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Over 40,000 U.S. campgrounds.

10 winners.

These are the 2022 Best Places to Camp: Top 10 in the U.S., according to The Dyrt camping community.

Using a combination of ratings, number of reviews and quality of reviews, we crunched the numbers (and some granola) and, of the millions of campers who use The Dyrt to find and book camping, these are their preferred places to camp this year.

From a glacier-surrounded campground in the heart of one of America’s most iconic national parks to beachside camping with world-class marine-wildlife viewing, there’s something on the list for you.

These are truly the best of the best: Each of these campgrounds was named No. 1 or No. 2 in their regions earlier this year. They represent the top 0.00025 percent of campgrounds on The Dyrt.

We’ve also included inside information from actual campers on The Dyrt who have visited each campground on our list. They describe sleeping next to a pristine river and waking up with views of Colorado’s snow-capped 14ers and pitching a tent just down the shore from a historic lighthouse.

There are thousands of amazing campgrounds across the U.S. to choose from, but these are truly remarkable. These are the Best Places to Camp.


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1. Sierra Vista — New Mexico

Short yellow school bus parked at a campsite beside wooden fence posts in a field and the Sierra mountains in the background.

Image from The Dyrt camper Chris M.

Wake up to the sunrise spilling over New Mexico’s stunning Organ Mountains at Sierra Vista, the No. 1-ranked campground in the US. With unrivaled views and the convenience of its proximity to Las Cruces, this campground offers natural beauty without sacrificing accessibility.

Despite being a free, dispersed campground, Sierra Vista has some of the comforts found at paid campgrounds (like noise restrictions and frequent check-ins by BLM Rangers). If you get tired of enjoying the view from your campsite, trailheads can be found right from camp and White Sands National Park is just a short drive away. There aren’t many other campgrounds this unspoiled that offer such quick access to our country’s most beautiful and wild places.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Sierra Vista:

“The site was cleared and ready for a tent. Las Cruces city glow is visible in the distance at night. The stars were out. We heard coyotes at some point in the night. The morning brought a brilliant sunrise over the mountains in the distance.” — Spencer R.

“The views of the mountain ridge as the sun comes up are awesome. The stars from here are pretty great too!” — Morgan Z.

“We really loved this place. Beautiful setting, hiking trails all over, there are people around but you feel like you have your own space, and of course free. … Good place to stay if you are planning on going to White Sands.” — Laura M.

Campground Details:

  • Price: free
  • Number of sites: dispersed
  • RV sites: yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

2. Many Glacier Campground — Montana

Woman walking through a field of wildflowers at Many Glacier Campground

Image by The Dyrt Camper Brandi M.

Stay in the middle of it all at the top-ranked campground in the Mountain West region. Many Glacier Campground has spectacular views of Swiftcurrent Lake, which is surrounded by five of Glacier National Park’s iconic peaks, and access to the park’s many amenities, like a restaurant, grocery store and more! With no lack of trailheads and plenty of outdoor opportunities departing right from camp, you’ll likely want to extend your stay.

Enjoy the sunsets and sunrises glimmering over the mountain peaks and keep an eye out for wildlife. Bears and moose can often be seen right from camp, so be sure to practice wildlife Leave No Trace principles.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Many Glacier Campground:

“This spot is incredibly beautiful, surrounded by picturesque mountainscapes with glaciers visible from the campsites. The campground has a spacious and friendly vibe. … While all of the campgrounds we saw and stayed in while visiting the national park were beautiful, some of them did not offer the overwhelming views that this one does, giving you a true sense of place. This is not just another campground — when I go back I will definitely be staying here again, for longer.” — Stephanie V.

“This part of the park is gorgeous. … You can walk to a river, hiking trails, a restaurant, a small store, and the ranger station. Short drive or small hike gets you to the hotel with its nicer stores and many other trails. All the rangers and camp hosts were nice and informative. It helps to have camped with bear-aware practices, but if not they will walk you through the process.” — Cecelia

“Many Glacier is an essential stop when visiting Glacier, and this campground made a great home base.” — Austin C.

