Melani T.

Kalispell, MT

Joined August 2018

Great Stay!

Really enjoyed my stay at this campground. The people that were working were super friendly and helpful. They gave me a list of great hikes in the area, and they were definitely right! The hiking was incredible. I love living in Montana and being able to hike some of the best spots ever. Flathead is also an amazing spot, so really any campground in the area is good in my opinion. This campground is known for some of the best sunsets, and that is definitely correct. I have actually stayed at this campground multiple times because the sunset is that great. There is a hike nearby that will lead you to the top of a mountain and the sunset is even better!! Flathead Lake is gorgeous and makes staying here that much more better. You are able to cool off in the lake on hot summer days. This lake is packed in the summer because of the lake and campgrounds. Definitely reserve your spot online or calling because there is no way you will be able to walk up and get a spot in the summer!! The hiking is amazing! The last time I went, the flowers were in bloom and were amazing!! See my pictures attached. That is literally all I took pictures of because they were awesome. Highly recommend this campground!! I will be coming back again and again and again!!

Loved it!

Really loved our stay here! We were wanting to visit some family, and thought we would do some camping while here as well as some hiking. This part of Washington is beautiful. We have been a few times, but never hiked or camped. The weather was perfect for us, so much sunshine and warm weather! The campground was great, clean, and quiet. There actually weren't very many people, which was surprising because it was summer! Mid July we thought it would be packed, but it wasn't. The restrooms were clean, but definitely bring toilet paper because by the second night they were out. It must have rained the day before we got there because the campground was a little wet and muddy. We were able to do our tent, though and it almost made it easier to get the stakes into the ground because it was soft. We went hiking twice, and loved every second of it. As you can see from my pictures, flowers were in full bloom and were absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't stop taking pictures of flowers! There were these super pretty purple ones that were everywhere. This make the hike even that much more better. We will definitely be back- although we like to explore different campgrounds so we might not be back to this campground (not because it was bad, but because we want to experience others ones!).

Great spot

Really liked this campground- we actually didn't stay too long, though. We were headed up toward Bellingham area, and decided to take a pit stop and stay here 1 night and do some hiking the next morning before arriving in Bellingham. I wish we would have just kept driving though, because the weather wasn't too good. We woke up and were socked in with fog and rain. We decided to hike anyways because we really wanted to get a hike in in this area. As you can see from the pictures, it was very foggy and no view. At the end of the day, I was glad that we ended up hiking this beautiful area. Thankfully the rest of our trip in Washington was sunny and so beautiful. The campground looked really nice, big spaces. We actually ended up sleeping in our car because we didn't feel like setting up our tent in the rain. We got to the campground around 7:30pm, so it was already getting dark and it was super wet and muddy. Sleeping in the car worked great and we stayed warm and dry. The restrooms were within walking distance, and seemed pretty clean. There was only 1 other car in the campground that we saw!


Really liked our stay here! First time ever staying in idaho, usually we just drive through. We stopped her and stayed a few nights as we were heading to Washington. Stayed here and loved it. We only stayed 1 night and did some hiking in the morning! Beautiful hikes!! The campground was pretty big which we liked. Not too many people, but we did come mid week. Bathrooms on site which were clean when we were there and there was also plenty of TP which was surprising!! Close to a beautiful lake, however we didn’t get to enjoy the lake because we didn’t stay long. There is also a really good burger joint down the road! Highly recommend :)

Beautiful spot, great hiking

Being from Montana, I love finding new campsites that I haven't stayed and doing hikes I've never done. This place was great. The campground was decently sized, very easy to find, and clean. The campground is right off the highway, down a gravel path a few miles. The road is driveable and in great condition. The rangers are super helpful and nice. They directed us to our campsite, and also helped us figure out what hikes to do in the area. The campsites are normal- they have a fire pit and picnic table to use, and the size is pretty big. Each site is spaced out well, and the trees are gorgeous here! We brought our hammocks and hung them while we were hanging out. The hiking nearby is great! Wish I could remember the names of the hikes- Bear Creek might be one of them? Not sure. Anyways, you can look hikes up on All Trails, or ask the ranger! Bring water- there is no place to fill up your water bottles for hiking. We stopped by a store on our way there and loaded up on snacks and goodies. We saw some deer, as well as lots of chipmunks on our stay! The deer were amazing- we saw a huge herd of them one evening! Wish I would have recorded it. Beautiful place, and would definitely come back and recommend.

