Is it possible to have home comforts while you’re out camping? We think so! Especially in shoulder season when temperatures drop below the comfort line but it’s not quite cold enough to draw you away from the fire. You need the best camping blanket for staying cozy at camp.

They’re also perfect for picnics near the lake or river, playing card games or board games, and for getting snug when the nights turn cooler than expected. They’re also an excellent addition to an emergency kit for worst-case scenarios.

The Best Camping Blanket for Your Camping Style

Women wrapped in a red flannel blanket in a snow covered landscape.

We asked our campers what blankets they love; here are six picks for the best camp blanket to keep you warm, both at home and by the campfire.

1. Best All-Around Blanket: Rumpl Packable Blanket

Women wrapped in the mountains.

Ever since their debut in 2014, Rumpl has made cozy waves in the outdoor community. Each Rumpl blanket is made with durable material to ensure warmth and durability. In fact, the materials found in a Rumpl blanket are similar to those found in puffy jackets and sleeping bags.

What started as a single puffy blanket has evolved into an entire line of products made for warmth and comfort in the outdoors, like beer koozies, camping pillows, and a ground cover when you need protection without the warmth.

The OG Rumpl, now available in swanky National Park tribute designs, is made from 20D ripstop nylon and treated with a DWR finish to prevent moisture build-up and retention. It also incorporates a synthetic fill to keep you warm even if the mid-August downpour soaks through the DWR coating.

And the best part about the Original Rumpl is how it packs down to a compact 2.1lbs and 6.5in x 14in.

“[I] love my Rumpl.”— The Dyrt Camper Jen S.

Prepare for your next adventure by downloading maps. The Dyrt PRO lets you download maps and campgrounds without cell service. “My alternative to using pro would be to drive back out to cell service”.

2. Best Down Blanket: Horizon Hound

For the best camping blanket that won’t break the bank, check out Horizon Hound. Their sole product is the Horizon Hound blanket, which speaks volumes. Similar to the Rumpl, the Horizon Hound uses 20D ripstop nylon as the outer material, reducing tears from sticks and shrubs while adding a water-resistant finish to the blanket.

Unlike the Rumpl, the Horizon Hound is down-filled, making it lighter and slightly more packable. Because it’s down, it won’t do well if it gets wet. The feathers will clump together, causing the blanket to lose its warmth—check the weather forecast before hauling this camping blanket into the woods.

The best part about the Horizon Hound is the price: the 1lb packable camping blanket can be purchased for only $65 on Amazon. A total steal, if you ask us.

“[I found] this down camping blanket on Amazon for a really great price! Keeps me toasty warm when the weather dips below 50°F.”— The Dyrt Camper Michelle D.

3. Best Budget Blanket: Kelty Bestie Blanket

Four friends wrapped in the Kelty Bestie Blanket in the desert.

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Makers of top-notch sleeping bags and pads, Kelty knows a thing or two about staying warm and comfortable at camp. Their budget-friendly Bestie Blanket incorporates years of Kelty experience to create a packable, durable camping blanket for late-night talks around the campfire.

Both sides of the Bestie are soft against the skin and it’s the perfect size for laying out on the grass or wrapping around your shoulders as night falls. The Bestie packs into its own stuff sack and weighs in under 2lbs for portability between car and camp.

The Bestie is also the most affordable option on the list; $24.95 gets you a Bestie for life.

“We love our Kelty bestie blankets. My girls and I each have one. Great for those extra chilly Florida winter nights.”— The Dyrt Camper Traci P.

4. Best Multi-Use Blanket: Kammok Bobcat Trail Quilt

Not only does the Kammock Bobcat Trail Quilt work as a comfy camping blanket, but it serves as an underquilt for hammock camping and can be buttoned together to create a 45-degree backpacking sleeping bag.

The down feathers in the Bobcat are responsibly sourced and it’s treated with a Downtek™ water repellent finish in case the skies open in the middle of the night. Similar to the other camping blankets, the Bobcat uses 20D ripstop nylon to protect from abrasions.

The Bobcat is a pricey $199, but you’re getting three uses for the price of one product along with a lifetime warranty.

“I had more freedom to integrate it with the rest of my sleeping gear when sprawled out in the back of the car at night. Versatility is key when everything has to fit in your car, and a sleeping bag blanket is much more versatile than your standard sleeping bag.”— The Dyrt Managing Editor, Britany R.

4. Best Splurge Blanket: Pendleton Wool Blanket

Women walking with flannel Pendleton blanket in the woods.

Of course, the best camping blanket list wouldn’t be complete without Pendleton. Known for their Native American-inspired designs and high-quality products, Pendleton blankets are a staple for vanlifers, campers, and anyone with an eye for interior design.

Made entirely out of wool, Pendleton blankets won’t trap odor and are easy to clean when the inevitable beer tips over. They’re hefty, too—adding a Pendleton to your camp bed makes for a warm, cozy night’s sleep.

Pendleton maxes out the camping blanket budget, with most of their throws priced upwards of $200. What you’re paying for is an investment—Pendleton’s wool blankets last a lifetime.

6.  Best Waterproof Blanket: Coalatree Kachula 

While a completely waterproof nylon flannel might be enough for some outdoors blankets, the Kachula does not stop there! Finished with a durable snap system, this blanket transforms into a poncho with a snap-on hood and snap front closure so you can wear it when you get caught in the rain!

Use these same snaps to connect your Kachula with your friends to create big picnic blankets at the beach or music festival.  The Kachula also comes with a handy stuff sack so you can keep it compact while backpacking, the best part is that when stuffed, the Kachula doubles as a pillow!

7.  Best Beach Blanket: Mexican Baja Blanket

Women wrapped in the backcountry.

This is the blanket you should always have in the back of your car.  The ideal last-minute picnic blanket, sunset watching seat, surf sesh napping blanket, and even sometimes, keep the dog hairs off the car seat blanket.  You can pick up a baja blanket for fifteen to twenty dollars online or maybe during your next road trip below the border.

The baja blanket is woven cotton, making it easy to wash and light enough to sleep under while you’re car camping in the summer. They come in a variety of bright colors making these blankets a photogenic vanlife staple.

8. Best Feel-Good Blanket: Your Favorite Blanket From Home

This list wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to the blanket you have in the back of your closet—the one that’s gone with you to baseball games and stargazing and every camping trip you’ve ever taken, ever. These are the blankets you might pick up at garage sales, or, as one camper suggests, the best camping blanket could be one the airline gave you for free!

“[The airline blanket] is warm and just the right size to fit in your sleeping bag.”— The Dyrt Camper Amelia L.

As nice as it is to have top-of-the-line gear when you go camping, there’s something about your decades-old blanket that makes the camping experience homier, and just plain right. Even though your cotton quilt might turn to a sopping wet mess in a downpour, it’s the character and stories you’ve made together that counts.

“I use whatever blankets I already have!”— The Dyrt camper Karen R.

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