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"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds."
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This campground was super cool because it was a little "out dated" but it made it cozy! So many beautiful trees and walking paths that it made the stay great. We would get up in the morning and do a short hike that was nearby, and then finish it off with one of the walking paths around the campground, then had breakfast. It was a great way to start the day. They offer RV sites as well as small cabins you can rent. My family and I took our RV, and had a blast. The sites were big enough for the RV and had a picnic table and fire ring within the site. We didn't feel like we were right on top of our neighbors either which was nice. There is a lake within walking distance, so we would head down there during the day. Dogs are allowed, but need to be on leashes. We brought our dog and he had a blast in the lake. They have a volleyball court set up as well as horse shoes which was fun! You can also rent stand up paddle boards from the front desk to take down to the lake. They also have a club house that has a pool table, although we didn't partake in this. There is an area where you can do laundry too, which we thought was pretty cool. This is definitely considered "glamping" to us :) There is also a boat launch if you need that too. We caught some really awesome weather while we stayed here which made the trip amazing! We will definitely be back.

Great Stay

Enjoyed my time staying at Tailwater in Kentucky. It was about an 8hr drive from where I live, so we decided to stay here for a long weekend with friends. We ended up renting out 2 campsite spots to fit 8 of us and luckily we were able to get a spot right next to each other. We had 2 huge 6 person tents, so 4 stayed in one and 4 in the either. We fit comfortably! Thankfully the campsite were fairly large to fit our cars and 2 big tents. The attendants working in the front were super nice and helpful. They helped us find our spots, and then gave us recommendations on where to hike in the mornings. Because we came in the summer, it was pretty busy. The Barren River is right next to the campground and makes for a beautiful day to head down to the river and cool off. The campground is fairly large- I believe it has close to 50 spots. Campground was easy to find, and the signage for the campground was great. Cost was $20 a night per site, so for us it was $40 sense we had 2 sites but we split it 8 ways so it was super cheap. We brought tons of food, and snacks, so at night we just hung around each other- some in hammocks or in chairs and just talked. The hiking was really great- super awesome views. The trails were in such great condition!! Would definitely come back.

Lake nearby!

Being close to water is always nice, and our family always looks for this when we are traveling away from home to camp. Kentucky Lake is nearby, and we spent most of our day here. We towed our small boat from home because we wanted to be able to enjoy being on the water (and my dad wanted to fish). There is running water and showers available on site, although I just jumped in the lake and shampooed my hair in their :) Very large campground, which was nice. Lots of room between campsites. Always a plus for us. The campground itself was really nice, we were actually very impressed. The campsites were well marked and had a picnic table, fire ring and a hanging rack which was super nice! We hung our wet suits from being in the lake all day. Great hiking nearby too. We would hike in the morning, and play in the water the rest of the day. The attendants/rangers were awesome, and directed us in the right place for hiking. You can see from my pictures attached that we hiked almost everyday. We would definitely stay here again next time we are in the area.

Liked our stay

One great thing about this place is that there is a river nearby. This river/creek was super busy, probably because it was a hot weekend. The campground was definitely full, and was "closed" because all campsites were taken. Thankfully we reserved our spot ahead of time. This place was full of activities- everyone doing something! The one downside I would say about this campground was how close each spot was to each other. Kind of felt like we were sharing a spot with our neighbors. The people next to us were super friendly, and quite which was nice. It was definitely loud most of the early evening with people by their camp fires. The rangers/people working here are super nice and friendly. They gave us great recommendations on where to hike. The hiking was great, and we saw some amazing views. Bathrooms were a little dirty- not sure when the last time they were cleaned, but definitely wasn't when we were there. There was also people that you could tell have been staying there for quite some time, not just a weekend trip. They were super friendly, and helpful. Overall, loved our stay here and would probably come back again. If their campsites were bigger we would definitely be back! Its like a small community here!