Campground Details:

  • Price: $23
  • Number of sites: 110
  • RV sites: yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

3. “The Wall” in Buffalo Gap National Grasslands — South Dakota

Camper Trailer parked along "The Wall" dispersed camping

Image by The Dyrt Camper Sydney P.

If you are a seasoned dispersed camper, chances are you have “The Wall” written somewhere toward the top of your bucket list. With the wide-open Buffalo Gap National Grasslands on one side and views of the Badlands from the other, your campsite is likely to feel like your own personal slice of nature.

Sunsets will be a highlight of your stay as they light up the iconic rock formations that are so recognizable to the Badlands right from camp! Badlands National Park is just a short drive away and the nearby town of Wall is a great place to grab supplies if you need them. This is ranked the No. 1 campground in the Great Plains region.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about “The Wall” in Buffalo Gap National Grasslands:

“Extremely scenic dispersed camping just south of Wall, and just on the north side of Badlands. Great free spot to drive in. … Close to cell towers w/data service on Verizon. Overall incredible.” — Kevin H.

“I camped on the ridge in the South Dakota grasslands. I was able to look out my front door and see the Badlands or see the grasslands out my rear window.” — Mont B.

“Spent the better part of a week here, it was absolutely incredible! Amazing views, tons of wildlife, and only a few minutes drive from Badlands NP entrance! Relatively close to Wall as well if you need supplies.” — Connor N.

Campground Details:

  • Price: free
  • Number of sites: dispersed
  • RV sites: yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

4. Alabama Hills Recreation Area — California

Tent campsite surrounded by mountains in Alabama Hills

Image by The Dyrt Camper Alejandro L.

Stay at a campground so picture-perfect that it has been the filming location of many Hollywood blockbusters, like Gladiator and Iron Man. Flanked by the Sierra Nevada range on one side and the Inyo Mountains on the other, almost every campsite here will include dramatic views of these jagged peaks. Climb one of the many routes available on the high-desert rock formations or go for a hike and take in the unbeatable scenery.

Keep in mind that times have changed and the Alabama Hills are no longer the free-for-all they once were. Camping is now banned in several areas, including west of Movie Road. Today, you can only camp in marked sites or previously established sites. Soon, special permits will be required at the top-ranked campground in the West region.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Alabama Hills Recreation Area:

“I’ve camped here several times and I’ve never been disappointed. A creek runs right through the camp from the mountains, we just put the cooler right in the water and everything stays icy cold! Gorgeous views and the STARS!! Rock climbing areas all around. This campsite also has a bathroom which is very nice but bring your own TP. Check out Mobias Arch trail — it’s a must do! The best BBQ you’ll have in California about 40 min away.” — Heather L.

“There’s tons of space in all the rock formations to find the best spot for any group/vehicle size. The rocks also preserve some space and distance from your nearest neighbor. Location is less than 15 min drive from the town, Lone Pine, and nestled at the bottom of Mt. Whitney with magical sunset views of her snow capped peaks in all their glory.” — Marissa

“This spot was absolutely incredible with some of the best views I’ve ever seen. There weren’t amenities or anything but with a view like that, it doesn’t even matter.” — Taylor B.

Campground Details:

  • Price: free (subject to change under new permitting)
  • Number of sites: dispersed
  • RV sites: yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

5. Split Rock Lighthouse State Park — Minnesota

View of the lighthouse from the shore

Image by The Dyrt Camper Daniel R.

On the rugged shores of Lake Superior lies one of the most photographed lighthouses in America. Known for dramatic cliffs, rocky beaches and picturesque hiking trails, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is easy on the eyes and soothes the soul. The lighthouse, now a National Historic Landmark, was built in the early 20th century to aid ships on stormy Lake Superior and is visible from some of the campsites at this top-ranked campground in the Midwest region.

The trout and salmon fishing is ideal, and hiking trails wind through forests, alongside waterfalls and next to the lake. Keep an eye out for loons, bobcats, lynxes and other exciting wildlife. It’s a perfect summer getaway, but is open year round.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Split Rock Lighthouse State Park:

“We camped in a cart-in site, with privacy and a beautiful view of Lake Superior. It is a splendid place for tent camping. The MN Historical Society runs the tours and manages a visitor center for the lighthouse. Go up in the lighthouse and look around the lighthouse keeper’s home from a hundred years ago.” — Mary K.

