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Greenville, SC
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Beautiful great hikes

This campground is great! Here are some things I absolutely loved:

  • Great/clean campground. This is something I really appreciate about a campground. People seem to pick up after each other. If you see garbage somewhere, please pick it up. Helps so much!!
  • Hiking. We did a nearby hike named Hillside Trail and it was gorgeous. The views were stunning!! We did it early in the morning to beat the crowds and it was perfect. About 7 miles rountrip with a little elevation gain.
  • Close to water. We went for the day and played in a lake nearby. It was about a 15 minute drive away!

make sure to bring lots of water if you plan to hike because it does get warm! Also bug spray, sunglasses, and some good snacks!

My favorite!

This campground is one of my all time favorites!! It has everything you want in a campground and more. Hiking here is definitely the best, because the views are amazing!! The campground is always really well kept as well which I appreciate. The campsite spots themselves are pretty big in size and are separated by trees and bushes. Feels very private. They do have a quiet hour which is after 10pm. This is nice because there aren’t people partying all night long. There are tent spots and also RV. We camped, so I’m not sure if th RV spots are set up for electricity. The lake nearby is great. We brought our kayaks and had so much fun hitting the lake in the morning. It does get busy as the day goes on, especially in the summer on the weekends. Hiking is great, and there are multiple good spots nearby. Again, go early to beat the crowds! Dogs are welcome but must be on leash. Vaulted toilets on site and a place to fill up your water! Can’t wait to come back.

Loved it!

This was the second place on our stop while visiting Michigan. The first place we stayed was nice, but super busy because there was a beach and lake. This place wasn't very busy because it was a bit isolated from other campgrounds. This campground is the furthest from the dock area, so less people travel to here. There was probably about 5 other families while we were here, which is surprising because it was mid July. I guess there are only like 7-8 sites, so that makes sense. We reserved our site online. The island is beautiful, and the beach area was amazing! Very clean, and private. Felt like we were on our own little island. The campground was clean as well. The attendants/rangers were super helpful and nice. They directed us to our location as well as give us some ideas for great hiking in the area. Definitely bring lots of water or some sort of filtration system because there is no fresh water to drink. The nice thing about a smaller campground and less sites is that they were separated really well. There was quite a bit of space between the sites, so it didn't feel like you were right on top of each other. Did some beautiful hikes that overlooked the water! I would 100% come back and enjoy this private campground again!

Great place to visit

My family and I took a 3 week vacation to visit Michigan. We stayed at a few different campgrounds, and did lots of hiking. We really like Michigamme Shores Campground (the name was really cool we thought!). The campground was really nice. We were able to get a spot by the little beach area they have- next to the Michigamme Lake. Being by the lake in the summertime was really nice! They have a cool trampoline type thing in the water that kids loved playing on. It was definitely busy, so the people in our group didn't get to jump off it. The beach area was clean, which we really appreciated. There are garbage cans and dumpsters within the park which helps with clean up. Lots of picnic tables, which we used during the times when we ate. The campground also has a playground area and beach volleyball. The campsites have hookups which is also really nice. The only downside to this campground was that because the lake and beach area is right there, it was pretty busy. Especially since it was in the summer- lots of partying/boating and people just being overly loud. Other than that, it was a great stay. Great hikes nearby, which we did every morning (3 different hikes). The views were amazing!

SO gorgeous!!

I have enjoyed my stay here multiple times. Anytime friends or family come to visit and want to camp, this is the place I come. It does it pretty busy during the weekends, summertime, and holiday/long weekends. It is right next to the Chauga River, which makes it really nice for swimming and fishing. I actually saw some people cooking up fish in their campsite that they caught that day. Here are some things I liked:

  1. River close by- We brought some great floaties and hung out in the water during the day. Definitely gets busy.
  2. Great hiking nearby! I always enjoy doing the nature loop. It is great for all ages. My favorite time of year to come is late spring/summer when all the flowers are in bloom. (See pictures attached- I love taking pictures of flowers! I cant help it).
  3. Spacious campsites (they have  small picnic table and fire ring).

