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Exposed windy Campground + Midland Radio Review

The Silos Campground located on Canyon Ferry Lake is a Bureau of Reclamation campground with 77 dry sites, 4 gazebos, handicapped accessible restrooms and RV sites. The campground is run by Broadwater County. The 4 gazebos in the campground that can be reserved through the nearby KOA campground.

Silos campground is a large open and windy campground with no tree cover. All the trees are along the lake and provide little to no releaf from the sun or constant winds that blow through the area. The campground consist of 5 camping areas, four of which have boat ramps. One of the camping areas is for tent only camping. Sites are $10 for a single site and $20 for a double site, Stays are limited to 14 days. Golden Age pass holders are $5.00 a night. No Cost during the winter season. The only way to tell if you are in a single site or a double site is if the site number post tells you if it a double site. Each camping area has at least two vault toilets. Each site has a picnic table and metal fire ring. Almost all of the picnic tables are concrete tables.

The campground's four gazebos can be rented for the night for $30 by contacting the Silos KOA Campground which is located just before the Silos campground. The gazebos all have power and lights.

The campground has four small boat launches and one large launch with a marina (Broadwater Bay) for docking your boat. The marina is managed by Silos KOA. If you need more information on either the campground or the marina facilities call 406-266-3100.

On our visit we only found one site that had any protection from the winds, that was site #1.

The campground does not have a store, but the KOA does have one. If you don't fell like cooking you have two options just outside of the campground. Between the KOA and Silo Campground is the Flamingo Grill which is open seasonally. At the turn on Hwy 12/287 is the Silos Junction Bar and Grill which is open year round. The town of Townsend is less than 10 minutes from the campground is you need more supplies.

Ranger Review of Midland Radios X-TALKER T10X3 Walkie Talkie

The X-Talker T10X3 Walkie talkie has a reported range of up to 20 miles and has 22 available channels. These walkie talkies take three AAA batteries. We gave these radios a test shortly after receiving them. Took one for a hike and left another at home. The trail-head for my hike was 16 miles from home and I had a clear crisp signal at the start. While on the hike I added a few more miles to that distance and was still able to communicate without any problems, even while in heavy timber. It wasn't until I started rounding the back of the mountain and lost line of site that the signal was lost, just like all walkie talkies do. We are quiet please with how these radios have been holding up, our Scouts have used them several times and are no worse for wear. Great to use with out Scout group as we can stay in better communication during our activities and trips, especially in those areas with out cell phone signal, which is the location of most of our activities.

A very good quality 2 way radio at a low cost. We have another set of Midland Radios that these work just as well with.

Nice Group Use campground along the Blackfoot river

Aspen Grove Group Use Campground is a nice group use area sitting on the banks of the upper Black Foot River. The site is a large area with plenty of parking. It is served by a single Vault Toilet and has running water as well as trash service. The group use area is just past the main Aspen Grove Campground. When entering Aspen Grove Campground turn left at the fort in the road to go to the group use area, turning to the right will take you into Aspen Grove campground. Camping in the Aspen Grove Group Use Area is by reservation only. A note about the price of the Group Use area, the current fee is $30 but is scheduled to increase to $50.

Nice small campground & Ranger review of Ethnotek Premji 20 Liter Day Pack

Spring Creek Campground is a small campground along spring creek in the Lewis and Clark National Forest. The campground sits is a small canyon making this a potentially good campground to avoid the summer heat, which also means a colder camp in the spring and fall. Spring Creek campground has 10 campsite sitting along the creek among mature fir and pine trees, all sites have picnic tables and metal fire rings. The campground has two vault toilets and one hand pump for water. A trailhead is located in the campground and is for a spur on a 15-mile multiple-use trail. Like bears, then your in luck, bears may frequent the area so a mandatory food storage order is in affect. You'll need to keep all food in approved containers or stored in your vehicle as no food lockers are available. It is reported that Brook Trout can be caught in the creek. Want a little more excitement, the campground is subject to flash flooding so keep tabs on the weather as heavy rains at the site or upstream can result in flash flooding. If the creek starts to suddenly rise be prepared to move.