Sometimes it is nice to stay in cabins instead of a tent or RV. Normally when my family and I go we will stay in a tent or take our RV, depending on how long we are going to stay. These cabins are super cute, and have great names for them. One of them is named " The George Straight." I love little special touches like this. There is a swimming pool on site which was nice to keep us cool in the Texas summer heat. Although the pool was pretty busy with kids! We didn't mind this since the lake was only a few hundred yards away. In the morning we had coffee at the small table in the cabin and could see the beautiful lake through the window. Also, seeing the white tail deer walking around the campground was incredible, too. Nothing like being able to see wildlife like this! Lots of chipmunks/squirrels as well that are definitely used to humans being around. There are shaded areas with picnic tables on site as well as grills for BBQ. They also have a café on site that serves meals during the weekends. We enjoyed having this as an option, although we brought plenty of food for our cabin to munch on. We did some hiking nearby which was a lot of fun, and had views of the entire lake. We also played in the lake, BBQ and enjoyed some people watching. Overall, we look forward to the next time we can come again!

Loved being by the water

If you want to escape the hot summer in Texas, I would recommend coming to Brookeland Campground because there is a beautiful lake nearby. My cousins and I took a trip to this campground to enjoy the lake, hiking and of course the outdoors. We brought a 6 person tent, and this fit comfortably in our campsite. There is also a fire ring and table within your site as well. There is only 1 bathroom within the campground, or at least what we could find. It was a porta-potty style, and smelt so bad. Not sure how often they clean it, but it was pretty bad (especially with the heat….made it worse!). Thankfully we came prepared and brought our own toilet paper, because by the 2nd night we were there, there was no toilet paper in the bathroom. We heard a few people complain about this. Although the bathroom was gross, the rest of the campground was pretty clean. There are dumpsters as you leave, so please make sure to clean up after yourselves. We enjoyed hiking in the morning, and then playing in the lake mid morning-afternoon. There were tons of people swimming, boating, tubing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. It was a blast, and perfect for the hot weather. Definitely bring bug spray because there were so many mosquitos near the campground. I left with a few pretty big welts. I would definitely come back to this campground! Recommend.


This campground was "okay." I have stayed a quite a few campgrounds in my lifetime, and I would ay this one ranks at about 4 stars out of 10. The campground is small, and kind of dirty. At least it was when we went there. There was a group of guys that were there when we were, and they seemed liked college age. They were drinking a ton, and then didnt really clean up after they left. Our family took some bags and cleaned their area before we left. Kind of annoying, but we wanted to make sure the place was clean before we left. Great hiking nearby, but that was about it. Wish I had a better review to leave on this campground, but there really wasnt much special about this place to be honest. Wasnt my cup of tea I guess.

Loved the water

I really enjoy being on the water and camping at the same time. This was the perfect spot for that. We got to camp, but also had the opportunity to be next to the Harbour. We played in the water ALL day. We rented a boat and did some fun cliff diving which was incredible. My brothers had a blast doing this and it was fun to watch. We also had fun hiking, biking and site seeing. We really enjoyed walking and seeing all the beautiful flowers. We did see a few snakes which really freaked me out! The campground was great, big, and tons of people. The summer months are always hard to get a campground with not a lot of people. You almost have to seek out a campsite off a forest road to be "alone." We didnt mind the craziness of a tons of people, although the campground was loud at night. We built a bonfire in our camp spot and enjoyed yummy smores made from reeses peanut butter cups and marshmellows. It is dog friendly too. Loved our stay here, and would definitely come back. Just FYI- bring your own toilet paper because the restrooms there are porta potties and they never had toilet paper when we were there. Luckily we brought our own!

Fun place for kids

My family and I honestly avoided this place for quite awhile because we knew how busy and popular this place is in Texas. Families love to come here because of the playground and how much there is to do for young kids. We decided to finally come, and we honestly had a blast. We enjoyed hiking nearby, and people watching. The campground was great, clean and fun. We brought our RV, and camped in the RV side of the park. There were hookups and everything was perfect. It was very busy, but we knew this going into it especially in the summer. The weather was incredible, and the "water" playground was perfect to cool off in. We also enjoyed the river about 10 miles away to escape the craziness. Yogi the bear was perfect for the little kids, and we enjoyed watching the kids get so excited over this. There is a small outdoor movie park that was a ton of fun! overall, we are so glad we came here!

