Have you ever thought about leaving nearly everything behind and committing to RV living, even just for the weekend?

RV living isn’t just about high-tech, expensive rigs and beach-side camping. People who partake must be ready for the fun and the frustrating, from long drives to complicated breakdowns on backroads. 

Instagrammers Who Share What RV Living is Really Like

If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to live on 4 wheels as a weekender or full-time RV-lifer, these Instagrammers will give you a sneak peak into life on the road. 


Danielle and Tommy spent a year renovating a 1992 Toyota Odyssey before setting out to explore the country. The duo fund their adventures by making one-of-a-kind longboards for their company @LowTideLongboards along the way.

2. @duetjustus

Michael, Jenny, and their two dogs live in their RV full-time. They use a composting toilet and solar power in their off-the-grid rig. Today they believe “Life is for living” and carry out this philosophy as they document their travels and quest for alternative, healthy and sustainable living on their YouTube channel.

3. @lessjunkmorejourney

Nathan and Marissa wanted to spend more time with their young daughter, Hensley, and less time traveling to and from work. They decided to sell their house, get rid of most of their possessions in order to give RV living a shot. Today the trio live in a gorgeous Airstream and share their travels via YouTube so you can see what it’s like to have less junk and more journey.

4. @rvlovetravel

Marc and Julie Bennett want to dispel the myth that you have to be a trust fund kid or a retiree to roam the world in an RV full-time. The duo both work from the road and have loved traveling to every state since they moved into their ride in 2014. Their mission is to help others embrace the possibilities of RVs and they share their stories and advice on their website.

5. @journeying_jacksons

Jenn and Brandy Jackson and their two dogs have lived in an RV since July 2017. They are seeking adventures around the U.S. like hiking and chasing the sunset. They love that their home is wherever the park, it but they regularly seek well-connected campsites so they can work remotely – a major perk to this nomadic lifestyle.

6. @ontheroamagain

If you’re looking for inspiration from an RV-ing family follow this foursome! Jeff and Amy homeschool their two girls as they make their way around the country with the goal of visiting every National Park. They are fueled by home-cooked vegetarian meals and educational adventures.

7. @rvoutlawz

Veronica and Denny consider the journey to be their home. They live in a Thor Outlaw 37MD motorcoach and bring along their two cats and motorcycles for the road. The couple work from the road and enjoy biking, running and eating clean.

8. @rottenjournal

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Lauren, a sommelier, and Brandon, a bartender, run this fun Instagram about their travels in a 1989 Yukon Wilderness travel trailer in search of fermented fun. They don’t just go to breweries to try craft beer, they’re interested in the weirder, wilder and less-known side of fermentation.

9. @188sqft

Kevin and Mandy and their four furry pals (two cats and two dogs) live in a 188 square foot RV that could not be more Pinterest-worthy. If you saw pictures of the interior you would never guess it was a motorhome. The two are funny, honest and love boondocking, or camping off grid, so they can focus on their professions as an app-builder and wedding photographer, respectively.

10. @theroadtoadventure

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48/443 Mojave National Preserve – the perfect boondocking spot!

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Kate Mullen has a mission. She wants to see every National Park and Monument, a total of 443 sites! She’s an excellent photographer capturing every step toward her goal as she travels the U.S. in a 2016 Winnebago Travato named Graywolf.

11. @lifeasnomads

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Well, this Christmas has been one for the books. To be honest, we did not plan on staying at the Eunice Recreation Area here in New Mexico. We had originally planned on staying at Brantley State Park, just outside of Carlsbad. But I am so incredibly thankful we stumbled upon this place. • As we were making our way from Andrews, TX to Carlsbad, NM, the check engine light came on. Sure enough, the RV began driving funny: vibrating, losing power, shifting strangely or not at all. Nervous to keep driving to our next destination, Nate pulled over at the first rest area he could find. After more inspection, it turns out our engine was misfiring. Unsure of how we could resolve this on CHRISTMAS EVE, we felt stuck. Could we safely make it to Brantley State Park, which was still an hour away? • Well, low and behold, we did not have to. We just so happened to pull into a rest stop with FREE WATER AND ELECTRIC HOOKUPS in the middle of no where in New Mexico. What are the odds. It is truly a Christmas miracle, as we were low on propane and had planned on the electricity at our next destination for heat. • Fast forward to Christmas morning – we are very comfortable at our new destination. Nate (my AMAZING mechanical husband) worked his magic and just MAY have fixed our issue by switching a coil around (🤞🏻). • Yep. This has been quite the Christmas adventure and I am perhaps more thankful than I've ever been. • • • • • #lifeasnomads #winnebago #roadtrippin #travelblog #travelbloggers #rvlife #rvliving #rvlifestyle #fulltimerv #homeiswhereyouparkit #homeonwheels #lifeontheroad #christmasontheroad #roadtripusa #wanderlust #nomadic #nomadlife #newmexico #camperlife #glamping #campingadventures #exploremore #neverstopexploring #exploringamerica #coupleswhotravel #merrychristmas

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Mallory was smitten with a book about tiny houses. Her now-husband Nate thought it was a phase. Now they live in a 2000 Winnebago Adventurer with their three adventure cats in search of happiness and living in the moment.

12. @readysetrv

Anne, Travis and tabby cat Monkey left New York City to spend their time on the road in a 2004 JayCo Eagle. These goofballs don’t hesitate to share the less glamorous parts of RV living, like having to thaw out pipes with a hair dryer or playing pinball for an hour while the mechanic does their thing.

13. @livingtheclassclife

Elenor, a 2000 Golfstream Conquest RV, houses this family of five plus a cat and a dog. The trio started their journey recently and learned “You haven’t lived until you wake up in a Walmart parking lot.” The three kids are homeschooled as they take field trips to awesome museums and sights thanks to their portable home.

14. @adventuresonwheels

Rubi and Eduardo stay fit while enjoying the open roads of America in their Micro Minnie. They love paddle boarding, camping, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking in new destinations.

15. @the.curly.nomad

This adventurous lady is named Hannah. She loves sharing her adventures in a 1991 Fleetwood Jamboree Rallye to show the world what the RV lifestyle is all about. For her that means wandering the U.S. with her rescue pup Trixi and a bright yellow car she calls “The Banana Mobile.”

Hatie Parmeter

Hatie Parmeter

Hatie Parmeter is a current Chicagoan but will always be a Minnesotan at heart. She is the founder of Whoa Mag, an online magazine about women who inspire others with their love of the outdoors. She enjoys paddling wood-canvas canoes in the BWCA and walking her dog Norah Jones.