A ranger review of Ethnotek Premji 20 Liter. Travel Day pack. This is an excellent day pack. Just the right size for a full day out on the trails. The Premji 20 Liter has plenty of room for all the gear you will need for a full day in the wilderness. One of the things I like best about the Premji 20 Liter is the side zipper which allows you to easily gain access to items at the bottom of the pack without having to take everything out. A small pocket at the top of the pack is great for holding granola bars or other small snacks or objects. Another small pocket on the back has holders for pens/pencils, your cell phone and other items such as a note book or maps. The pack has two external pockets, one which is a mesh pocket. Both of these will fit water bottles such as a Lifestraw Go, or Camelbak chute. Two sets of double side straps allow you to strap additional items like a jacket to the outside of the pack. The shoulder straps are comfortable even after a full day of hiking. The pack has plenty of padding which means no gear poking you in the back. The only thing I would add to this pack is a chest strap, but this is just because I like having chest straps on my packs. Overall a great pack for a day on the trail.

Quiet Mt. Campground & Ranger review of the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG

Cooper Creek Campground is a nice quiet campground in the Helena National Forest. Cooper Creek Campground offers 20 sites with metal fire rings and concrete picnic tables, and has three vault toilets and potable Water is available from a hand pump. For those who like to fish, the campground is along Cooper Creek and Snowbird lake is just across the road from the campground. Like to hike, the trailhead for Snowbank Creek/Sucker Creek trail is just across the road next to Snowbird lake. The trailhead has plenty of parking space and a Vault Toilet. Like bears, good, this is grizzly bear country so Food Storage Order is in effect. You will have to store your food in your vehicle as storage lockers are not available. Campground does have trash service. Cost in 2018 was $8 a night put this is planned to go up to $15 next year, but still well worth the price.

A Ranger review of the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SG / Soft Ground.

I really like these shoe, but when I first pulled them out the box I wasn't sure. My first experience with these shoes was a little hard, hard as in, these shoes were hard to get in to. I though I was going to have to send these back, but I finally got them on. These shoe need to be broke in as they are very snug around the ankle. Luckily the shoes get easier to put on as you wear them, but still a bit of a challenge. That snug fit at the top of the shoe has its advantage, you don't get debris in your shoe as there is no room for anything to make its way into the shoe.

I was concerned at first that these shoes would not provide enough protection from rocks, but after taking them out on the trail my mind was changed. I was able to hike a rocky trail easily and comfortably, I even purposely stepped on loose rocks to see how it would feel. While I could feel the rocks, the shoe was tough enough to protect my feet, even the front of the shoe has enough material to protect your toes if you stub your toe on a rock.

A few things to note when you take the shoes out of the box, be sure to put the inserts in the shoes. I missed them at first and wore the shoes for several days before noticing them. While they are slim, those inserts made the shoes so much more comfortable. The shoes have elastic laces, but also come with a set of traditional laces, but the shoes fit so well I could probably go without the laces at all.

Nice small quiet campground

Cottonwood Campground is a nice small 4 site campground. While the campground is near Canyon Ferry Lake it is not on the lake. Boat access to the lake is possible from a boat launch in a day use area past the campground, the launch is to a side channel of the Missouri River. While the campground is listed as a dispersed camping campground I would not call this a dispersed camping area. The site has four established campsites with picnic tables and metal fire rings. These four campsite take up the entire area and does not leave on a place to "disperse camp". The site has a ADA Vault toilet and one of the four campsite is an ADA site with a large concrete pad. One thing that is nice about this campground is that you need to know it's here, their is no signage along Highway US 12/287 to indicate that their is a campground here. The site has no water or trash service so come prepared. No fee is charged for the site.

Great campground tucked in the moutains with new picnic tables

Wood Lake Campground located at the south end of Wood Lake is an awesome campground tucked in the mountains near the Bob Marshal Wilderness Complex. One of the nicest things about this campground it the new shinny (very shinny) concrete picnic tables. These are the nicest picnic tables I have ever seen in a campground. The 12 campsites sit mostly in a stand of mature fir and lodge pole pine. The sites are roomy, each having the new picnic table and a metal fire ring. The campground has two vault toilets and a hand pump. It was windy during our visit so we picked site 6 at the south end of the campground, the trees blocked most of the wind. A hiking trail head is located in the campground. The campsites were listed at $6 per night, but a notice was up announcing a future change to $10 per night, still a great deal for such a nice campground. Although we visited in the off season (October) It appears that this is a Pack-in/Pack-out campground.

Avoid when wet - Great water fall

This campground sits along Ford Creek a few hundred yards below Double Fall, a very nice water fall worth the stop for sure. Be warned if it is wet I would pass by this campground, park up near an area by the road to visit the water fall. When wet things get muddy, and the roads in the campground get bad. We were able to drive down to one site, but had some difficulty getting back up to the main road. The site we stopped at had the picnic table and fire ring about 50 feet apart from each other. We were able to walk down to a second site, but didn't dare drive to it due to the mud. The site has a vault toilet. We believe the listed 3rd and 4th campsites are past the outhouse but didn't want to risk mud bogging in a mini van to check them out. After visiting the water fall we drove six miles down the road to the next campground. Their is no fee for this campground. This is a pack-in, Pack-out site with no water.