Great hiking

This was our last stop of our family vacation to SC. We were TIRED, but knew we wanted to finish out our trip camping and not go to a hotel! The stay here was great, but short. We stayed here 2 nights before heading back home. It was pretty quite because we stayed here at the end of June on a Monday and Tuesday. We definitely beat the weekend hustle and bustle of the summer. We really enjoyed getting up in the morning and going hiking, and enjoying nature. The campground had a perfect nature trail that was about 6 miles roundtrip. This was great to stretch our legs before heading back on the road for 10 hours of driving and being in a car. The weather couldnt have been anymore perfect for our last stay here. The campground was small, but the campsite spaces were a decent size. Porta-potty style bathroom so the smell was bad. Did some biking as well on the nature trail. It was all in all a great stay!

Loved the stay!

This camping experience was a little different than the normal camping experience. We stayed in a cabin, and it was perfect. We had been traveling in SC for 2 weeks, camping in tents so this was a pleasant surprise by my parents. We actually got to sleep in beds, which was amazing. These cabins were great, and perfect size for my family of 5. There were bunk beds, all you needed were sleeping bags and pillows. Small little kitchen, and area to sit and bathroom. It felt great to shower! There were hikes nearby and we also did some biking which was a blast. The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed our stay. There was a cute little burger joint down the road that was amazing! Highly recommend. There was also a small lake nearby, although we did not go here because we only stayed for 2 days and wanted to get as much hiking and biking in as we could. Tons of fun, and highly recommend staying in the cabins!

Great time with family!

My family and I spent 2 weeks in South Carolina for a family trip one summer when we were all back from college. We love camping and decided to take a trip here to do some site seeing and camping. We stayed here and 2 other places, and really loved this one. I would say this was my favorite one out of the 3. There was some amazing hiking, with beautiful views! I am used to the Texas heat, so it was nice to get away from the humid temps and come here. The campground was good…each spot had its own table and fire ring. we enjoyed cooking dinners over the fire pit and doing smores. I would recommend stopping by the grocery store that is about 5 miles away and getting all your supplies. We didnt have room to back a lot of food and fire wood, so this place was perfect to get everything we needed for the 2 nights we stayed here. We really liked that there were tons of trees and shrubs that separated each campsite. It was also nice to have trees to hang our hammocks in. There is also a lake nearby that was a lot of fun. We did a hike that took us up and around the lake, so the views were gorgeous. The weather was perfect when we came in late June. A little busy because of the summer, but we reserved ahead of time so we werent worried. Overall, we enjoyed our stay here and visit to SC. One thing we really enjoyed was mountain biking here. My brothers and I did this for an entire day on a course they had nearby, and it was a blast! I think most the pics I took were from this experience!

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Had so much fun!

We really enjoyed our stay here! The campground was great and met all our needs. We spent most of our time hiking and enjoying the beautiful weather. The campground was a bit small, but luckily we made our reservations a head of time. The campground was full when we got there. I loved it because they had a little sticker on our campground that said that campsite was taken. So when we got there all we had to do was go to the site we reserved and we were good to go. We got in to the campsite at around 6pm, so thankfully we did this and that they reserved our spot for us. In the mornings we went hiking and enjoyed the views, and in the evening we sat around the campfire and enjoyed each other and made some smores. Our site was right by the bathroom which was a good and bad thing. it was good because it was close to us but bad because it did smell a little. Id recommend getting a spot away from the bathroom to avoid those smells! Overall we enjoyed our stay and would come back. Another thing we enjoyed was mountain biking on one of the trails!

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Beautiful lake and great hiking

This campground was awesome! We would definitely come back here. Here are some of the things we loved about staying here:

  • Great hiking- the hiking around this area was amazing. We absolutely enjoyed these trails. We did a hike that about 10 miles roundtrip with low elevation gain. We also did a hike that was 5 miles round trip, and 4 miles round trip. The views were incredible.
  • Big campsite spaces- Loved that the spaces were big enough to fit our truck and 2 tents
  • Shaded campsites- We really liked that there were tons of trees within the campground. This provided us with shade as well as a place to hang our hammocks
  • Clean

Some things we didnt really like were:

  • Only 1 bathroom
  • No water available
  • The road was a little difficult to find

All in all we absolutely loved it here and would could back. We wish we could have stayed longer. Next time we come we are bringing our family and staying longer.

