Carrie C.

Kemmerer, WY

Joined September 2016

I am a weekend warrior. I typically adventure in my home state of Wyoming, or nearby Utah or Idaho. I love rock climbing & mountain biking!

Bring bug spray

Absolutely beautiful! The scenery is breaking…just don’t inhale a mosquito! This camping area is 4 miles from the Big Sandy Trailhead. We stayed 2 nights here. We hiked over Jackass Pass and into the Cirque of the Towers. That is a sight to see! The fishing was so much fun! So many brook trout and even some cutthroats in Lonesome Lake at the Cirque of the Towers. The bus were pretty bad so make sure you bring Deet. This is a backpacking camping area in. Bear country to make sure you have rope to tie your food up. On the north side of the lake there are some bear boxes provided. We camped near the outlet and there were only fire rings. Some had some makeshift benches out of logs around the fire pits. Fire wood is kind of scarce in the area. Bring a small hatchet if you can. This is worth battling the mosquitos, I promise!

Worth the hike!

This is a backpacking trip. No amenities in the canyon and you must pack out your poop. WAG bags are required, Rangers will check for your permit (free at the trailhead) and for your WAG bags, so be prepared. We camped just past Jacob Hamblin Arch on a sandy beach. We entered through Hurricane Wash and per my watch I did 30 miles total in the 3 days we were hiking. All camping is first come first serve and sites fill fast on the weekends, especially near Jacob Hamblin Arch. This Canyon is spectacular! The giant walls and beautiful waterfallls are breathtaking! Do this trek in the spring or fall, the summer is just too hot.

First to Review
Remote with a fun adventure

I camped at the trailhead to moonshine wash. There are a few sites identified by a fire ring. It is very desolate and I was alone for miles. The UT desert is very beautiful and magical. The moonshine wash Canyon is not to be missed! It can be a short 2-3 mile hike or the full loop about 8 miles.

Beautiful and FREE

We camped here the night before heading into Escalante area. It’s a great place to get to from the upper SLC area on a Thursday night for a 3 day weekend adventure in southern UT. It’s very sandy and no amenities. There are quite a few spaces for camping, we camped in a group with 5 tents. There are rock fire rings identifying the spaces. I will definitely camp here again!

Ranger Review: Stream 2 Sea at Slick Rock Campground hi

Campground review: We made or tent site reservations online en route to Moab. When we arrived there was a sign stating they had a special for $20 night for tent camping. The office honored the special and reimbursed us the difference that we had already paid. The young man helping us check in was very kind and helpful. Unfortunately the pool was closed due to some plumbing issues in Moab. Kind of a bummer because it was super hot and it would have been nice. We were provided direction to site 138. It was a nice site with a couple shade trees. Since it is a commercial campground in town it is noisy and you hear highway traffic. Sites are pretty close together. Just bring ear plugs and you’ll be okay. The site had a picnic table and a grill. No campfires are allowed. Some of the other tent sites had canopies for shade and rain protection.

Product Review: Stream2Sea I sampled a variety of products from Steam2Sea. In the sunny desert, I was most interested in sun protection. Their sunscreen products are titanium dioxide based. They are all eco conscious, biodegradable and reef friendly. These products do what they say they will do, I did not get sunburned. Even in a sudden rain storm and sweating in the heat. I did reapply once after the rain.
To apply, rub product between palms then pat over the area you wish to apply then begin to rub it in. It will leave your skin whitish and a bit sticky feeling. I honestly did not like the feel of the sunscreen. It did protect me from the sun and it is eco friendly, but I prefer the bad for you chemical sun screen. Just my opinion. It is not a bad product, just not for me. I tried their sun protect lip balm with spf 30. It left my lips white and the cherry flavor just didn’t do it for me. I also tried their Tinted Sunscreen. This seemed better than the original, but still felt a bit sticky.

The product I love and will repurchase is their Nourishing Body Lotion. It is packed with good for you ingredients and has a nice coconut scent. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and healthy. It is one of my favorite lotions.

My overall option on Stream2Sea is: If you are looking for an eco-conscious product then this is likely on of the best options on the market. For me, I think I will stick with spray on coppertone.

Very clean and super camp host!