Great camping areas along Newlan Creek Reservoir

Newlan Creek Reservoir FAS has lots of opportunities for camping. The FAS has six different camping areas. The first three camping areas are right next to each other. They are like three developed campgrounds in a row, to go from one to the other you have to get back on the main road then turn into the next section. The other three camping location are less developed and more spread out further along the reservoir. The first three areas have numbered sites with distinct parking pads. All sites have picnic tables and fire rings. Each section has a vault toilet. Section 2 has a boat launch and dock. An interesting thing was that the campsite numbers do not always go in order, and jump around. Found three sites listed as site #4, two of which were in the same section. Most of the sites in the first three sections are in the trees. The last three camping sections are all in the open with no trees. Water is not available and you must pack out your trash.

Small oh-hum campground

I was not impressed with Richardson Campground. This campground has three sites. Be sure to pay attend to the sign at the beginning of the campground "NO TURN AROUND" this sign is correct. Once you get past the second campsite their will not be room to turn around if you have a trailer. A signal vehicle can turn around a tree at the third campsite, but if someone is camped in the third site you may not be able to even do that. The three campsites sit along a small creek. The first site has a picnic table, metal fire ring and a BBQ grill. Sites 2 and 3 both have a picnic table and metal fire ring. The campground has a single Outhouse, not a vault toilet, this is a small wooden outhouse. At the entrance to the campground is a trailhead and a horse corral, an added bonus if you bring horses. Horses are not allowed in the campground. This campground is a "Pack-in, Pack-out" campground with no water.

Nice Campground in the Castle Moutains

Lewis and Clark National Forest Grasshopper Campground is a nice campground in the Castle Mountains. As you enter this campground you find a trail head to the left and then a picnic area to the right. The campsites start right after the first of two vault toilets for the campground. At the beginning of the campground loop, right behind the registration box you will find the hand pump for the campground. A creek runs right through the middle of the campground. One nice feature of this campground is once the campground gates are closed and locked, you can still drive to sites 1 and 2 as they are before the closure gate, so as long as you can still drive up the road you can camp. Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring. I did notice at least one site also had a BBQ grill in addition to the fire ring. Sites are $10 per night with a 16 day stay limit.

Nice quiet campground in the Tobacco Root Mountains

Mill Creek is a nice 10 site campground along Mill Creek in the Tobacco Root Mountains. The campground is 7 miles from the town of Sheridan. Note that the sign in Sheridan says the campground is 6 miles away, however it is 6 miles to the forest boundary, then another mile to the campground. The campground features 2 double vault toilets and two hand pump wells for water. This is a well shaded campground due to the large fir and pine trees. In the mile between the forest boundary and the campground about 6 marked primitive campsites can be found as well. Between the 2nd and 3rd campsites is a short trail leading to a large group fire ring with four benches circling it. All the campsites have a picnic table and fire rings. Each site has a large parking area that can easily fit two vehicles. This is grizzle bear territory, food must be stored in your car or the provided bear proof foot locker at the campground.

Primitive campground on the Ruby Reservoir

The BLM's Ruby Reservoir is a disperse camping area. The only facilities at this campground is a double vault toilet. There is no signage on the highway to indicated the campground. After passing the dam look for the first paved turn with a stop sign on the right side of the road, this is your turn, the pavement will stop after a couple hundred feet. Lots of campsite can be found by following the web of roads once the pavement ends. Off road travel is not allowed. Their are no metal fire rings, all the fire rings in the area are made of rocks. Being a primitive camping area this is a trash-in-trash-out site, and you will need to bring your own water. This is a nice area, and I have camped here several times during hunting season. The fishing is decent as well. If you want to find garnets just head to the lake shore and start digging. Small ones can be found on the surface, bring a shovel and dig deeper if you want something decent. If you use a gold pan shake the gravel around for several minutes then flip the pan is the easiest way to find them as the garnets are heavy and will settle to the bottom of the pan. Site is free with a 16 day stay limit.

