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Beautiful area with access to many lakes

Another beautiful dispersed campground site that sits in a beautiful meadow at the top of one of the busiest canyons in the country! This site along with many others in the Grizzly Gulch area of the terminus of Little Cottonwood Canyon can be reached from either the Cecret Lake Trailhead or the Lake Mary via Catherine Pass trailhead. The place we like to set up is in a cozy secluded meadow that sits directly below Mt Wolverine and Tuscarora. The hike to this site is around a mile but you can camp anywhere in the area as long as it is a half mile from any road.

In addition to having breathtaking views of Devils Castle to the south there are numerous recreational activities all within close hiking distance. Hiking up to Catherine Pass gives you access to 3 lakes with fishing in the terminus of Big Cottonwood Canyon. From the pass you can also hike the ridge to the south to reach Sunset Peak and reach Mt Wolverine and Tuscarora on the ridge to the North. Going back to the trailhead for Cecret Lake you can reach the namesake lake within a half mile which is loaded with hundreds of cute little salamanders! For the more adventurous there is climbing abound from 5 single pitch crags that surround Cecret Lake and adventurous (read: chossy) mixed multi-pitch routes that will take you to the top of Devils Castle. Would recommend you being confident at at least 11a. for even the easiest 10b route as these routes are not heavily trafficked and you WILL tear some pieces off.

Right by N fork of Boise and lots of solitude

This campground lies near a beautiful stream and has seclusion all around you! The area is best explored by motorized vehicles as theres not many hiking trails. This is one of the areas where we haul wood from so it's great for fallen and standing dead timber

Great spot with seclusion most of the time

A great spot to camp if 5 points if full and you dont have horses to take up to the horse camp north of here. Theres hotsprings nearby to the east and a little outpost at the 5 points branching. If you have an ATV you can cross the creek to the north which has a pretty washed out roadbut leads to old mines and beautiful views

Great campground just in the foothills

WWith this campground you'll get solitude most weekends as most people heading into the Sawtooths go to the Sun Valley Area. Since it is so remote you can also ride around on ATVs pretty much anywhere. A good escape if you dont feel like going a little deeper

Beautiful but busy

Rredfish Lake is absolutely gorgeous but with that beauty draws pretty big crowds. Be sure to reserve or arrive very early to get a walk in spot anywhere around the lake. There are many hikes nearby and some decent fishing but not as nearly as many salmon as when the lake earned its name.

Great place to set off

It has great campgrounds nearby but is also a great place to set off into the vast Sawtooth wilderness! If you want to set off and get away from clouds or sit near a beautiful lake then this site is perfect!

Great campground with a climb in one of the sites!

The campground is perched right along the Colorado and steep red sandstone wall. There is also a intermediate crack climb right in the campground! It also gives easy access to Arches National Park

PSA: please don't climb on the rock after a rain storm. The rock is weak and could break. If the ground usn't dust dry at the base of the climb the don't try to send

There is so much near this campground! Nearby are ~100 climbing routes both trad and sport. A little bit of all styles featuring all sandy sandstone.

Beautiful camping near the Colorado

There is so much near this campground! Nearby are ~100 climbing routes both trad and sport. A little bit of all styles featuring all sandy sandstone.

PSA: please don't climb on the rock after a rain storm. The rock is weak and could break. If the ground usn't dust dry at the base of the climb the don't try to send

The campground is perched right along the Colorado and steep red sandstone wall. There is also a intermediate crack climb right in the campground! It also gives easy access to Arches National Park

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Along the Colorado with great climbing nearby

Perfect spot for accessing all of the Wall Street climbing area! Every single route can be reached from this campground with the longest approach being maybe a mile but that's nothing for climbers right!? If you don't feel like walking that far for a climb then ~70% of the routes can be reached within a half mile and there's even a couple routes right in the campground proper! There are pit toilets and water is usually available if there isn't a severe drought going on.

From this campground you can easily drive to and hike Corona and Bowtie arch and hike up to Jug Handle arch if the view from the road isn't good enough. Each of the trailheads for these arches are a little further west on the road. If you keep going past the Potash plant you will eventually pass through the back entrance to Canyonlands that will give you access to the lower reaches of the park that surrounds the Colorado River. Come here if you want to skip out on the typical crowds but you absolutely NEED a 4WD high clearance vehicle, no exceptions.

