At The Dyrt, we share camping tips from our community of campers and campgrounds. With so many campers staying home, we continue to share this info so you can plan future camping trips across the U.S.

As the government shutdown carries into week three, there have been numerous reports of illegal camping and fires, overflowing trash and human waste in national parks across the country. With limited staffing and funding, these parks have been overwhelmed with visitors. Local communities and national park volunteers are working tirelessly to keep up with trash pickup and maintenance. But that effort requires a lot of time and work, and one of the best ways you can support them and our national park campgrounds is to avoid the parks entirely.

That doesn’t mean you have to cancel your camping trip!

There are, thankfully, countless state and local parks that are in full operation across the country. Many of them are in close proximity to national park campgrounds and offer views that are just as stunning. If you’re looking to get out and camp this month, you can use The Dyrt to find an alternative to a national park campground.

Find an Alternate for Your Favorite National Park Campgrounds on The Dyrt

There are over 30,000 campgrounds listed on The Dyrt. You can search by state, read reviews, view photos, and camp in places that are just as beautiful as national parks. You might even find a lesser-known destination that will offer the type of solitude you’ll rarely find at national park campgrounds.

Find your next camping destination during the government shutdown with these tips on The Dyrt:

1. Search for Campgrounds by City

The best way to start looking for a camping alternative is to search your area. All too often, campers can find great camping in their own backyard. Search your city or town on The Dyrt, and browse the map for the best campsites in the area (if you live close to a national park, be sure to avoid them during the government shutdown!)

map of campgrounds in northern oregon on the dyrt

Search your city or town on The Dyrt.

2. Browse by State

If you’re interested in getting out of state for a longer camping stay, but want to avoid the national parks, you can browse by state on The Dyrt and find nearby alternatives with ease. Filter buttons at the top of the map allow you to find the perfect campground for your next trip, and the map feature allows you to look for campgrounds neighboring national parks.

all campgrounds in oregon, mapped

Search an entire state’s worth of campgrounds on The Dyrt

3. Find the Latest Reviews

To find campgrounds unaffected by the shutdown, be sure to look on the state page for recent reviews of campgrounds. Reviews and photos from users on The Dyrt are also a great way to find out what to expect when you go!

most recent oregon campground reviews on the dyrt

Find the latest reviews for campgrounds in any state on The Dyrt

To get started with your search for a national park camping alternative, click on the link to your state below!

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