Alan B.
Salt Lake City, UT
Joined June 2018
A different kind of magic when covered in snow!

One of the best no approach climbing areas in the country! We've come here numerous times and never get tired of it. There are bathrooms interspersed throughout and the closest amenities are in Almo. There is also a restaurant in Almo where you can get a burger and beer after a gard day of sending!

Good location for a KOA

Is a good spot to set up if you're looking to explore Red Lodge or the Beartooth Mountains. Nothing fancy but has more amenities than most tent sites

Good spot for when the sun sets and you're still driving

Theres nothing fancy at all about this place. It has pretty much no shade or amenities and some of the spots are withing spitting distance of I-80. It's one of those last option and theres nothing around because there isn't! 50 miles outside of salt lake and even further to Wendover. This spot does offer some decent limestone single and multipitch sport climbing routes. The Valley of Zion contains numerous crags that are mostly moderate with a very rare 11 sprinkled in. If just coming back from Wendover to SLC it's a good spot to climb till sunset

Amazing views of the glacier carved valley!

This is a great spot to stay for a while or to use as a base camp for setting off to some of the higher backcountry lakes. Be bear aware at all times and keep your food stored in a bear can or high and away from trees. Stopping here for a night is also a great idea if you're headed towards Yellowstone

Nice little spot but just head further into the mountains!

Nice little spot with motel rooms and some tent spots. You're already at the foot hills might as well head up into the beartooths! Is a good place to stay if you dont want to Airbnb or stay at one of the lodges.

One of the better KOA locations

This KOA sits right along the Yellowstone River along the eastern outskirts of Billings. It has all the regular KOA amenities and a beautiful view of a cliff to the north where native americans drove bison off. Bring big spray duri g the spring and summer as bugs can be horrific!

Great place to hang out, picnic, and climb!

We've used storm mountain as a base camp for many day outings as there is no camping. There is however dozens of trails, hundreds of climbs, and a stream and reservoir to fish in! There is also a shaded picnic area and a large field to play games in. On this trip we climbed the classic Steorts Ridge which was first climbed by cowboys in the 40's!

Great free base camp for the area!

This is a great place to wander primitive unspoiled deserts! Nearby there is commiting trad and sport climbs as well as difficult canyoneering routes. In the badlands south of the San Rafael Swell and near the campgrounds are pieces of petrified wood and agate strewn about. Nearby is the fantastic Goblin Valley state Park where we did the Lair of the Basilisk Canyoneering route. These are primitive sites with no amenities so bring lots of water! The closest towns are Green River and Hanksville

Good place for rvs, tight squeeze

Tis place is for TVs only and they are squeezed pretty close together. They come with full hookups as well as bathrooms and a convenience store. It is close to the Snake River Rec Area and the "Niagara of the West" Shoshone Falls! There is some great basalt climbing above the falls at Dierkes Lake rec area. Theres a little Hümangear review thrown in for fun!

Never get tired of coming here!

We came in winter this time and got a tent camp easily, only one other group was camping. If you dont want to tent camp in the winter they also have yurts for rent. We had a different approach to Goblin Valley this time around and decided to do the Lair of the Basilisk (Goblins Lair) canyoneering route. We got to hike in and around snow covered hoodoos that culminates in a 100' drop into the lair! It is truly a magical place and worth a visit! You can also get ti the lair by a now popular marked trail around the east side of the park. 60 m rope recommended plus helmets.

Good place to Luau and hike some trails

There is a beach camping spot nearby here and I will add it to the map once I get the info from my friend in Hawaii! It's definitely the best place to camp in the area but this is the best place to relax for a bit! A good close trail is the Crouching Tiger trail which is pretty steep and muddy so bring good hiking boots!

Amazing spot if surfing and climbing!

This campground is very close to the highest concentration of rock climbs in all of Hawaii! The Mokule'ia wall has over 60 climbs ranging from beginner to expert and includes trad, sport, and toprope routes. One of the other things we loved about this site is the proximity to Ka'ena Point! It feels like you're standing out in the ocean without anything around it's such a small point! One of favorite places we hung out at during our trip to Hawaii

Good base camp for Oahu

You need to be active or a veteran of the military to rent the cabins but the other side is set for civilians. Amazing views with climbing nearby at Makapu'u point/lighthouse. This beach is good for relaxing but the beach just the the NW of Makapu'u is great if you're a decent surfer or bodyboarder.

Beautiful and packed with snow!

Went there in January of this year to see some great contrasts at Red Canyon overlook! Was sad the restaurant was closed but so was everything else so it made sense. Theres good ice fishing on the northern reaches of the reservoir on both the east and west sides. If you want to cliff dive theres good spots near Mustang Rdge CG, which is one I need to add! This is also a good spot to set your boat off to explore the upper walls of the canyon!

Beautiful area with access to many lakes

Another beautiful dispersed campground site that sits in a beautiful meadow at the top of one of the busiest canyons in the country! This site along with many others in the Grizzly Gulch area of the terminus of Little Cottonwood Canyon can be reached from either the Cecret Lake Trailhead or the Lake Mary via Catherine Pass trailhead. The place we like to set up is in a cozy secluded meadow that sits directly below Mt Wolverine and Tuscarora. The hike to this site is around a mile but you can camp anywhere in the area as long as it is a half mile from any road.

In addition to having breathtaking views of Devils Castle to the south there are numerous recreational activities all within close hiking distance. Hiking up to Catherine Pass gives you access to 3 lakes with fishing in the terminus of Big Cottonwood Canyon. From the pass you can also hike the ridge to the south to reach Sunset Peak and reach Mt Wolverine and Tuscarora on the ridge to the North. Going back to the trailhead for Cecret Lake you can reach the namesake lake within a half mile which is loaded with hundreds of cute little salamanders! For the more adventurous there is climbing abound from 5 single pitch crags that surround Cecret Lake and adventurous (read: chossy) mixed multi-pitch routes that will take you to the top of Devils Castle. Would recommend you being confident at at least 11a. for even the easiest 10b route as these routes are not heavily trafficked and you WILL tear some pieces off.

Right by N fork of Boise and lots of solitude

This campground lies near a beautiful stream and has seclusion all around you! The area is best explored by motorized vehicles as theres not many hiking trails. This is one of the areas where we haul wood from so it's great for fallen and standing dead timber

Great spot with seclusion most of the time

A great spot to camp if 5 points if full and you dont have horses to take up to the horse camp north of here. Theres hotsprings nearby to the east and a little outpost at the 5 points branching. If you have an ATV you can cross the creek to the north which has a pretty washed out roadbut leads to old mines and beautiful views

Great campground just in the foothills

WWith this campground you'll get solitude most weekends as most people heading into the Sawtooths go to the Sun Valley Area. Since it is so remote you can also ride around on ATVs pretty much anywhere. A good escape if you dont feel like going a little deeper

Beautiful but busy

Rredfish Lake is absolutely gorgeous but with that beauty draws pretty big crowds. Be sure to reserve or arrive very early to get a walk in spot anywhere around the lake. There are many hikes nearby and some decent fishing but not as nearly as many salmon as when the lake earned its name.

Great place to set off

It has great campgrounds nearby but is also a great place to set off into the vast Sawtooth wilderness! If you want to set off and get away from clouds or sit near a beautiful lake then this site is perfect!