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Ojai, California is a town nestled at the foot of the Los Padres National Forest, about 45 minutes east of Santa Barbara. This town, a tourist destination with a relatively small year-round population, is renowned for its organic agriculture, spiritual retreats, and outdoor activities galore. While boutique stays may dominate the majority of overnight options in Ojai, the emphasized natural surroundings lend themselves more to a night by a campfire than in a hotel bar.

For those looking to spend a weekend or longer in the area, consider shaking appeal and finding camping in Ojai and the surrounding area. Below, you’ll find 10 options for any type of camper looking for a great Ojai camping trip.

10 Spots for Ojai Camping, Southern California’s Shangri-La

tent in the sespe wilderness

1. Wheeler Gorge Campground

Wheeler Gorge Campground is Ojai camping located in the Los Padres National Forest. It is open year-round. Spending time there is a superb way to remain immersed in nature while having the option to drive down into Ojai.

To get there, drive up the 33 from Ojai into the national forest. You’ll see signs for the campground after about 15 minutes. The campground provides tent and RV camping for between 25 and 50 dollars a night, depending on the site. Pets and fires are allowed. Drinking water is provided.

2. Dennison Park Campground

side-by-side photos of dennison park and sign for dennison park

Images by the Dyrt camper Jordan M.

Driving just a few minutes from Ojai on the 150 toward Los Angeles, the camper reaches Dennison Park, great Ojai camping for those trying to stay close to town.

The campground includes tent and RV sites, fire pits, and drinkable water. Pets are allowed, too!

3. Lake Casitas Campground

Only 12 minutes down the 150 from Ojai toward Carpinteria, visitors reach Lake Casitas. Lake Casitas is a campground nestled right up against the lake. The campground offers around 400 sites! The grounds contain tent cabins, standard tent camping, and RV camping. Fires and pets are allowed. Drinking water is provided.

4. Camp Comfort

photo of park and grill at camp comfort

Camp Comfort is a park and campground just outside of Ojai. The grounds offer tent camping, RV camping, and drinkable water. To get there, take the 33 toward Carpinteria, turn left onto Hermosa Road, and then right onto Creek Road. This will bring you to the campground. It’s only 4 minutes away from town.

5. Holiday Group Campground

Planning a larger trip with friends, or maybe a family reunion? As the name implies, the Holiday Group Campground is a site within the Los Padres National Forest that provides group camping at 100 dollars a night. The grounds are very close to the Wheeler Gorge Campground and provide excellent recreational opportunities such as hiking, horseback riding, and biking.

6. Rose Valley Campground

view from the road leading to rose valley campground

Rose Valley Campground is a great stay for those wishing to explore running creeks, waterfalls, and enjoy local wildlife. Rose Valley Falls is the main attraction bringing visitors to the campground. It’s Ojai camping at its finest!

The campground offers both RV and tent sites. It has a total of 9 campsites and costs $20 a night. To get there, take the 33 into Los Padres National Forest and then turn right onto Rose Valley Road. Soon, you’ll reach Rose Valley Lake Road. Turn right and arrive at the campground.

7. Middle Lion Campground

This campground located in Los Padres National Forest offers RV and tent sites year-round. The camping is located within a beautiful canyon that showcases wildflowers during the late winter and all throughout spring. The cost is 20 dollars per night.

This campground is very close to Rose Valley Campground. To get there, take the 33 from Ojai into the Los Padres National Forest. Pass Rose Valley Lake Road until seeing signs for Middle Lion Campground. You’ll be pleased to discover there are hiking trails right from camp!

8. Murietta Campground

Image from the Dyrt camper Stephanie W.

Murietta campground is for those seeking a true tent-camping getaway that’s still close enough to visit Ojai. The campground is located in the Matilija wilderness, a gorgeous area that was protected to help the condor population.

The campground is very close to Ojai. To get there, take the 33 into Los Padres National Forest. After little time, turn left onto Forest Rte 5N13. This will take you to the campground after about 20 minutes.

9. Chorma Camp

Chorma Camp is nestled deep in the Matilija wilderness. This is more of a wild, dispersed camping experience, yet still close enough to the town of Ojai. To get there, take the 33 from Ojai into the Los Padres National Forest. Turn left onto Cherry Creek Road. This road will bring you directly to the campground. The camping is free and operated by the national forest.

10. Emma Wood State Beach

view of wildflowers and the ocean at emma wood state beach

Emma Wood is good for visitors who wish to linger near the beach while still remaining close enough to visit Ojai. The camping is beach-front and campers report hearing the waves fill their dreams. The grounds provide both tent and RV camping, drinking water, and fire pits. Pets are allowed.

To get there from Ojai, take the 33 to Ventura and then head north on the 101. Soon after, exit onto the 1 for state beach access. There’ll be signs.

This collection of Ojai camping destinations is brought to you by Tentsile.tentsile logo

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