One thing I don't like is that there is only 1 bathroom and it is a porta potty and very old. I like to say "rustic." Bring your own toilet paper! Lots of great trees that provide shade in the summer, and great for hanging your hammock and relaxing. Easy to find, and at the end of a gravel/dirt road about 2 miles in.

Great spot

My family and I really enjoyed our stay here. We did go late spring, so it was a bit chilly at night. We decided to tent camp instead of bringing our RV. Honestly, this time of year I really wish we would have brought the RV. I didn't really sleep well because it was 1. cold and 2. it is close to the highway so we could hear cars and trucks driving by at night. Maybe we just picked the wrong campsite. I would advise you to pick a campsite that is the farthest away from the road. The campground is very easy to find, and the road is well maintained. The people at the check in station were very nice and helpful. Due to a change in campsite when we arrived, they actually gave us a discount so it was cheaper than normal. They also gave us some of the best recommendations for hikes nearby. We really enjoyed getting good feedback from them. We did look online beforehand for hikes, but it was nice to get someone else's opinion. The hiking was awesome! We went early in the morning to beat any sort of hiking rush. We enjoyed being on the top of the mountain by ourselves, sipping coffee and hot chocolate. The leaves and trees were beautiful, changing back to green and getting ready for the summertime. Beautiful flowers were blooming, and I couldn't stop taking pictures! The campground was good as well, although the spots were a bit small- however each campsite was divided by shrubs and trees so you didn't feel like you were right on top of your neighbor. Also, because we went in the spring we didn't think it was very busy. I am sure it is crazy busy during the summer because of all the wonderful hikes nearby. I would like to visit this place again in the summer!

Great campground

I just love the name of this campground- Little Pee Dee is located in South Carolina and it is near the town of Dillon. The lake is absolutely beautiful, and one of my favorite things about this park. Part of the lake is from the Carolina Bay, and the coloring of the water is gorgeous. The campground and facilities are great. I thought the bathroom on site was very clean and taken care of. They also have a shower facility on site too. The shower facilities did get a little hot because there wasn't any fans in the area. It looked like they had some sort of heater, which would be nice for the winter. The area was a little hot and steamy after the shower. If you have kids they will love the playground that is in the campground as well. There are also a lot of great trails and hikes to do. My family and I did a hike everyday that we stayed here, for a total of 3 hikes. The scenery is gorgeous, especially the hikes that over look the lake. We camped with our RV, but you can also tent camp as well. I know when my family went in 2017 they had drained the lake because of a hurricane so If you plan on going I would suggest doing some research to see if the lake is back and running. If having no lake is fine with you, then I would definitely still recommend going. The hiking is amazing and worth the stay in itself.

Great place

The Congaree National Park in South Carolina is a great place to go if you really want to enjoy nature, animals, and hiking. There are so many wildlife animals, that it is really fun to sit back and watch. There are tons of chipmunks, birds, and we even saw some deer. This was such a great way to wake up in the morning. We stayed here 4 nights, and every morning we were woken up by the beautiful sounds of chirping birds. There are some really great hikes nearby too. If you enjoy doing that- I would recommend looking into the Kingsnake Trail. Its a gorgeous hike in the middle of the Columbia. The trail isn't very well maintained. There are trees that are down, so you do have to maneuver your way around, over and under them. I didn't mind doing this at all. This is a great hike, however I wouldn't recommend this hike to people who don't have much experience with hiking. I would say it was difficult, and it is a very long day hike. It is around 9 miles roundtrip. I started at around 7:30am, and finished around 3:30pm. If you like hiking, but don't want to do a long/hard one, I would suggest just doing the main loop in the campground. I believe it is called the Bluff Trail. I would recommend bringing lots of bug spray. The mosquitos are no joke along the boardwalk area, toward the back where the trails start. There is also a river nearby called Sandbar- There were plenty of people swimming and having fun in the river. The park was a little messy. Didn't really seem like people picked up after themselves. Overall, this was a great place to visit and I would highly recommend coming here. Again, there are some really great hikes and it is beautiful here.