“We LOVE Split Rock State Park, and try to go at least one a year. This spring we backpacked in a bit to the first backpack site, BP1, just about a mile in from the parking lot. The cart-in sites are definitely amazing, but the backpack ones are the best! This one is on an overlook with pretty much your own private lagoon right next to the site.” — HollyRose M.

“The proximity to Lake Superior and the view was absolutely gorgeous. We gasped when we got to the site because it was so beautiful! In combination with how quiet it was, it really made for a worthwhile stay.” — Cassie D.

Campground Details:

  • Price: $16 – $20
  • Number of sites: 46
  • RV sites: yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

6. White Star Campground — Colorado

Campsite with tent and views of snowy mountains

Image by The Dyrt Camper Nathalia T.

Whether you prefer a relaxing day on the lake or a thrilling hike to summit one of Colorado’s iconic 14ers — White Star Campground is your ideal base camp. With access to world-class mountain biking, fishing, hiking, sailing and more, you’d be hard-pressed to find an outdoor activity you can’t do here. Twin Lakes Reservoir is just a short walk away and some campsites even have access to the water right from camp.

This campground, ranked No. 2 in the Mountain West region, is highly sought-after and can be hard to book. But if you’re lucky enough to snag a reservation, you won’t regret it! Individual campsites become bookable on a six-month rolling basis.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about White Star Campground:

“What a great campground! Lots of space between sites, level, spacious, tree or no tree sites, clean, picnic table, quiet, easy to back into, and the lake is within walking distance of any campsite! The views are fantastic! Large mountains across from Twin Lakes and if heading up Independence Pass. There is a small little town with basic necessities just up the road and Aspen is about 1 hour away over the Pass.” — Scott B.

“This campground is stunning. The individual camping areas are nice large spots, so you don’t feel close to your neighbors. Gorgeous views of Mt Elbert and surrounding 14ers. Lake is close for some nice easy fishing.” — Aaron M.

“This place never fails. Always beautiful, great sunrises and sunsets. Always great to walk around the lake. Paddle boarding is a must if you own one.” — Danny A.

Campground Details:

  • Price: $24
  • Number of sites: 65
  • RV sites: no
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

7. Fort De Soto Campground — Florida

View of a white sand beach and ocean from inside a tent

Image by The Dyrt Camper Amy B.

On the lookout for oceanside camping with spectacular wildlife viewing? Fort De Soto, the top-ranked campground in the Southeast region, is exactly what you’re looking for. With seven miles of white-sand beaches and coves that are feeding grounds for dolphins and other wildlife, this campground is the perfect summer oasis.

The park was named America’s top beach by Tripadvisor in 2008 and 2009! When you’re done watching the marine animals, turn your eyes to the sky and look out for the park’s more than 300 species of birds.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Fort De Soto Campground:

“The best waterfront sites were 105, 107 & 109 since they had views right out the back of your site, we could watch the dolphins swim from inside the trailer. Fishing is also really good in the cove. This is probably our favorite park we have stayed at.” — Mark P.

“This is a great place to camp, beach, kayak, fish, bike, hike trails, sight-seeing historic fort, etc.” — A guy from …

“This place is beautiful and mildly wild. Geckos, cranes, various sea birds and manatees Grace this location. The sugar sand beaches are 1 or 3 miles down the road depending on your choice of beach. The waterside beaches are the best. The bath houses are simple and clean.” — Heidi R.

Campground Details:

  • Price: $34 – $45
  • Number of sites: 236
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

8. Kalaloch Campground — Washington

View of the Washington Coast

Image by The Dyrt Camper Kelly G.

Because the Kalaloch area in Olympic National Park is protected as a marine sanctuary, a diversity of creatures call this incredible coastal environment of sandy beaches and rocky headlands home. The nearby Tree of Life is a major draw all on its own, as its exposed, bare roots straddle a gap in the cliffs. There’s great access to the beach and tide pools below, plus plenty of trailheads up and down Highway 101 that lead to different beaches.

