Nice campground with awesome hiking

 This place is a neat little campground. The campground is right near a river and there are a bunch of little waterfalls in the area that you can hike to. We stayed in a tent but there’s a bunch of electric sites for RVs as well. Bathrooms weren’t bad and had showers. Sites were large and flat, but some seemed a little close together. 

Definitely check out the clifty falls hike. We also liked the tunnel falls and little clifty falls trails. Hiking was the highlight of our stay. We had an awesome time here!

Nice, cheap, and secluded

This was our first stop of our summer road trip and it was just what we were looking for. After driving from Virginia we wanted to find a nice, easy place to set up camp for the night and the Saddle Lake area was perfect. There were a bunch of sites still available when we got there in the evening. The site we chose was level and had plenty of room. My only complaint with the place was there were a ton of bugs, so may sure to bring some bug spray or a citronella candle. 

The campground is $5 per night and the sites are first come first served. There is a pit toilet, but no running water. Primitive but still a nice spot!

We didn't end up checking out the lake, but we did get some rock climbing in at Hemlock Cliffs which was awesome. Small little crag but it was worth it to get on the rock. I would definitely recommend this place, we had a great time in the one night we stayed!

Gets the job done

Pretty much your standard little campground. Not too many sites or crowded at all. The area is beautiful obviously being near mount hood. Sites were roomy enough and there were toilets. Bummed there was no drinking water though. 

Romona falls trail not too far from there was neat. I love Oregon camping

Wide open, clean, and close to SNP

This place was an awesome stay. Came here with the family one weekend in the fall and it was awesome. The sites were pretty big and had fire rings and picnic tables. There were also food lockers. The place is a group camping area, so we had like 15 people, but I think we coulda brought more. 

This campground was really awesome because it’s so close to the skyline drive and Shenandoah. We went on some awesome hikes while we were here. Check out rose river trail and bearfence mountain. Also went down to Charlottesville and visited beaver creek lake which was an cool little trip. 

Really this was just a great place to come with a bunch of your friends and family and just relax. October is definitely the best time to visit the park.

A little crowded/commercial

The only reason that I’m giving this place only three stars is because it’s not really the type of place I like to go to. It was a mostly RV campground with not a whole lot of spaces in between sites so pretty crowded. I actually ended up staying in one of their cabins, which wasn’t too expensive, around $60. That was pretty decent and clean enough. 

There’s also a pond for fishing, a pool, and playground which is nice for keeping everyone busy. Really a nice place overall just not my scene. 

We stayed here mostly for its proximity to the Old Rag and White Oak Canyon hikes. About 30 minutes away.We wanted to do old rag one day and white oak the next over a weekend. This was super fun an I definitely recommend both trails. They’re both right around 8 miles unless you get lost on white oak and go 12 miles like we did lol. The AT runs through there so make sure you’re on the right path.

Neat place with a lot to do

This was a pretty cool campground. The only reason that I took one star away is because it was a little crowded, which isn’t really my scene. That’s to be expected though since there’s a hot spring right near there. The hot springs are a little commercialized as they usually are, so I didn’t check that out. The campground was nice though. It had a ton of sites to choose from, tables, fire pits, food storage. I was in a tent but I saw some

Rv sites. 

If you’re looking for something more wild than the hot springs, definitely check our sol duc falls. We did a variation of the trail to make it longer, but I think there was a shorter version that was less than 2 miles. The forest is beautiful and the trail leads to an awesome waterfall. Great place to get out into nature.

Primitive but gets the job done

Stayed here on my big Alaska trip. Really not much to it, but it was a super nice place to stay. I think there was only around 15 sites or so, and they are first come first served. There were some toilets and food storage. We were just passing through but it was a great place to stay for the night. Make sure to check out the exit glacier trail not too far from there. We also took a little day cruise in Seward which was a ton of fun. I would definitely recommend something like that. This was a great stop on our trip!

small and quiet

I camped here a few years ago when I was on an Alaska trip with my grandma.  We were moving around a lot and this campground was just what we needed for one night.  We took the shuttle bus in, since that's the only way to get there, stayed for a night and then moved on. There aren't many sites in this place, maybe 10 or so but they are spread out and nice. Only tent sites with no hook ups. Be prepared because there is no drinking water here so you need to bring your own or some way to purify it. You can't make reservations, its only walk ups.  

