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Whether you prefer scenic mountain trails, rugged climbing, or even just a relaxing day at the beach, Massachusetts really does have it all.

Here are four of our favorite places to unwind and reconnect with nature in the Bay State.

Where to Camp in Massachusetts

1. Nickerson State Forest Park

Photo from The Dyrt user David B.

The absolute best way to experience the unspoiled beauty of Cape Cod is to stay away from those oppressive summer crowds! This large campground offers 418 sites with plenty of well-paved bike paths that nestle up to pristine ponds as well as dense pine and oak forests.

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2. Mount Greylock State Reservation

Photo from The Dyrt user Taylor R.

A backpackers paradise, this rugged park features picturesque summits that are among the highest in the state. Strap on those boots, the park’s primitive site is only accessible by foot. If you’re traveling with little ones, or just looking for more of an accessible option, be sure to check out rustic Bascom Lodge.

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3. Beartown State Forest

Photo from The Dyrt user Patricia E.

With famed 35-acre Benedict Pond minutes away from the campsites, this state forest is a must-see for all water-loving hikers. The best part is that the Appalachian Trail runs straight through, allowing access to some of the most spectacular forested views that Massachusetts has to offer.

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4. Myles Standish State Forest

Image from The Dyrt user Kristen B.

This park offers plenty of unique walking and horseback trails, as well as canoeing, kayaking, and non-motorized boating against a forested, picturesque backdrop. As an added bonus, each of the five primitive camping area sits on one of the park’s sixteen clear water ponds.

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