This summer, millions of campers used The Dyrt to find campsites across the US. All summer long, thousands of campers reviewed their campsites on The Dyrt to enter our nationwide camping contests. Every month, top campers got $1000s in prizes. Congratulations to October’s camping contest winners:

October Camping Contest Grand Prize Winners

Alicia F – Oregon Contest

Amanda M – California, Hawaii, Virgin Islands Contest

Anthony S – East North Central Contest

Asher K – South Atlantic Contest

Brian C – Washington & Alaska Contest

Charles C – West North Central Contest

Crystal C – Southwest Contest, West South Central Contest, and East South Central Contest

Dexter I – Idaho, Montana, Wyoming Contest

Ethan K – North East Contest

Nationwide Runners-up

Adeline T, Alan B, Alicia F, Alison C, Amy G, Analia F, Andy H, Anthony S, Asher K, Ashley V, Ashley W, Audrey A, Audrey R, Ber M, Bjorn S, Bounding A, Brian C, Brittany S, Brittney G, Corinna B, Crystal C, David G, Dawn K, Derek E, Drew W, Elisabeth D, Erin S, Gina J, Hannah V, Isabella H, James B, Janet R, Jean C, Jen D, Jill R, Jim H, Joe C, Joel R, Joshua G, Kate K, Katherine B, Kelley H, Kelly M, Kelly N, Kelsey M, Kiara Y, Kristen V, Lauri C, Lori H, Maggie J, Magy C, Mary C, Mary S, Matt S, Melani T, Natalie B, Nicolaus N, Nicole R, Patti M, Rachel P, Rhonda B, Rita M, Ronnie M, Ryan M, Sam M, Sarah P, Sasha W, Shana D, Shannon G, Shari G, Shelly S, Skyler M, Stephanie J, Tony E, Tonya T, Troy W, William C

Review your campgrounds on The Dyrt all year long to earn points and you could become a Ranger on The Dyrt.

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Anthony Easton

Anthony Easton

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