First to Review

Utah is one of my favorite places to visit. The hiking here is one of my favorite things to do. The Buckboard Campground was really nice to stay at because it was in a great location near lots of wonderful hikes. My family and I stayed here for 4 nights, and enjoyed hiking in the mornings. We really enjoyed our stay in this campground. One things we really appreciated was how helpful the rangers were. They put us in the right direction to our campsite as well as what good hikes were along the way. They gave us maps that were super helpful, so we definitely appreciated them and all their help. If you have any questions, I recommend asking them for help. The campground was big enough for about 50 spots, and had a few bathrooms onsite. There was also a little river that passed through on the backside of the campground. At night we could hear the rushing water which we really enjoyed. The weather was awesome when we went, and the mosquitos werent too bad. We did bring bug spray and sprayed before we went hiking. Bring your own water because there was not a water hook up available at this campground. There was a picnic table in the campsite as well as a fire ring. We used this at night to do smores, and used the table to eat our meals. The space was big enough for our truck and 2 tents. Also is dog friendly.


Utah is such an amazing place to visit for the outdoors. My family and I come here once a year because we love hiking and being in the outdoors. This place was great and provided us a place to stay for a few nights before making the long drive home. There are some great hikes nearby that I highly recommend. We went on a 10 mile round trip hike one of the mornings and the views were incredible. The campground was great, and the campsites were awesome. Each campsite is separated by trees so you feel like you have some privacy which we really loved. There is a great burger joint nearby that I recommend going too. We ate here twice!

Great place for hikes

My husband and I really enjoyed staying at the Wildwood campground. We thought the campsite spaces were a little small, and because we went in the summer it was pretty packed. Actually, all the spots were taken so it was at full capacity. We spent our day hiking and playing in the lake nearby that we were only in the campsite at night. Hiking was amazing here, we recommend spending the morning doing this. We chose to go early to beat the summer heat. Bring bug spray because the mosquitos were crazy. They had some great dog friendly hikes which we really appreciated. At night we enjoyed making s’mores in our campsite using the fire ring provided. We brought our own wood, not sure if a place sells this. Recommend reserving your spot ahead of time, don’t just show up because it will probably be filled.


My family and I stayed here a few summers back and had a great time. The location was great, right off the road and easy to find. You do have to do down a gravel dirt road, and when we went on it it must have rained the day before because the road was pretty muddy but doable. The campground is great, and next to a lake. You are surrounded by the lake and beautiful trees. It is a great place to stay if you love the water, hiking, and fishing. We also saw quite a few people bird watching, so if that is something you enjoy then I would recommend this place. I don't bird watch, but we asked a couple who were bird watching if it was worth it and they said absolutely! There are quite a few campsites, over 100 I would say. They are great size, and come with a picnic table and fire ring. There is also water and electrical hook ups. There also are some great activities on site- like a volleyball court, swimming area, playground, and an area to picnic. Can't say enough great things about this place. Go visit!

Great hiking!

Hiking in Utah is one of my favorite reasons to visit. My family comes to Utah every other year to visit family, and hiking is always on the list of things to do. We did the Narrows again (we do it every time we come), as well as some other hikes. The Utah Lake State Park was great- we enjoyed our stay. The campsites are big, which my family always likes because there is 5 of us. We were able to pitch 2 tents (had to pay extra). The cost was pretty cheap ($10 a night). There is a bathroom on site, but I would recommend bringing your own TP and hand sanitizer. They are more like porta-potties. It was pretty clean. To be honest, but didnt really spend much time in the campground because we were busy hiking, and spending time with family. I would recommend going to the hamburger place that is nearby, so yummy!


The Narrows are gorgeous, and if you are ever in Utah I would highly recommend hiking here. It is a hike like no other. One of my favorite hikes I have ever done, and I have done a lot of hiking. We stayed at the Lower Narrows Camground, got up early in the morning and hiked the Narrows, and then came back to the campground and had some fun making smores and dinner. The campground is great, the spaces are a little small and it was pretty overcrowded. We knew going into it that it was going to be busy because it was next to the hike, so we werent surprised when we got there. We reserved our campsite 6 months in advanced. I would recommend this because when we got there all the spaces were filled. Very clean, and bathrooms on site. Loved being here, and cant wait to come back someday!