RV camping isn’t what it used to be. Aside from advancements in technology and flashier versions of your parents’ clunky Coachmen, we’re seeing more variety in a growing population of RV campers.

No longer reserved for retirement, RVs are an increasingly popular way to road trip, explore natural places, vacation with family, and even to live on the road, full-time—at any stage in life. According to RVIA, 11% of households in the U.S. headed by 35-54-year-olds own an RV; that’s the most RVs of any age group.

RV campers on The Dyrt are constantly demonstrating how great it is out there, with photos and reviews of the campgrounds they visit. So with this issue of The Dyrt Magazine, we’re diving into the world of RV camping.

Of course, some campers still prefer bringing a tent and a sleeping bag into the backcountry. RVs can be seen as luxuries that contradict the desire to “escape” things like a sink full of dishes and electricity. But for many, RVs are what make camping possible. They can make family vacations more affordable and nature more accessible. (Not everyone has the ability or the desire to sleep on the ground.)

an illustration of an RV on a beach resting on the sand

RV camping can be just about whatever you want it to be. And there’s certainly no shortage of nature when you can step outside into a night full of stars, warm desert sand, or the peaceful whispering of a pine forest.

So, buckle in. We’re going RV camping. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in The Dyrt Magazine Issue 05:

  • The states with the most RV camping
  • The most popular RV campground in each state, according to The Dyrt
  • RV questions answered by full-time travelers
  • Advice on buying a used RV
  • One woman’s story of switching from showbiz to Airstream life
  • And more much…

The Dyrt Magazine Issue 05: RV Camping

First, let’s take a look at popular RV campgrounds by state. We’ve identified the states with the most RV-friendly campgrounds, along with the most popular RV campground in every state. Explore the map below for inspiration on where to go with your RV:

RV Camping Stories, Advice, and More

Get inspired to hit the road. Learn all about the dreaded black tank. We’re covering all things RV camping in the following stories:

RV Life: Your Questions Answered by Full-Time Travelers 

two campers living in their RV life on BLM desert land

Image from @livesmallridefree

Thinking about hitting the road full-time? Curious how to downsize into an RV? We asked full-time RVers what it’s really like living the RV life.

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6 Tips for “Stress-Free” Mobile RV Repair

a man fixing an RV camper next to a broken tire

Every RV will be in need of repair someday—running you the risk of getting scammed. Here are tips to avoid getting ripped off by a mobile RV repair person.

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How One Millennial Left Show Biz to Live in an Airstream

a woman next to a man at the entrance to an airstream trailer parked at a campground

Image from Kelsey Glennon

After traveling for years as a dancer, the author turned to living in an Airstream RV. And international travel took a backseat to exploring the U.S.

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Here’s What RV Campers Look for in the Perfect RV Campground

a forested rv campground with a stationary rv and other cars in the sites between trees

We asked long-time RVers for their thoughts on the very best RV campgrounds. Here’s what makes them stand out and what makes campers book stays.

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How the RVGeeks Turned Their Expertise into Real TV

an RV on the road in a desert next to an image of john and peter from the RVGeeks

Images from the RVGeeks

John Sullivan and Peter Knize turned more than 15 years of full-time traveling and RV living into the RVGeeks, a blog and DIY guide for life on the road.

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An RV Camper’s Advice on Buying Your First Used RV

a towable camper trailer on the side of a road with a for sale sign on it

If you’re interested but aren’t quite sure how to buy a used RV, we have 5 tips from a real RVer on what to consider (and avoid) when shopping for an RV.

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How Full-Time Travelers Manage Mail on The Road

an RV driving through the desert next to a mailbox overfilled with mail

Overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to forward mail while on the road? Here’s your guide to getting your mail sorted out when traveling full-time.

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RV Travel Makes it Easier to Master “The 4 M’s” of Retirement

an elderly couple relaxing next to their RV camper near a lake

Could RV travel be the ticket to mastering the “Four M’s” of retirement? We spoke to a people who have embraced RV retirement to find out how it works.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Dreaded Black Water Tank

a woman holds her nose while draining a toilet tank in an RV

For RVers new and old, the black water tank can be intimidating (and gross). Here’s advice from an RVer on maintaining and cleaning that tank, regularly.

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This Retired Couple is Hitting the Road, Despite a Dementia Diagnosis

Myrna and Sheldon standing on a bridge over a gorge with a waterfall in the background

After a dementia diagnosis, Sheldon and Myrna Green are retiring, packing up their life and seeing what the U.S. has to offer from their campervan.

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12 RV Campers on Instagram Who Might Inspire You to Hit the Road

The author’s life changed forever when she bought an RV and hit the road to travel full-time. These RV Instagram accounts inspired her, and they’ll inspire you, too.

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Even More RV Camping From The Dyrt:an illustration of a fold down camper trailer in the desert near cacti

Ready to plan your RV camping trip and hit the road? Search for RV campgrounds on The Dyrt!

Illustrations by Lauren Blair

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