We did one little hike while we were in the area which ended up being really nice. I would definitely recommend checking out horseshoe lake trail if you need an easy hike and want some nice views. I think it was about 2 miles without much elevation gain. 

Although we didn't stay here for very long, just passing through Denali, it was a good experience and I would recommend the campground.

Nice little place in a great area

This was a nice little campground, and my friends and I had a great time here. Originally I picked this place because most of the other campgrounds in the area were already booked up. We went in the middle of October when the leaves were changing in Virginia. It was a good place to stay overall. We stayed in one of the "primitive" campsites with no water or electric hook ups. For these you park at a small parking lot and walk a few hundred feet or so to the campsites.  The sites in this area were pretty close together, some closer than others. We stayed at site 7, which was a little closer to some other campers than I would have liked. It was flat and grassy and the woods were very nice though.  There were also some rv sites in the campground, which also seemed a little close together. 

I wold say the best thing about this place is how close it is to stuff. Crab tree falls and spy rock are both really nice hikes right in the area.  Bold rock hard cidery is about 40 minutes from the campground. All around a really awesome area with plenty to do.  I would recommend it.

Appropriately named

Just like the name says, there are some amazing views from this campground. They have lots of options, tent camping, RV spots, and cabins. My family stayed in one of the cabins on the cliff on our way up into Utah. The views were beautiful and unreal. They were a little pricy, but I’d say it was worth it for the scenery. 

There are some really cool hikes in the area too. Definitely check out Goulding arch and wildcat trail. The slot canyons in the area are pretty cool to see. Also, there’s a lot of cool Native American history to learn about in the area. This was an awesome place to hang around in for a couple of days.

Really neat experience!

This campground was super different from anywhere I've ever stayed. My family and I went a few years ago on a trip to Tennessee. It was a decent place to stay. We RV camped on this trip, but the campground had tent sites too. Ours was pretty spacious and right next to our friends' site. 

What was neat about this campground that it actually is right above a series of caverns, one of the biggest systems in the US I think. We got to go on a 4 hour caving trip led by a guide, which was really awesome. If you're every at this place, definitely book a trip to go around the caves. Also, right at the campground was a place where you could mine for gemstones. This was really great for the younger kids we had with us and pretty fun for me too. 

As always, there's some good hiking around. We checked out snoopers rock trail which was beautiful. Also a fun thing to do since the campground isn't too far from Chattanooga was going to watch the Lookouts at a minor league baseball game. This area has a ton of stuff to do and it was a great trip!

Beautiful area, awesome place

As usual with me, it’s more about the area than the actual campground, but this is actually probably my favorite campground in the Tetons. It just has a really nice feel to it and it’s obviously in a beautiful area. You can walk right to the lake from the campground. 

You can find sites close to others or pretty secluded so it’s got something for everyone. There’s a ton of regular camping sites and also some for bikers and hikers. I think all are first come first served. 

My friends and I had a great time here. We drove into the park and did some back packing in the death shelf area. We stayed at the campground and chilled for a night before doing some climbing. Really nice campground right in the heart of the Tetons.

Beautiful area

There’s no place more beautiful than Jackson hole in the summer time. Really you can’t go wrong with any of the campgrounds I’ve been to in this are, but I really like the quiet, small nature of hoback. 

These sites are super adorable and all of them are nice. Really I didn’t see any bad looking ones. Can’t reserve these sites though, just first come. There are some basic bathrooms, but no showers. 

Really what’s great about this place is the scenery and the activities. There’s some great climbing right at hoback shield. Jenny lake is a nice hike. Backpacking along the Teton crest trail. There’s some good mountain biking right outside of the city. 

Definitely hit up the snake river brewery while you’re in town! All around amazing place.

