If you’re in Portland and love camping, you’re going to want to check out our new favorite camping store, Budd + Finn. 

The Dyrt team is lucky to live and work in a city like Portland, Oregon, where Mt. Hood can be seen over the skyline on clear days, and one of the largest forested urban parks in the country is just blocks away.

The outdoor-embracing atmosphere was a big draw for Kevin Pilla and his partner when they relocated from New York City to Portland, and that’s why their downtown Portland camping store, Budd + Finn, is full of so many outdoorsy-themed gifts. They named the shop after their two rescue dogs, and they’ve been charming visitors with their unique and affordable collection of products for just over 4 years.

The warm atmosphere of the shop’s interior recently pulled me in from the cold city street, and I was delighted to find all sorts of goodies, from candles and calendars to throw pillows and books. Many of the gifts and knick-knacks found at Budd + Finn are camping and national park themed. (Yay!)

Here’s just a small sampling of the gifts you’ll find at Budd + Finn’s camping store…

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Happy National Take A Hike Day! #hiking #camping #mountain #snow #lumberjack #wanderlust #forest #trees

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Sadly, the owners of Budd + Finn have faced two break-ins in the last couple of weeks. For small business owners, that’s a serious blow.

Despite their recent round of bad luck, we have no doubt that Budd + Finn will continue to bring joy to people who enter their camping store. I know I’ll be back soon for gift shopping (since all I bought last time was a book for myself!)

Check out Budd + Finn if you’re in the area. We know you’ll love it, too.

And if you’re not in Portland, you can still enjoy their curated camp vibes on Instagram.

Budd + Finn is located at 316 NW Broadway. Hours: Monday-Friday 11 am – 6 pm | Saturday 10 am – 6 pm | Sunday 10 am – 3pm 

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