When a Moroccan Sufi mystic traveled through Yemen, sometime in the 15th century, he witnessed “birds of unusual vitality.” Fascinated by their energy, he hunted down the plant they feasted on and tried the beans himself. At first, the beans were too bitter, so he tried roasting them. When they were too hard to eat, he tried boiling them. A dark, sultry liquid appeared in his cup. The rest is history.

Today coffee can be found in seemingly endless varieties. We have Unicorn Frappuccino’s, double-decker-triple-shot extra-caramel-macchiato’s, and 32oz caffeine blitzes that resemble heart attacks. What a time to be alive.

But you can still find brands that are dedicated to a more traditional approach to the coffee experience.

They’re forgoing the triple-decker-no-foam-extra-whip and producing high-quality, convenient coffee, instead. One of those companies is Nature’s Coffee Kettle. And the best part? You can bring it with you camping.

A Real Coffee Review in the Wild

We sent some of our top campers on a mission: Go camping and put this camping kettle from Nature’s Coffee Kettle to the test. What came next? Coffee reviews that will change the way you enjoy your cup of joe every morning at the campground!

Coffee Review At Aurora RV Park & Marina

NCK coffee review

Image from The Dyrt user Jeremy F.

Ranger Jeremy F. took his 100% Columbian Roast Coffee to the Aurora RV Park & Marina. He liked the fact that the coffee kettle can easily be rinsed and reused, effectively reducing waste. Jeremy mentioned in his Ranger Review how the kettle stores completely flat before and after use, which is great when you’re tight on space.

“Some of the best coffee I have had while camping. Way batter than my normal percolated stuff.” –The Dyrt Ranger Jeremy F.

Coffee Review At Sheridan Big Horn KOA

Ranger Carrie C. took Nature’s Coffee Kettle to the Sheridan/Big Horn Mountains KOA in Wyoming to attend the American Legion State Baseball Tournament. Carrie tested out the Mountain Blueberry and Guatemalan Coffee. Her detailed instructions on brewing included tipping the bag upside down for a stronger brew, and pouring the coffee into a thermos once it’s done steeping.

“I will be taking Nature’s Coffee Kettle with me in a couple weeks when I climb the Grand Teton! Coffee at Base Camp and at the high camp on summit day! Cheers!” –The Dyrt Ranger Carrie C.

Coffee Review At Track Rock Campground

nature's coffee kettle coffee review

Image from The Dyrt Ranger Karen R.

A self-proclaimed coffee snob, Ranger Karen R. was wary of the just-add-water coffee scenario, but decided to give the portable kettle the old college try. Even without running the water through the bag twice, Karen found the coffee to be good enough for the woods at Track Rock Campgrounds.

“I really like the compact size, ease of use, and the fact that the kettle is reusable. I look forward to using it again and trying a different flavor.” –The Dyrt Ranger Karen R.

Coffee Review At South Shore Park at Lake Bastrop

nature's coffee kettle coffee review

Image from The Dyrt Ranger Troy W.

While Ranger Troy W. might not be a tried-and-true coffee drinker, he understands the importance of the morning brew. Troy took one for the team and tried out the 100% Columbian Roast kettle at South Shore Park and could tell it tasted better than instant coffee. While he admitted he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between coffee shop coffee, he did like the portability, convenience, and flavor.

“My friend Susan is a daily coffee drinker and has been known to leave a campground for a nearby town in search of good coffee. She tried the coffee and said that it was actually pretty good. So I’ll take her word for it.” –The Dyrt Ranger Troy W.

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