First to Review
Simple but great

This campground was a pretty standard off the grid type place. Pretty small and you have to walk to get to the sites.  Not really anything around except for great hiking and amazing views. Sites were big enough and super secluded, just like I like it. 

There’s fishing at the lake and some great views of mount hood. I would check out the Laurence lake high ridge hike if you want the best views.

Love snp

I love Shenandoah national park so this campground hit the spot. No reservations, just first come first served. The campsites were all dirt, super flat and nice in a bunch of shady trees. No dump station if you’re RV camping though. 

We saw lots of bears, so make sure to bring something to store your food in. There are some awesome hikes all around the area. Check out the big meadows to Lewis mountain trial. Wildlife, views, everything you could want. 

There are some great campgrounds right in this area, big meadows is also a good one, but this one is my favorite.

Just what we needed

This is a cute little campground, only a few miles from crater lake. We stayed here on our way through while we were exploring the crater. It has both RV and tent sites. All the ones I saw looked nice and flat and not too close to other people. The campground has a store, showers, food storage lockers, and a gas station. Everything you need really. 

Like usual when we camp, we didn’t spend a whole lot of time at the campground. I would definitely recommend hitting Garfield peak trail and Cleetwood cove trail. They had some beautiful views of the crater. The area has some amazing hikes that range from easy to super hard, so it is something for everyone.


This place was really unlike any campground I've been to. I've hit some pretty remote places, but this one was different because it was on the beach but still out in the middle of nowhere. I think we went about 7 miles before we got to our campsite, and I think the closest sites from the parking area were 5 or 6. Really there wasn't hardly anyone else out there, so it felt like we had our own private beach. We hiked out to our spot, but we saw some people biking into theirs. 

There was a little gift shop when you first came in, so if you really need something you can hike back out to get it. Not too much else out here though besides hiking trials and the ocean. 

The most stunning part was definitely the sunsets. No two looked the same, and I attached a bunch of pictures here to show ya. Nothing better than a beach sunset. Plus there are a ton of different types of birds out there if you like wildlife. Also, the saltwater fishing in the area was great. My cousin even caught a few baby sharks. 

This was a great way to get away from civilization for a bit and enjoy the beach. Definitely better than going to a touristy beach town. Would really recommend this spot!

Quiet, secluded, and super nice

This was an awesome stay. Went with my friends and my sisters and I really loved this place. It wasn’t crowded, the staff was super friendly, and the sites were all reallt nice. There was a campstore, but not much else there besides hiking. Bring you own fire wood because it was like $8.50 per bundle. 

Definitely check out sharp top and flat top hikes. Both were beautiful, but slightly difficult so just be prepared. Also bring bug spray because the flies were terrible at the top. There’s a nearby winery too. 

Really amazing stay!

Great beach campground

Normally in my experience campgrounds at the beach don't tend to be as nice as campgrounds out in the mountains. North Bay Shore Campground, however, was actually really nice. We didn't spend a whole lot of time there, because we were at the beach most of the day. The campground was really nice to come back to for a break though. It had a pool, arcade, and volleyball nets for when we got tired of being at the beach. Also it had wifi, which is one thing that you can't always find in a campground. 

Virginia beach is a neat little town. The beach does get pretty crowded, but there's a ton to do in the area. We mini golfed of course, but we found this cool arcade/indoor mini golf place. There's tons of those little beach shops to blow your money at and a lot of great restaurants. Go visit the cool Neptune statue! Pretty nice trip!

Cute place right on the beach!

Cape Lookout was an awesome little place right on the beach! I would wake up every morning and go out to the beach to watch the waves. Our stay was relaxing and beautiful. There are a TON of campsites at this campground, so you'll be sure to find one you like. The bathrooms and showers were clean which is always nice. There was a little store that sold firewood, and even a junior ranger program that my little cousins did. 

The beach out in front of the campground was super nice, because it was sandy unlike a lot of the other beaches we had seen up the coast. Check out cape lookout trail, it was a nice moderate little hike.  We still got our fill of the rocky beaches when we drove up the washington coast. It wasn't too far, and we spent one day road tripping up and back down the coast looking for cool hikes. 

All around great place to stay, no complaints!