Ryan M.

Milford, NH

Joined October 2018

I love being in the outdoors. Finding new places or just wandering

Great campground to boat on

Went there this past weekend. Brought our kayaks. I reserved a water front site for that reason. Well worth it. Amazing lake for kayaking, swimming, fishing and exploring. So many little islands and shallow spots to swim around or jump off rocks.

The public beach area is a nightmare, super busy. And we found that there were a few people who didnt respect the quiet hours.  Plus people would drive their cars to the bathrooms at night, in my opinion if you cant walk there, dont go camping. That was a nuisance. A big reason for me only giving 3 stars. Otherwise it's easily a 4 or 5 star.

Campground at beginning of saco river in mountains

Grest spot for some river fun and relaxing. Very central to white mountain region. Fun for all ages. Tubing, swimming, playing in the river that runs along the campground.

Road side camping has never felt so off the grid

Can be pretty remote. Choose your own site. Some are better than others, some have streams going thru them. Lots of local hiking

Yurt glamping and amazing views

We did the yurt for 2 nights. Man was it amazing. The north country and wandering back roads to find cool waterfalls and lakes.  Everyone at the campground was super nice, from John the park manager to other campers, spent one night hanging with another yurt group checking out the views from their spot over cold beers. The fire tower at the top allows perfect views of the area

Very secluded. Great camp spot

Only stayed at the shelter. It was late march with over 4' of snow still on the ground. Not sure if tent platforms still available. Shelter is in decent shape. Older but good. Super quiet. No human noise. We never saw any else. Had to blaze our own trail on Ethan pond trail. New snow over a week old and no tracks

Cant beat view over lake into the white mountains

Fun and beautiful spot to stay. Can be crowded in summer months. Hike in is fairly easy, caretaker on site most nights. Will supply food and water if purchased. Must reserve to stay

Tough hike in, but worth it for the quiet and secluded location

The hike in isnt easy especially considering you'll need to carry all your gear in to stay.

Amazing stay, no signs of society (airplanes/cars/phone service). Stayed in the new shelter on the edge of the pond. There are a few tent platforms also. There is a raised toilet.

Good spot to stay to bag a few mountain peaks also

Not much to it, small, but quiet

Stayed here with a few friends. Not much of note, quiet. It is very close to conway and fun stuff up the kanc.

Good campground to wander the whites and play on saco ruver

Great campground for all ages. A group of us go yearly. No cell service which is awesome.

Fun to play in the beginning of the saco

Decent hike in, very quiet, tent platforms

Pprobably one of my favorite nights out, stayed in the open air shelter. No one else was there. Waist deep snow made hike in a little more difficult, post holing every 5th step. Cant beat the view from shelter over Sawyer pond

Inexpensive hike in right on the river

You'll need to carry in everything, as parking is on the main road, but this also helps keep away the fair weather campers. Can be very secluded in winter months, sometimes you're the only person there. First come first serve sites

Beautiful lake and owls at night

Some sites are right on top of each other, but if you can get a site in a more secluded spot it's very nice. I recommend a hike around the lake on the trails. Maybe an hour hike.