Gorgeous! Lots of hiking

Table Rock park is probably one of my all time favorite places to visit. The backdrop is absolutely gorgeous because mountains surround the entire place. The park is pretty large as well- which is great because it gives ample room for guests. The park offers cabins, which are great. My family of 4 fit into one cabin comfortably. The cabins are equipped with a kitchen, but definitely bring pots/pans to cook with because they do not supply those. Also bring water, sleeping bags, pillows, and warm clothes if you are going in the fall/winter time. My family and I went for Labor Day weekend, and it was a bit chilly at night. One thing we really enjoyed doing here was hiking. My family and I love to hike, and this spot had some awesome hikes. The ranger we talked too said there is about 80 miles of hiking that can be done within the park. The hikes we did ranged from easy to difficult. There were gorgeous views- waterfalls, streams, and of course mountains! Two of the best mountains that are in view are Pinnacle and Table Rock Mountain. I would suggest talking with one of the park rangers if you are interested in doing any hikes. They can direct you to the right hike for your ability. The campground itself is great. There are 2 different lakes (can't remember the names of them), that are great for fishing and swimming. There is also a swimming hole, although it seemed pretty busy so we didn't actually swim in it. I believe there is a cost to come into the park for just the day- $5 for adults and $3 for children. I don't really recall what the cost of the cabins are- my parents are the ones that paid for it :). I would definitely recommend coming here, especially if you like hiking and the "cabin life."


Wow, Oconee Point in South Carolina is one of my favorite camping spots for me. I absolutely love this place, and have been coming here ever since I was little. This place holds such a special place in my heart. Hartwell Lake is gorgeous!! When we come and stay here, I spend most of my day here on the lake. I love to kayak and canoe on the lake. More times than not I am up and going at around 6:30am, and I start my day on the lake. It is so peaceful and quite in the mornings, I love it!! Another thing I love about this campground is that the campsite are very large. In the summer months this campground is very busy- so the large campsites makes you feel like it isn't AS busy. There is enough room between each campsite that you don't feel like you are intruding on another campsite! The campground is also very clean, and there are some rangers and attendants available which is also really helpful. We have asked the rangers in the past about hikes around the area. They have definitely been extremely helpful and have pointed us in the right direction. There are some really great hikes nearby that range from easy to difficult. I would suggest doing research ahead of time, or asking one of the attendants about the hikes in the area. Just so you do a hike that fits your needs. I don't remember what campsites we have stayed at, but we try and get as close to the water as possible. This just makes for a beautiful view, and easy to get our water activities in the lake. I would definitely suggest bringing any water toys you have. Again, I love kayaking/canoeing but we always see people in the lake with floaties or in tubes. I would suggest brining bug spray too- the mosquitoes are always annoying!

Close to the river

Van Hook Glade located in North Carolina is a small, quite place to camp. I have only been here once, but enjoyed my time here. There is a really beautiful river that is right across from the campsite called Cullasaja River. My family and I enjoyed swimming in the river, and we also did a little fishing. There is also Cliffside Lake Recreation Area which is just right around the corner from the campground. Here, you can swim, hike, fish, and use their picnic areas. They also have outdoor classes they offer that you can take as well. The campground itself was really nice, and clean. There are showers on site, and each camp spot had a small picnic table and fire ring. We hung out by the fire at night and roasted marshmallows for smores. The campground wasn't really busy, maybe because it is a smaller campground. Great place to visit, with lots of activities around. The campground may not offer activities you want, but there are places very close that will! Within walking distance!!

Definitely worth coming! Great atmosphere!

Yellow Bay State Park in Montana is one of my all time favorites. Growing up in Montana, this campground was a place my family and I always visited. Flathead Lake is such a gorgeous spot- so any camping a long the lake is perfect. Yellow Bay State Park is located on the east shore of Flathead Lake. Obviously, because this campground is located on Flathead Lake there are a lot of water activities. My family always brings their boat, and we go tubing, fishing, water skiing, and swimming. We also really love to kayak and stand up paddle board, and this is the perfect place to do it. This campground isn't very big-I believe there are 5 tent sites. There are fire pits, a boat launch and a public bathroom. The campground is pretty well kept and clean. They are pretty strict about where you dump your trash- do not burn your garbage in your fire pit. Make sure to dump your trash in the assigned garbage bins (they are bear-resistant bins). There is also a 14 day camping limit and it is open May 1st- September 30th.