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Warning: Rachel Pohl’s paintings will make you want to leave work and run to the mountains, immediately.

Painter Rachel Pohl has us itching to get outside, thanks to her otherworldly paintings and inspirational philosophy on life outdoors. She grew up in Bozeman, Montana, where she learned to ski and paint at an age when most of us were still working out how to tie our shoes. It’s no surprise that she’s learned to weave these two passions together, creating artwork that makes you want to go out and experience a place for yourself.

Rachel Pohl’s Art Makes Us Want to Go Play in the Woods

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Happiness will not show up out of the blue one day when you’ve gotten everything you want. It won’t appear when you acquire that high paying job or go on that tropical vacation. It’s not going to materialize when you buy the cool new thing you’ve been desperately wanting. ✨ Happiness will come when we are working towards our goals, when we are truly present, and not without effort. It can elude us even when all the ingredients for happiness are present, and may take us by surprise when we experience it. What will make us happy in the long run may be difficult in the moment. For example, going to college or training for a marathon can be painful and challenging, but in the long run well worth it. Having kids is another example. Not every day is easy but it certainly is a beautiful journey for many to raise children. ✨ Happiness is not necessarily in getting what we want, but in working towards goals while experiencing growth. We’re happiest when we enjoy what we’re doing AND we feel progression. ✨ Painting is what makes me the happiest out of everything I practice. It is challenging, sometimes demoralizing, but ultimately deeply meaningful and powerful. When I’ve had a really hard day/ week/ month, painting is what time and again brings me long term happiness because it is always a challenge. ✨ There are so many ways to be happy, and only we know what that is, for each of us. What does happiness mean to you, and what brings you the most gratification and growth?? ✨ My new Torres painting is nearing its half way mark! Can’t wait to share it all with you.✨Photo by @charles_post ✨ #rachelpohlart

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“I am constantly drawn to explore places that make me feel alive,” Rachel writes. “My work transports me to those overwhelmingly wild and beautiful places, and I hope they can do that for you too.”

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Your kindness means the world to me, thank you for being so excited about my new piece!!! This was the most fun painting I've ever worked on, because of how challenging it was to paint, and because of all the adventures it went on!! // Thank you to all who already purchased prints, they are on their way 🙂 I'm heading off to Chile today, but feel free to order prints from RACHELPOHLART.COM and I will send them when I return!! Thank you for being the most wonderful folks and supporting what I do, I couldn't do this without you!!! // Anyone think I should make a sticker of this one?? // #rachelpohlart #hyalite #thankyou #pleinair #mountains #mountainart #acrylics #exploretocreate #naturelover #getamongstit #igohardinthepaint #painting #outdoors #outdoorwomen #forest #exploremore #wanderlust #keepitwild #paint #happy #painthappy #wilderness #wildernessculture #theoutbound #outdoorwomen #getamongstit #adventure #adventuretime #livecolorfully #montana #mt #adventurepainter

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Rachel’s paintings don’t just capture the visual aspects of a mountainscape — they are a reflection of how it feels to be outside and in the moment, breathing fresh air and connecting with your environment. Whether she’s painting a small watercolor or a dramatic mountain mural, her work is a clear representation of the respect and admiration she has for the world.

Scrolling through her Instagram page, it’s easy to get lost in her gorgeous artwork and motivating thoughts on life.

“Happiness is not necessarily in getting what we want,” she writes, “but in working towards goals while experiencing growth.” She cites painting as a source of her long-term happiness, and if her social media is anything to go by, her work is bringing happiness to lots of other people as well.

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I am beyond excited to be at the stunning @Ranchlands Zapata Ranch for the rest of the week, where @charles_post and I are helping to round up almost 2,500 head of BISON for their yearly checkup. So naturally I'll be working on my new, larger, not ruined version of the bison painting this week, for thematic unity. The one pictured here is in Montana, whereas Zapata is on the doorstep of Great Sand Dunes National Park. We've been in the desert and are heading back again after Bison Works!! Thanks for hanging with us in the middle of nowhere the past few days @yoderyoder @hilarycantu and @forrestshearer ! It's nice finally being on some vacation with @charles_post and friends after a super heavy month! Have a great week everyone, and Happy Halloween!! // #rachelpohlart #ranchlands

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Her paintings take time to create, so Rachel focuses on scenes that stand out to her and have an emotional impact. The majority of her work is based on places she’s been to, though she occasionally paints other pieces on commission. Mountains are a consistent theme, from the ones on her doorstep in Montana to the craggy peaks of Patagonia in Chile.

Rachel paints with acrylics and her prints are created in Bozeman by friend and photographer Travis Andersen. She uses recycled materials for the backing and packages each purchase herself; each print even comes with a personalized note. You’ll also find a range of products in her online shop, including hats, stickers, face masks, and wallets but be quick because these popular items sell out quickly.

In 2016 Rachel appeared in National Parks Adventure, an award-winning IMAX film created to help promote the 100th birthday of America’s National Parks. She has also worked to help promote Montana and Arizona, plus works to help encourage women get out and get adventuring.

We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

You can purchase prints, hats, wallets, and more on her website.

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