Van campers might have the more popular hashtag (we see you, #vanlife!), but RV campers are carving out their own corner of Instagram with stunning, honest, and sometimes just silly accounts from life on the road. These RV Instagram accounts are a must-follow.

Three summers ago, I bought a 1987 Chevy Elite motorhome off Kijiji, the Canadian Craigslist, and set out on an adventure that would change my life. I pointed my old rig west and drove across Canada, sharing my adventures on social media.

To be frank, I didn’t know what I was doing. I had so much to learn about living and traveling in an RV, from how to set up an inverter to finding the right spot for boondocking. I’ll admit, things got a little messy.

What I did know was photography, and like most millennials, I posted those photos on Instagram.

a selection of rv photos on Instagam from Stephanie Foden

A portion of RV Instagammer Stephanie Foden’s feed

As a documentary photographer, sharing my work online was nothing new—however, there was something different about these RV images. They were personal. It was my life. And people started paying attention to my Instagram more than ever before. I started to build a following that pre-RV me didn’t have. While ‘likes’ shouldn’t validate a person’s worth, it felt good that the images resonated with people. I wanted to show the intimacies and joys of traveling in this lifestyle, and Instagram makes that possible. And clearly, people wanted to see more.

12 RV Instagram Adventures You Should Follow

I’ve compiled a list of some fellow RVers sharing their own fascinating journeys on Instagram. Follow along to get a taste of RV life from Walmart camping (check) to breakdowns (double check) –– but most importantly –– for the sense of endless freedom and adventure on the road.

1. @Ourvieadventures


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A post shared by Our Vie (@ourvieadventures) on

The story of Our Vie (“vie” is French for “life”) started in 2014 when Cees and Madison got engaged in Yosemite National Park. They’ve since added their cat Vladimir and baby Theo to their little family, and now live on the road in a 1989 Toyota Odyssey as full-time adventurers.

2. @Alexandra_abroad


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A post shared by Alexandra Gabrielle (@alexandra_abroad) on

Alexandra hit the road in an ‘87 Itasca Phasar after starting a photography and videography company—but just four days later it broke down. Shortly after that initial mishap, she found her custom camper on Facebook Marketplace. “It was love at first sight,” she tells us. Now Alexandra shares her travels on her RV Instagram from all around the United States in her little tin can.

3. @Cat_yde


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A post shared by Cathrine Korsgaard Yde (@cat_yde) on

Follow along with Cat and husband Morten’s nordic surfing adventures up and down the west coast of Europe in their 1983 Fiat Veicoli “Surfmobilen.” “It’s my kind of freedom and it takes me to the ocean,” says Cat. “With our old camper, we can’t go fast. We can only enjoy slow living.”

4. @Mrs_elliluu


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A post shared by @mrs_elliluu on

Ray, Thuy, and their fluffy pup Rainer thought the American dream was to buy a home and settle down. Ray was in the military and whenever he was home, the couple always found themselves exploring—so they decided to make a change. Ray and Thuy sold everything, Thuy quit her teaching job in exchange for remote work, and they bought a 2016 33RETS and renovated it beautifully. Now they move their gorgeous home wherever and whenever they want!

5. @A.girl.and.her.commander


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A post shared by A Girl & Her Commander (@a.girl.and.her.commander) on

Jessy projects a specific coolness as she travels in her 1978 Dodge Commander can. She lives full-time in her vintage RV with her two cats and when her rig breaks down, no mechanic is necessary. Jessy does her own repairs and encourages others to do the same.

6. @Mali.mish


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A post shared by Mali Mish (@mali.mish) on

This family of five has been traveling on land full-time all over the world for 11 years—first in an Airstream in North America and now in a Sprinter van in Europe. “As we did in North America, we are continuing to educate our children not only with textbooks but with the world outside of their tiny rolling home,” says mom Marlene. They plan to eventually take their home on wheels to Asia and Africa, so get ready for this RV Instagram account to go international.

7. @Ourgrandtour


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A post shared by @ourgrandtour on

Longtime journalists John and Leslie worked in the newspaper industry for many years, but when their paper the Seattle Post-Intelligencer folded back in 2009, the two started to freelance. This newfound freedom allowed them to work remotely and travel across the country. They bought a Gemini Thor and now travel in search of fascinating food and outdoor stories.

8. @Reggiefromtheroad


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A post shared by Reggie from the Road (@reggiefromtheroad) on

If the ramblings of filmmaker Reggie don’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will. In his 1970 Citationette travel trailer “Franny,” Reggie finds a way of making everyday RV circumstances into hilarious and charming RV Instagram videos. “Countless kilometers later, Franny is the one constant and I don’t see us ever splitting up,” he tells me. “Even when I decide to hang up my driving beret, Franny will always have a place in my backyard. What a magical little playhouse for future babies to take imaginary trips spurred on by their pa’.”

9. @Vagabond.constantines


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A post shared by ⓥⓐⓝⓛⓘⓕⓔ ↟ Travel Blogger (@vagabond.constantines) on

After years of talking about living on the road, Danielle, Aaron, and their two dogs Jack and Owen took the plunge. Instead of taking the typical van or motorhome route, they bought a box truck converted into an RV. They’ve since traveled all around North American over the last year, with no plans to stop.

10. @Joie_de_vieve


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A post shared by genevieve (@joie_de_vieve) on

Genevieve is a former professional dancer and development creative turned dirtbag road lifer and RV Instagram star. She sold everything and bought a 1985 Toyota Bandit to leave her Florida roots for a life of freedom. Her travels with her adopted husky Sailor have led her to not only find a home in the Eastern Sierra Nevada and a conscious community of modern-day nomads, but also a deeper understanding of herself and the world around her.

11. @Peterholcombe


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A post shared by Peter Holcombe (@peterholcombe) on

Peter, Kathy, and daughter Abby sold their home in Colorado five years ago, bought a Winnebago View, and took their photography business on the road. The trio is obsessed with whitewater kayaking and exploring the best rivers in North America. They often haul kayaks, SUP boards, mountain bikes, dirt bike, climbing gear and more. Basically, their home is also a garage on wheels. “This was the best decision we have ever made, and it’s provided a lifestyle better than we ever dreamed,” Peter said. The family plans to take their travels overseas to roam further on new horizons.”

12. @Skamperthecamper


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A post shared by Mason + Shanna + Skamper (@skamperthecamper) on

Newlyweds Mason and Shanna love to get out as much as possible in their pop-up camper named Skamper, which they scored for free when the previous owner was taking it to the dump. They spent a year sprucing up Skamper and finally took it out on their one-year wedding anniversary. The camping duo will turn into a trio this spring and are excited to share camping adventures on their RV Instagram with their baby girl.

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