Whether this summer will mark your family’s first camping trip or their fortieth, camping with kids is always a bit of an undertaking.

Maybe your family has grown since the last time you pitched a tent, and the ol’ two-bar cross pole doesn’t fit the whole brood. Maybe you ran your last family tent ragged with repeated games of sleeping bag steamroller, and you just need an upgrade. Whatever your situation, there’s a tent for you and your camping family—the trick is finding it.

Family Tents For Any Camping Style

We’ve done the legwork for you with this list of the best family tents available today.

Large Family Tents

Whether you have enough kids to keep the chaos level high or just enjoy having space, here are some behemoth family tents to give everyone the square footage they need.

1. Alpha Camp 10-12 Person

Blue and white tent

Image from Alpha

Why this tent? Large capacity with screened-in living area lets kids spread out even while camping.

  • Capacity: 19’ x 12’ footprint. 80” tall at centerpoint, sleeps 10-12.
  • Season rating: Summer
  • Price: $245

2. Wenzel Timber Ridge 10

Red and white tent

Image from Wenzel

Why this tent? Large open space with extra headroom makes this ideal for big (and tall!) families.

  • Size/Capacity: 16’ x 10’ footprint. 93” tall at centerpoint, sleeps 10.
  • Season Rating: Summer
  • Price: $290

3. Wenzel Great Basin 10

Why this tent? Durable construction and large coverage rainfly for challenging weather conditions.

  • Capacity/size: 18’ x 10’ footprint. 78” tall at centerpoint, sleeps 10.
  • Season Rating: Two-plus seasons
  • Price: $270

Easiest Family Tents to Set Up

The one thing families don’t have enough of is time. Whether you are fighting a torrential downpour, a sibling tornado, or a hanger attack after a long drive, inclement conditions can arise at any time on a family camping trip.

Here is a short list of family tents you can set up in no time.

4. Coleman 8 Instant Simple

Grey and black tent

Image from Coleman

Why this tent? Pre-attached poles allow for 60-second setup. Durable floor material holds up to heavy use from little feet for a long time. Heavily waterproofed sidewalls and strong, waterproof flooring. NOTE: Rainfly sold separately.

  • Capacity: 14’ x 10’ footprint. 79” tall at centerpoint, sleeps eight.
  • Season Rating: Late spring to early fall
  • Price: $203 without rainfly

5. Ozark Trail 12-Person 3-Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Why this tent? Poles are pre-attached for two-minute setup and breakdown. Screened-in porch is a great feature for families. All windows are fully closeable, rainfly covers the roof only.

  • Capacity: 12’ x 18’ footprint with three walled sleeping areas and a screen porch. 76” tall at centerpoint, sleeps 12.
  • Season rating: Summer, early fall
  • Price: $250

6. Wenzel Vortex

Blue and white tent

Image from Wenzel

Why this tent? Airpitch technology means stake it out and pump it for one-person setup. Two rooms with center living space work well for family and group camping.

  • Capacity: 135 sq ft footprint. 74” tall, sleeps eight.
  • Season rating: Two seasons
  • Price: $199

Tents for Small Families

With your small family, you can move fast(er), hike (kind of) far, and you don’t need as much extra space. Below are some family tents for those who don’t bring their own crowd to the campground.

7. Cinch Pop-Up Tent

Why this tent? Pop-up construction with built-in poles makes for an instant setup. Individual tents are fully connectable, so more rooms can be added if needed. Also comes with solar power pack, LED lanterns, lightstrips, and even LED tent stakes.

  • Size/Capacity: Each individual tent has a footprint of 8’ x 7’6” and a height of 4’2”, sleeps 4+.
  • Season Rating: Two-plus seasons
  • Price: Basic 4-man tent model is $400, with connectors and other pods varying in price.

Sturdiest Family Tents

These tents have the capacity for all the kids (and their stuff), but will keep everyone safe and dry in rain, snow and wind. We just hope you brought enough card games.

8. Big Agnes Tensleep Station 6

Green tent

Image from Big Agnes

Why this tent? For a family that may be camping in the rain and wind, dirty shoes and gear need to be kept away from sleeping bags. Durable three-season tents are usually low and cramped, but this tent is all about the vestibule and the headroom.

  • Size/Capacity: 9’ x 10’ footprint, 5’ x 9’ covered vestibule. 75” tall at centerpoint, sleeps six.
  • Season Rating: Three-season
  • Price: $500

9. Wenzel Portico 6

Why this tent? Three-season tents are pricey, but Wenzel has a great budget option for families who just want to get out there. Sturdy with a full fly for inclement weather.

  • Size/Capacity: 9’ x 10’ footprint. 74” tall at centerpoint, sleeps six.
  • Season rating: Two-plus seasons
  • Price: $159

10. Marmot Limelight 4

orange and red tent.

Image from Marmot

Why this tent? Classic, durable backcountry family tent design. Packs light and small, but the mesh and full fly allow for use in warm and cold weather.

  • Size/Capacity: 6’8” x 7’6” footprint. 54” tall. Snugly sleeps four.
  • Season rating: Three-plus
  • Price: $379

Most Unique Family Tents

If the traditional tent is just not your style, and you want to take your family camping in a tent with a different point of view, here are a few unique ways to keep it cozy in the campground.

11. Tahoe Gear Bighorn XL Teepee Tent

Black and white tent

Image from Tahoe Gear

Why this tent? This is a beast of a tent, and would be an awesome camping experience for large families, or for anyone who wants to stand out in the campground. Just make sure there is room for the giant footprint!

  • Size/Capacity: 18’ x 18’ footprint. 90” tall at centerpoint, sleeps 12.
  • Season Rating: Two-plus season (tall centerpoint loses heat quickly in cold weather)
  • Price: $152

12. Bubble Tents by Bubble Huts

Why this tent? Unbeatable views for night sky camping. With clear PVC construction, bubble tents are like living in a snowglobe. Watch rain fall or shooting stars from the comfort of your sleeping bag.

  • Size/Capacity: Varies based on individual orders. Sleeps two to six comfortably.
  • Season Rating: Two season
  • Price: Varies, but generally upwards of $1000

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