Along the Colorado with bouldering nextdoor!

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Perfect for climbers tent canping!

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Another beautiful site along the Colorado east of Moab

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Right by the Colorado with single and group sites

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Right by the Colorado with great hikes and climbs withing minutes!

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Like an alien world with great offloading and alright climbing

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Surrounded by beauty

Amazing views everywhere you look with the most famous desert tower in the world looming off to the east! Just to the north of the famous Castleton Tower is the Rectory and the Priest which also have amazing climbs (trad).

Best time to visit is definitely fall or spring as summer can be blistering hot and winter brings snow despite what you might think! There are not many campsites and most are usually taken up by climbers waiting on a weather window to send it up the classic Kor-Ingalls or Fine Jade. There is a roofless pit toilet and no water available but there are a few elevated tent pads. Even if youre not a climber there are nearby trails that lead atop of Adobe Mesa to the south that gives wonderful views of Castle Valley, which is an amazing geologic phenomena 500 Ma in the making! The trail to Castleton Tower is also fairly easy and is ~3 miles and 1500' in elevation.

Beautiful area but very very busy!

This is a fairly large campground for such a narrow canyon. There are 31 single sites, 3 doubles, and 3 group campsites. The single sites are $23 a night and be sure to make your reservation early as you are unlikely to get a walk in. The campsites are pretty close together so if you prefer solitude consider backpacking to White or Red Pine Lake or Lake Blanche in the nearby Big Cottonwood Canyon north of here.

Nearby attractions include Lisa Falls, Cecret Lake and numerous summertime activities at Snowbird and Alta ski resorts. During the summer at Snowbird there are summer slides kind of like dry bobsleds and the tram runs all the way up to Hidden Peak which has a wonderful without the effort. A tiny bit further up the canyon right across from the Peruvian Lodge is a favorite evening free solo called the South Ridge of Mt. Superior for the more adventurous. It is a fairly tame 5.5-5.6 hike/scramble/climb with more scrambling than climbing. It is a fun outing but try to be back before sundown or hike with a partner as we got stalked by a few cougars coming down the last time we did it!

Free camping that's close to Zion but is hot!

Another campground that provides quick, free access to Zion National Park and a large part of the St. George area. There is camping all along Sheep Bridge road but be aware it gets very buy in the summer despite the soaring temperatures. Show up early before 3 and you should be able to get a spot any day besides the weekend. An even closer portion of Zion to the campground is accessed through Kolob Terrace Rd. just to the east. It passes in and out of the park before ending at Kolob Reservoir. The campgrounds are primitive and most contain fire rings.

Ranger Review: Humangear at Lava Point Campground in Zion National Park!

Campground Review:

We loved camping here! The campground is around 7000' so it stays fairly cool even in the blistering heat of the summer. and even if the summer temps are too hot there are plenty of canyons to explore nearby as well as Kolob Reservoir. The most famous canyon nearby is the famous Subway route through the Left Fork of North Creek aka "The Great West Canyon" Due to recent increased popularity the park only allows 80 people through a day combined from both the top down routes and the single approach from Left Fork TH. In order to go through it from top or bottom you'll have to apply for a permit at the NP website and then pick it up at a Ranger's Station before heading in.

The campground itself is pretty small but each has it's own picnic table, fire ring, and mini dumpster. There are 6 campgrounds and they fill up fast, real fast! We got there at noon and by 2 there were no campgrounds left on a Monday in September. Some other awesome bonuses about this camp is that its free and offers a great nearby lunch spot at the namesake Lava Point which is a basalt point that overlooks much of the main canyon of Zion National Park and the West Rim Trail!

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Pretty hot but free!

Very hot in the summer and busy during the fall as well although it is a bit more pleasant. It lies close to the creek at the very beginning of Kolob Terrace Rd. on the right hand side. There are many places to park a small RV or trailer but there are also spots to pitch a tent! These are completely primitive sites and do not have fire rings or bathrooms at the sites. They are free however and offer great access to Zion NP and easy access to the Subway if you're going to the route from the bottom.