Very nice, very busy campground

Holter Lake Recreation Area campground is a very nice campground with 52 camp sites. The entire campground including parking pads is paved. The site also has a swimming beach, boat ramp, docks, fish cleaning station, and accessible fishing walkway. The site has several vault toilets as well as water faucets through out the campground. This is a very busy campground with sites filling up fast, especially on the weekends. All sites are first come first serve, no reservations. If you want to avoid the crowd bring a tent and camp in the tent only area, when we visited no one was using the eight tent only sites, yet all the other sites in the camp ground were full. Each campsite has a fire-pit and picnic table.

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Roomy and quiet Missouri River Campground

Mid Canon FAS is a favorite stopping point for lunch while were paddling the Missouri River canyon. We can usually find site #1 empty for our lunch break, which is nice as the vault toilet is right next to the site. Mid Canon FAS along the Missouri River has five roomy spread apart campsites. In addition to the campground the Fishing Access site has a large parking area for those floating/paddling the Missouri. This location seems to get little use as a camp ground as we have never seen it full, and very few boat trailers are ever seen in the parking area. The site only has on vault toilet which is at the end of the campground, making for a long walk from two of the camp sites. Access to the river is from a gravel boat launch at the parking area. Easy access is also available at camp site #1 which is why we like having lunch at site #1. Each site has a metal fire ring and a picnic table. No trash service or water at the camp ground.

Quit campground along the Missouri River

Pelican Point Fishing Access Site has four campsites, three sit under large cottonwoods. The site sits along the Missouri River and has two small lakes as well. The sites are nice and roomy with plenty flat ground for tents of any size. The area has one vault toilet. Their is a very large parking area as this is a popular take out point for boats along the Missouri River, a concrete boat ramp provides access to the river. The down side is that their is no trash service or water at the site.

Nice campground beside Hyalite Creek, even better without snow

Langohr Campground is a nice campground besides Hyalite Creek, it was even better when I camped here about 20 years ago during the summer months, this last visit was in the snow, but we won't let the snow affect this review. The campground has two different sections to it. While most sites overlook the willow lined Hyalite creek, turning to the left or the right once you enter the campground will give you different camping experiences. If you turn to the left you will find most of the campsites are in a grassy open area with little shade. If you want a campsite with two picnic tables a the site then go to the left as sites 17 and 18 have two tables each. If you turn to the right the campsites tucked in among a stand of pine trees and would provide lots of shade. The campground also has a large day use picnic area, and a trail head. The campground and parking pads are paved through out the campground. The campground has 19 sites, water, trash and service. This is bear territory so all food must be locked in a car or the provided bear proof lockers provided. Our October visit was after the mid September shutting down of the campground, but we could still gain access as their was not a closed gate like the other campgrounds further up the road, this was likely due to a trail head located in the campground.

Small very busy campground

Prewett Creek FAS has a small campground of seven sites. This is a nice campground on the Missouri River, but be warned, this is a busy campground. We float the Missouri River canyon numerous times per year, and every time we find this campground full. This is also a very popular take out point on the Missouri River. The site has limited parking for vehicles with boat trailers. The seven campsites all have picnic tables and metal fire rings. The site has one vault toilet. Site could be better as it does not have trash service or water. The campground does not have a store but their is one on the other side of recreation road that is open in the summer.

Small camp area on the Missouri River

Mountain Palace FAS is a popular take out location for fishing float boats on the Missouri River. The FAS has three campsites, sites 1 & 2 sit above the Missouri river and are quite nice with great views of the Missouri river, the third one sits next to Recreation Road. Each site has a picnic table and metal fire pit. The FAS has one vault toilet and a concrete boat ramp. This is a busy site during the summer months. The site has no trash service or water. Large parking area for boat trailers.

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Tiny tucked away campsite

Dearborn Fishing access site has one campsite tucked away in the corner of the fishing access area next to the ADA Vault Toilet. Site has a picnic table and metal fire ring. The area has very little room to park so those camping their will likely have the site to them selves. The river access is a step set of stairs dropping down to the river so you not be having fishing boats or canoes using the site to access the river, but you can access the site from the river. A private residence is next to the fishing access site but the placement of the campsite does not make it feel like your in someones yard. The advantage of the one campsite is once you have your vehicle parked your site including the picnic table and fire ring can't be seen by others visiting the area. The site has no water or trash service.

First to Review
One campsite at end of parking area

Spite Hill Fishing access site has one campsite located at the end of a large parking area next to a ADA vault toilet. The campsite has a picnic table and a metal fire ring. Campsite sits next to the Missouri River. The single site is in the open as no large trees are in the area. Site also is right next to Recreation road and I-15. The fishing access site has a gravel boat launch, however the area is often flooded during the spring runoff. The site is lightly used and I have only a few times noticed anyone using the campsite.