Four campgrounds on the Olympic Peninsula alone landed in the Top 10 for the entire Northwest region of the United States. Kalaloch is No. 1 on that list.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Kalaloch Campground:

“I love this spot. My family has been coming here since it was designated an official campground. It’s always a challenge to get a spot, but I like the ones closer to the beach. Great vibes and the park rangers do educational lessons in the amphitheater. The beach is easily accessible and dog friendly.” — Travis M.

“You can’t beat a beach campground that has its own convenience store at the Lodge next door. Everything you need. Mostly wooded sites.” — Erik O.

“We make a point to camp here every summer. The beach is gorgeous, wide open, and mostly empty. There is room to play games, wander, find sand dollars, play in the water, or just lay on the sand and soak up the sun. Watch the sunset every evening over the Pacific Ocean and then gaze at the stars from the dark beach.” — Dean H.

Campground Details:

  • Price: $24
  • Number of sites: 170
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

9. Letchworth State Park — New York

View of the bridge over a river gorge

Image by The Dyrt Camper Ginney M.

The No. 1-ranked campground in the Mid-Atlantic region, Letchworth State Park is a vast river canyon often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East.” Known for its many cascading waterfalls and 66 stunning miles of hiking trails, Letchworth is a can’t-miss outdoor experience. This park can be enjoyed during any of the four seasons with activities such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, kayaking and even floating above the gorge in a hot air balloon.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Letchworth State Park:

“Letchworth State Park Campground sites are spacious and mostly private. Really quiet and peaceful. Bathrooms were well maintained and very clean. The 3 falls are beautiful. Lots of hiking and scenic sites. Museum within the park and lots of history to learn about.” – Andrew M.

“The park is stunning and is fit for camping whether you’re in a tent, RV or choosing to rent a gorgeous cabin. There are many walking and hiking trails for adventurers of all types. Make sure you bring your camera as the views are all photo worthy.” — Carlyne F.

“Letchworth State Park is beautiful with so many hiking trails and the beautiful waterfalls that are such a big part of this place. The Glen Iris House is the perfect place to dine outside on the veranda for a decadent treat of delicious food and atmosphere. The park and campground are clean, the sites fairly well spaced, free showers, and electric hookups. We loved it!” — Carolyn M.

Campground Details:

  • Price: $24 – $26
  • Number of sites: 270
  • RV sites: yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

10. Coconino National Forest Road 525 — Arizona

View out of a tent of the red rock formations outside of the campsite

Image by The Dyrt Camper Whitney C.

Only 20 minutes from downtown Sedona, yet maintaining that remote wilderness feel, Coconino National Forest Road 525 offers the ultimate dispersed camping experience. Enjoy unmatchable stargazing and enjoy the miles upon miles of hiking trails that surround this campground. Like any dispersed campground, there are next to no amenities, but with the spectacular views offered at this campground — who cares!

To get the best views and have a shot at the best campsites during your stay at the second-ranked campground in the West region, The Dyrt campers recommend driving at least three miles down Road 525, which can be a bit bumpy and rough, but should be doable for most vehicles with some extra clearance.

Hear what The Dyrt’s community of campers has to say about Coconino National Forest Road 525:

“Absolutely loved camping here because of how remote it felt, yet close proximity to Sedona. Especially Memorial Day weekend when the motels and hotels were full. Beautiful night sky and generally flat ground at campsites.” — Ben F.

“My wife and I went for our honeymoon … took our Rpod camper and boondocked on 525 for about a week. Soo many hiking trails, amazing weather and absolutely stunning views. The town of Sedona is quaint and quiet, shutting down at 7 every night. Don’t worry though, there is a 24 hr spot to fill up your water jugs if you get in late from a visit to the Grand Canyon.” — Kolby B.

“This was one of the best views I’ve ever camped at! Spaces were far between and we went deep in past the second cattle guard (34.9268502, -111.9224094) and had an amazing site.” — Courtney

Campground Details:

  • Price: free
  • Number of sites: dispersed
  • RV sites: yes
  • Fires allowed: yes
  • Pets allowed: yes

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