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Loved it plus great hiking

The campground was great and the hiking was amazing! We ended up doing the enchantment thru-hike which was about 20miles round trip. We were super glad to have this campsite nearby so we didn’t have to drive home so tired. The campground was clean and well kept but small. There were a few other people there when we got there and turns out they also did the thru hike and thought the same thing we did. The Enchantments were incredible as you can see from the pictures. It killed my feet and body, though but was worth it. We just stayed at the campground Saturday night and left early in the morning. We definitely plan to do this again and stay here next time.

One of my faves!

This campground, Nottingham, is definitely high on my list of favorite campgrounds. It has everything you could want in a campground. Hiking nearby, beautiful Mt. Hood, and a river you can hear rushing at night while you sleep. I also really love how private and secluded each campsite is. Nothing bugs me more than being in our campsite and we can see what everyone else around us is doing and saying. We had a spot next to the river, and it was so peaceful at night listening to the river. The campground rangers are super friendly, and very helpful. They directed us to our campsite, and gave us hiking recommendations to do in the morning. The vaulted toilets were clean, and stocked with toilet paper when we stayed. The campground is easy to find, right off highway 35. It is far enough away from the highway, though, so you cant hear the cars and trucks rushing by. The hiking was really great. I would recommend Tamanawas Falls which was nearby. We did a few others hikes that were really great as well. The wildflowers were out in full bloom (see pictures attached-I took so many flower pictures!!) There are no water spigots in the campground so definitely make sure to bring enough water, or a water filtration system…especially if you plan to do a lot of hiking.  Overall, we enjoyed our stay and would definitely come back.

Great spot, even better hiking!

I’m honestly never really picky when it comes to campgrounds, as long as there is good hiking nearby. This campground was clean, and fairly big. Came here a few years ago in the fall to do our annual Ingalls Lake fall hike. Busy due to hunters and other hikers. The weather this year was pretty yucky, but our tent held up great. Only stayed 1 night (Friday night) and hiked Lake Ingalls on saturday, then headed home. Bathroom on site that wasn’t very clean, but doesn’t surprise me. Bring your own TP because they didn’t have any. Not sure if this time of year there aren’t people who check on campgrounds? Anyways, spaces were a decent size. Fit our tent and car, and campsite has fire ring and table. We didn’t use the fire ring because we got here late Friday and then left Saturday morning. Highly recommend Ingalls, though!

Great place!

Really enjoyed our stay here this past fall. The colors were amazing!! My favorite time of year, by far. Really loved the campground. Here are a few things we liked:

  • Big campsite spaces that were well separated and spaced. This is something we always like!! Trees and shrubs separated each campsite. Great trees for hammock hanging!
  • get a site by the river! Or at least we liked it. I love the sound of rushing water at night. Puts me to sleep.
  • Clean- everything was well kept and clean
  • great and friendly rangers/assistance. They directed us to some awesome hikes.
  • easy access/easy to find. Right off highway 58
  • great hiking in the Willamette National Forest. We also did some mountain biking on the Tire Miuntajn Trail.

Overall, great experience and would definitely come back!

Mt. Rainier hikes!

Here are some things I loved about this campground:

1. It’s proximity to Mt. Rainier National Park. This was hands down my favorite part. I did a sunrise hike as well as a sunset hike because the drive was only about 45mins. It was crowded, but great!!

2. Easy to find. It was right off the road down a dirt, well maintained road.

3. Great weather in the summer! The weather was hot when I came in August.

i think because it’s close to Rainier, it was busy! We didn’t mind though because we were gone most of the day. The campground was decently big, and a few bathrooms. We stayed a few nights, and would definitely come back.

Great in the fall

This is a pretty good place to visit in the fall. I wouldn't recommend coming here, or any place near the Yakima area where there is hiking in the summer. There are so many rattlesnakes during the summer time, that to me, makes it unsafe. It is perfect once fall hits up to winter. Hiking around this area to me is "okay." The scenery is pretty desert like, with not the best views. I prefer to head up toward White Pass, or Mount Rainier area for hiking, but this place is good if you just want to stretch your legs or do a quick hike. It is close to me, so it makes it easy to get in the car and head here. Weather is good in the fall, but very hot in the summer. Prepare for 100 degree temps in the summer, and about 50-60 degrees in the fall. Well maintained, easy to find trails.

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Okay campground

my husband and I weren’t super wowed about this campground. We were in Montana for a week and a half, camping a hiking. This was one spot we decided to stay, and luckily were able to stay here without reserving our spot ahead of time. This was the only campground available so this is what we chose. The spaces were small and it wasn’t very clean. We stayed here one night, and then made our way to a different spot after hiking in the morning and evening. The campground was a bit small, had about 25 spots. We were just glad we found a spot to stay so we didn’t have to stay in our car. If you cmonin Montana during the summer I would recommend reserving your spot ahead of time online. We didn’t for this night because we thought we were going to backpack and camp by a lake but decided not too. We found this campground by luck, and got a spot. Wouldn’t stay here again, but liked hiking in the morning.