Best hiking!!

Mount Rainier didn’t disappoint. If you are ever in the edge of whether or not you want to travel to Washington and hike, I highly recommend coming. This campground was in the perfect location, too, for some hiking! The National Park is close by- make sure you have a pass or you can pay $30 at the gate. This $30 allows you 7 consecutive days into the park. We did this and hiked in the park and around the park for 5 days. The views are incredible and Mt. Rainier just glows. We did some sunrise hikes as well as sunset. Recommend!! Very busy- both the campground and the park. We went in the summer and expected it to be busy. The campground was good- typical campground. Good size campsite spaces. Was a little loud but hats only because the campground was at full capacity every night we were there. Bathrooms on site, pretty clean considering outdoor bathrooms. Would definitely come back!

Great wildlife

One great thing about this campground is that there is wildlife everywhere. We saw so many Whitetail Deer, it was amazing. They would just come into the campground, feed and walk around. They didn't see too worried or scared of us or others around. We also saw some wild turkey on our way in to the campground, which was pretty cool too. There were TONS of squirrels, which seemed pretty okay with humans as well. When we were eating, they were right there with us. It was a little annoying after awhile because I felt like we had to watch them so they wouldn't get into our food. There is a lake nearby that tons of people went to fish. My dad caught some trout which was really cool. We cooked that for dinner one night and it was amazing! We also enjoyed hiking- we went on the Buffalo Nature Trail that was across from the river and campground. This trail was great, with beautiful views. The campground was good as well. The sites felt large enough, and there was a fire ring within the site. There was also a huge picnic area that was covered that anyone could use. There was also restrooms w/ a flushing toilet as well as showers that guest could use. Overall, we enjoyed our time here but I do wish there were  more hiking trails.

Such a beautiful place!

Montana Gulch is such a great place to visit and stay if you are ever in the area. Being from Montana, I have had the pleasure of staying at quite a few places and this one is probably one of my favorites. I love that the campground is surrounded be the beautiful mountains, and there are so many great hikes you can go on. Whenever we decide where we are going to stay, we make sure that there are amazing hikes nearby. I would definitely look up hikes nearby before you go, that way you get a feel for what is around you, the length of the hike, and elevation gain. I would also caution that there is a lot of wild life in Montana. We saw a bear and her cubs in the distance on one of the hikes we went on. It was incredible to see, but we were definitely pretty cautious. The campground is great, clean, and well kept. There are quite a few spaces available, but definitely fill up fast in the summertime. We went in the peak of summer and all of the spaces were taken. Luckily we made our reservation online ahead of time. This campground was only for tents, and there was only 1 bathroom which was the only downside. No water onsite, so make sure to bring plenty of your own. There wasn't any picnic tables in the campsites, but there were tables throughout the campground. Pets are allowed, so we brought our dog.

Great place to visit

We really enjoyed our stay at Afterbay campground in Montana. Montana is such an incredible place to camp because there are so many outdoor activities. If you love the outdoors, I recommend visiting Montana. It is a great place year round. This campground is one of my favorite places because right down the road are a few different hikes. One hike is 8 miles round trip and it has the most amazing views ever. Views of the lake and mountains all around. You can’t beat that. The campground is well kept, but a little on the smaller side. Not sure how many spots they have, but during the summer it gets very busy. If you are planning to come in the summer I would recommend making your reservation ahead of time. We have stayed here twice and both times all the campsites were full. Bring your own fire wood because they don’t have any for sale close by. Also bring water because they don’t have any water hookups. Luckily we brought jugs of water, which we needed for our hikes. There are plenty of trees that provide great shade. Lots of bugs and mosquitos during the summer so I’d recommend good mosquito spray. We have come in the winter and stayed in our RV (see snow pictures) and we have come in the summer.

Gorgeous hikes and beautiful lake

One great thing about here is the beautiful lake nearby! My family and I spent our entire day here and had an absolute blast. The lake front views are incredible. You have the option to camp right next to the lake and have the best view ever. They also have spots for RVs for electrical hookups. The sites are amazing because they are orettt big. We fit my dads big truck and all our tents in the campsite we had. There is a small beach area, bike trail which was a lot of fun, an archery range, theater, and great hiking trails. The campfire theater was amazing! You honestly can’t beat that. Some other things we enjoyed were:

  • boat ramp
  • cabins available- although we didn’t stay here
  • fishing
  • area to play basketball, and big grass areas for other activities.
  • Everything was in walking distance

I would definitely call and make reservations beforehand. It wasn’t very busy. The cost is pretty cheap too. For a basic, tent campsite it was $12. More expensive if you use the electrical hookup areas. When we went it was pretty Smokey. There were some fires nearby and the smoke just settled in. That was the only downside of our trip.

