping area for tents and small units because that's all that was available. It's out in front of the office and just across from the paddock. We've also camped to the left and right of the office where you can hook up to electricity and water.


  • See map. Sites 13 through 17 are full hookup sites out front among sites 1-21 and look like the best ones to me. All of these sites are appropriate for large RVs (think Class A) with long gravel pads.
  • See B1-B3 on the map. These are good for trailers plus a vehicle, you won't have a lot of neighbors, and there's a bit of a water view with no one in front of you.
  • There are 2 sites in an area called C out by a pond.
  • Dry camping areas do not show up online. There's a loop out in front of the office for tents and small units (like our teardrop). Larger units can camp over by the volleyball court.
  • Sites to the left and right of the office are good for trailers, but I don't think they're online either.
  • Call if you don't see availability online. I've never seen a tent here, but that area in front of the office is good for a tent. We've camped twice in our teardrop in this area, and there was just one truck camper the first time.

Why camp here?

  • Beautiful setting
  • It's about 10 minutes to downtown Savannah.
  • Maybe you have an event to attend at Red Gate Farms. The Mackey House (see photos) is one of Savannah's best wedding sites. We attended a wedding in the spring at this beautiful venue, and it was great staying less than a mile away. (Yes, getting all dressed up at a campground was a bit weird, but the private bathrooms worked for us.) There are two other event venues closer to the campground.
  • If you want to venture beyond Savannah, Fort Pulaski is about 30 minutes away and Tybee Island is another 10 minutes. Skidaway Island State Park is on the way to the fort, and there's a campground on Tybee Island. We prefer to camp closer to the restaurants and craft breweries in Savannah.


  • Wifi
  • Pool
  • Washers, dryers, small exercise room and two private bathrooms in the office building which is always open. There's also a TV and kitchen sink.
  • You can catch a trolley to downtown Savannah.
  • Trail rides are available.

Great lakeside camping. Very clean, very quiet.

Nice camp sites but doesn’t have full hookups

The road intro the small campground is a 25% grade that is incredibly steep. The road in the campground has a very steep hard left angle turn that is difficult to make for a large rig. In my opinion, this is a nice campground for smaller rigs and tent campers. We have a 36 TT and I consider this way to large for this campground. Prices also feel a little high for the campground.