Hiking galore!

If you love hiking and bring in the outdoors I would highly recommend this place. The hiking was incredible. Some of the best views. The weather was perfect when we came, luckily we just missed the rain. We saw so many deer and elk while staying here. They literally just walked through the campground. My husband was in awe of how many we saw. The campground was great. The campsites has picnic tables and a fire ring. We enjoyed building a fire at night and cooking dinner and s’mores. Would definitely bring your own wood, unless you want to pay for it. The rangers were amazing and helped us pick hikes to do. They were super helpful and nice. We stopped by a grocery store on our way that was in town and stocked up on some snacks. Again I highly recommend hiking!!! Campground was clean, but busy! Summertime is always crazy. We reserved spot ahead of time.


Wow Montana is definitely a fantastic place to visit if you like the outdoors. Mountains everywhere! We enjoyed our stay here a few summers ago, and want to visit here again next summer. We brought our dog, And loved every second of it. The hiking here was amazing. There is also a lake nearby that we visited during the evening and spent our day on the water. We saw people fishing, and thought this would be fun if we had some poles! The weather was perfect when we came which made hiking great. The hikes were perfect and great distances. We loved the campground. Spacious, lots of spaces and a few bathrooms which was nice. Playground for kids, and a some showers as well which is rare for campgrounds! Loved it and can’t wait to come back.


What an incredible campground with some of the most beautiful hiking. The Cascades are definitely a favorite of mine and hold a special place in my heart. There are some Washington favorite hikes along this area, you definitely don’t want to miss out. Make sure to do your research ahead of time because dogs can’t do all the hikes in this area. We picked all the hikes our dog Finn could go on with us, and enjoyed every second of our time here. Dogs are also allowed in the campground but must be kept on a leash. The campground was clean and quite although us was very busy. We reserved our spot ahead of time and I’m glad we did because it was full when we got there. We already have a plan to come back next summer!

Best hiking!

We really wanted a camping spot to do some hiking in the Mt. Rainier National Park area. This was the perfect spot to camp to be close to some awesome hiking. We loved it stay here and would definitely come back. We did some incredible hiking and had the best views of Mt. Rainier. We hiked Fremont Lookout and Bouroughs as well. We also did Pinnacle Peak and Naches Loop. The weather was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for a better long weekend. The campground is great! Clean, quite and beautiful views. Only 1 bathroom but we didn’t mind. We were gone most of the day hiking and exploring. We couldn’t do a fire when we went because there was a burn ban on, but that didn’t bother us. Would come back again!

Close to great hikes

My husband and I stayed here a few summers ago to be close to hikes (that’s always the reason we camp!). The hiking around here is amazing, highly recommend. The campground is wonderful and offers so many different things. It’s close to the water, “beach front”. They have a playground, fields and volley court on site which is always fun. The campground is near Bremerton, and part of Orchard Bay/Puget Sound. There is also a memorial that features naval guns which is pretty cool. My husband and I actually just looked about coming back, but looks like it is now currently closed until 2019. Check site before going!

So many hikes!!

The i90 corridor is known for all its amazing hikes. My husband and I wanted to stay at Denny Creek Campground because there were a few hikes we wanted to do for our long weekend and didn’t want to have to drive back home, and then back in the morning. This campground was perfect and close to all the great Snoqualmie Pass hikes. He campground was good, had all the “basic” campground items. There is only 1 porta potty, and each campsite has it own table and fire ring. We used the fire ring at night, and unfortunately the last night we were there it rained so we stayed in the tent the whole evening. It definitely rains quite a bit in this area, so check the forecast before you head out. We enjoyed hiking Granite Mountain (hard and long!) as well as Kendall Katwalk (long but easy). The weather was foggy for both hikes, but we enjoyed getting outside. On our way back to the campground we stopped by North Bend and did some shopping and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I would definitely come back and stay here to do some more hiking and maybe even some sunrise/sunset hikes!

Absolutely great

This beach was great! We visit Hawaii every year and always look for beaches to go to after we are done hiking. We ended up getting an early and doing a hike. We have done this hike many times, but love doing it. Highly recommend doing this hike. You get the best views of Hawaii possible!! And the hike is doable for everyone! Recommend starting early in the morning because the weather gets HOT and muggy. We did this bike in the morning and then hit this beach afterward. By the time we got there it was busy. We did however find spot to hang out for a few hours. There is a yummy snow cone place nearby that we of course stopped at. They serve ice cream snow cones which are incredible. If you want a good spot at this beach I would recommend getting there early. We would have, but decided to hike instead. We enjoyed this beach. It was clean, busy, and calm waters. There are no life guards on duty, either. There is also a great walk way/board walk that tons of people were walking and running on.