Beautiful in early fall

My family and I came here for a family reunion in September 2016. The changing leaves were absolutely beautiful. The hiking was amazing here, and with the fall colors changing, it made it even better. We really enjoyed staying at the campground. Here are a few things we really liked:

  1. Big campsite spaces
  2. Fire ring and picnic table in campsite
  3. Restrooms available
  4. Great/easy location
  5. Fantastic hiking nearby

Some things we didn't really like were:

  1. The campsite spaces weren't very flat- we had to move some rocks
  2. No restaurants close by
  3. Poor reception

The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed the cooler nights that September brought. I am glad we decided to come in September as a posed to July or August. We also loved that because it wasn't the summer months, it wasn't too busy.


The best part about having family that lives in Tennessee is being able to go and visit. We do a big family reunion every other year, and we always have our shindig at a campground. One year we had it here, and this is probably my favorite place out of all the places we have stayed. There is so many great activities- with a lake only minutes away. The family that lives in Tennessee brings their boat, and we are able to spend countless hours on the water. We enjoy tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. We also brought a blow up kayak and got some real good use out of that. The weather was perfect this time of year. The campground was great because there were a lot of areas with trees that provided great shade from the heat. We also brought our hammocks and had fun relaxing in these. We did a few great hikes that were only about 5 miles round trip. It was great to get the dogs out in the morning for some hiking. The campground was clean, and well kept. Bathrooms on site, but recommend bringing your own toilet paper. Seemed to run out pretty quickly. It was busy when we went, but I am assuming that was because it was summertime.

Great place!

This campground is great! I really enjoyed staying here, and wish we were able to stay longer. My favorite part about camping here was the location, and the amount of activities nearby. There were a lot of great hikes along the way, some that were "easy" "moderate" and "difficult." I would recommend looking up hikes ahead of time, that way you can do a hike that best suits your abilities. One app I recommend is "All Trails" because you can search hikes in the specific area you will be in. The campground was awesome. The spaces were a pretty good size. You can rent a spot for either tenting or and RV. We opted to tent because we only stayed a few nights. We stayed here as we made our way to Washington. This was on our list of places to stop. There were quite a few mosquitos, so I would recommend bringing the best bug spray you own!!

One of my favorites

Montana offers so many outdoor activities, and I love that mountains surround you everywhere you go. This campground is smack dab in the middle of heaven. Green trees and mountains surround you everywhere you look. This campground is definitely one of my favorites because it is so clean, and the scenery is beautiful. There is a bathroom on site, picnic tables, and fire ring (at your campsite). My family and I really enjoy making smores at night, sitting around the fire and laughing. The campsites are a decent size, but pretty generic. We spend most of our day hiking around the mountains, and finding new trails to explore. There is a lake nearby that we went to and cooled off. We saw people kayaking, swimming and fishing here. The lake was pretty busy, but still fun. The hiking here is amazing. Highly recommend finding a trail that suits your needs and abilities. One morning we got up and did a sunrise hike- probably my favorite thing we did while staying here. I can't remember the name of the hike, but it was about 5 miles roundtrip and not too bad of elevation gain. Recommend getting groceries and food ahead of time, because it is about a 15 minute drive to the store (which isn't really bad, honestly).


What a beautiful place to be and to camp. Mountains surround you everywhere you look. Kalispell is such a wonderful little town that is surrounded by so much outdoor activity. This is a great place to camp because there are so many different activities you can participate in. Hiking is great here. I would suggest looking up places to hike near Kalispell and Whitefish. The lake at Whitefish is one of my favorites. People are kayaking, boating, SUP, swimming, and so much more. If you have a boat, I would recommend brining it here. We found a great picnic area with a dock and hung out here all day. The weather was perfect. Within Kalispell there are some great places to eat. There is a sandwich shop in town that is incredible. They have cinnamon rolls that are gigantic, and super yummy. They have gluten free options which I needed. Highly recommend coming here. Right across the street is a yummy ice cream shop (they have dog ice cream too for your 4 legged friend!). Great town to walk in if you aren't planning on doing any hiking.