Great hikes nearby!

Washington has some of the best hikes, and I’m a little bias because I’m from Washington. But truly there are some beautiful places to visit, hike and camp. My husband and I stayed here for a weekend because we wanted to get in a few hikes that are well known in Washington and the i90 corridor. We hiked Poo Poo Point, Rattlesnake Ledge and Snow Lake. These are well known In Washington and this campground is within a 10-20min drive away which makes it nice. The campground was good, not very many spots though. We did come to this campground and walked in, and weee able to get a spot but we did go early Friday. The spots were a little small, but we knew we weren’t going to be staying here during the day. Basically we wanted a space to just sleep. There was a small table and fire ring in the campsite and one bathroom on site. The weather was okay- it does rain a lot in this area but luckily it didn’t rain while we were there. It did get chilly at night.

Close to hiking

One thing I love about Washington is that there are so many different places to hike. My husband and I stayed here, which is close to White Pass where there are tons of great hikes. This area is known for rattlesnakes, though so definitely be alert. There is also a really great place to go rock climbing nearby. We dont rock climb, but know that a lot of people love this place. We decided to get up early and do some hiking. We hiked Round Mountain one day and Bear Mountain the next. Round Mountain is about 4 miles roundtrip with lots of switch backs. Bear Mountain is 8 miles round trip, and is pretty flat until the last 1 mile. We liked the campground, and loved that it wasnt busy when we went which was surprising. I think we caught it at a good weekend. There were some RVs, and other tents while we were there. The weather was really warm. Bring sunscreen and lots of bug spray. There are areas with shade which is nice too.

Beautiful, plus great scuba diving

My husband and I really liked Manuka State Wayside. One thing we really loved about this place was that there was an awesome place to scuba dive close by. It was a company that took us out pretty far, and we were able to scuba dive with some turtles, and even saw some shark. I can't remember the name of the business, but it was right next to Manuka. The scuba diving took about 4hrs total, because of the boat ride plus dive. When we came back we played on the beach and did some people watching. We went to an ice cream shop up the road, and came back to the beach and watched the sunset. This area was pretty busy, but I think thats because it was during the summer. There is a walking/running path that goes along the beach that was nice as well. We walked along here in the evenings after dinner.

Love this place

We love camping around White Pass WA because it is so close to great hikes and White Pass Ski Resort. We have actually camped here in our RV and then went up skiing in the morning. Mt. Rainier hikes are also about an hour away from here which is really nice as well. You can’t beat hiking in that area. One hike I love is Round Mountain. That is only about a 10min drive from this campground. The road is gravel and pretty bumpy and long up to this hike. The views are gorgeous, though. There is also bear creek mountain hike which again, the road is pretty long and bumpy. Would recommend a higher clearance car. My husband has also stayed here in the fall and hunts in the mornings and evenings. He says this is a great location to stay. The campground is good, small spots and VERY busy in the summer! Reserve your spot ahead of time would be my recommendation. Rimrock Lake is very close, so if you have a boat I would recommend bringing that. We love bringing our kayaks and heading out on the lake.

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Mt. Rainier Views!!

My husband and I just spent a weekend at Mowiche Campground located in Ashford, Washington. We chose this campground because we wanted to be close hikes near Mt. Rainier. Hiking here is incredible, and it was so nice to go out hiking in the morning and having a campsite so come back to. The campsites were a little small so I felt like we were close to our neighbors, but we honestly weren’t at the campground a whole lot other than in the evening and sleeping. It was super busy, but we went in August so we expected it to be busy. We made reservations online which helped because we were guaranteed a spot. Every campsite was filled. I did see some RVs in an area as well. If you are a hiking lover, I would recommend doing Tolmie Peak! This was hands down my favorite. It was about an hour drive from the campsite, but we got up pretty early and we’re back by 1pm. Such amazing views of Mt. Rainier. ALSO, there is an area where you can see Mt. Rainier from the campground.

Loved it

Packwood which is a small little town next to White Pass is a great place to visit if you want to get away in Washington and be outdoors. The campground was great, although we didn’t spend too much time here. We rode our mountain bikes up to Packwood lake one morning, which is 10 miles round trip. It’s a great biking trail, but can also be used as a hiking trail if you are looking for a longer day hike. The lake is gorgeous but the bugs were definitely out in full effect. Bring bug spray or you will get eaten alive. You can camp here at the lake, but make sure to comply with all LNT rules and read the signs on where you can camp. The RV campground was good, but busy. We only stayed a few nights, and then made our way down the road to White Pass. The views of Mt. Rainier are gorgeous. Bring your own water because there wasn’t any water hookups that we saw. We also did some hiking in the Packwood/white pass area.