I really loved this campground! And I really love Diamond Fork Hotsprings! I can’t wait to visit again! We camped the Thursday after Labor bad and had the entire campground almost all to ourselves! On Labor Day weekend there wasn’t an empty campsite. Cost is $22 for a single site, $44 for a double. We arrived to camp around 7:30 and pitched our tent then headed up the road a few more miles to the parking area for Diamond Fork (5th water) Hot Springs. I recommend visiting the Hotspring at night in the summer to escape the overwhelming crowds. There were only a handful of people at the springs during our evening visit. The trail to the springs is about 2.4 miles in. We returned to camp around 1 AM and slept soundly in the still, quiet nature. You can hear the stream babble nearby. We slept in and as we were breaking down camp, Marc, the camp host stopped by to se how our visit was and if we needed anything. What a wonderful man! We chatted for quite a while about the area and he offered to give us a tour of the campground in his golf cart. This is a pretty leather campground! 3 separate loops. There are some hike in tent sites but they are set up for dual tents and are priced as such so they are $44 which is quite speedy for a pack in tent site. There is a well maintained nature trail the passes through the campground. There are educational kiosks along the trail. There are multiple restrooms throughout the campground. The 2 I used were very clean considering it was post holiday weekend.
Each campsite had a fire ring, grill, and a picnic table. Tent sites all offered nice level areas for pitching your tent. You can purchase fire wood from the camp host. This is a great place and I can’t wait to return!

Ranger Review: Gregory Jade 63 liter pack at Moraines Backcountry Campsite

Campground Review: Wow! What an adventure! In January I applied for an advanced permit for August 18-19 backcountry camping at the Moraines for a Grand Teton Summit trip. For back county camping in GTNP you must have a permit. 1/3 are available for advanced purchase for $45/night and the remainder are first come first serve at the Ranger Station for $35/night. If you plan on camping over a weekend I recommend advanced purchase, but then you are at the mercy of the weather. We had to pick up our back country camping permit from the Jenny Lake Ranger Station prior to departure. They go over the backcountry rules in detail and provide you with a bear-proof canister if you don’t have one.

Rated 3 stars because it is difficult to get to and can be challenging to actually find a tent spot once you get to the Moraines camping zone. 5 stars based on the views! They are incredible!! The Moraines Camping Zone is above tree line at 10,800 ft elevation. It’s amongst a boulder field. And it can be very windy. I would consider this the ideal camping zone of the 5 zones along Garnet Canyon if you are planning a Grand Teton summit. Campsites can be identified by a smooth tent site amongst the boulder field. Fires are not allowed and there are no amenities. There is running water nearby they will require filtration.

Product Review: Gregory Jade 63  liter pack  

This pack was perfect for this trip! I was trying to cut weight as the trek up Garnet Canyon is rugged. This pack is one of the lightest options with this capacity on the market! It is 3.51 pounds. It is very comfortable, by far the most comfortable fitting pack I have used. And comfort is super important in the backcountry. The back mesh panel helped ventilate my back. I loaded this pack to its maximum 40 pound capacity. I had all the backcountry gear as well as climbing gear and a 60 m rope. I still felt stable as I crossed varied terrain. The large boulder fields had me nervous in a few spots and I considered removing my pack to cross, but made it unscathed. The materials used in the pack are very durable. Not a single tear or visible abrasions, quite dirty post trip, but no permanent scars! The hip belt pockets were great! They were easy to access while wearing and there is plenty of room for phone, snacks, chapstick, and any other small items you need handy. The stretch mesh water bottle pockets are huge and are an awesome feature the way the have dual openings. It was easy to access my Nalgene bottle when I used the forward facing opening. However as I was crossing a boulder field and needed to bend way forward it did fall out. I placed it in the upright opening when crossing terrain that required less then upright posture.
The drawstring opening is huge and there is also a u-shaped zippered access to the main compartment on the front of the pack. I made sure items like my water filter and first aid kit were right there for easy access if/when needed. The stretch mesh panel on the back of the pack was an easy stow for my rain gear if needed in a hurry. The top compartment houses the rain cover for the pack and also has a lot of room for storing small items. There are straps galore for holding trekking poles, securing climbing rope, even a sunglass QuickStow that I used often as my glasses were on and off all day long. It was nice knowing they were secure and not going to fall off the top of my head. Post trip, yes I was sore and exhausted, but no rubbing or discomfort caused by the Jade pack! Very impressed with this product and can’t wait for my next backpacking adventure!

Awesome dispersed camping spot!

I camped here during a Snake River float trip. Easy to get to launch quickly and close proximity to Alpine WY where you can pick up supplies. There are no amenities at the campground. It is just across the Idaho/Wyoming boarder and on the banks of the Palisades Reservoir. There are trees along the banks. Only fire pits available. No tables, bathrooms, nothing. So please practice good camping etiquette and pack out everything. Gets pretty

Super fun recreational place!

I’ve lived near here for years and this weekend was my first visit. The dunes are amazing!! Bring your dirt bike, side by side or other ORV and play your heart out!
The camping area offers sites with a picnic table and grills available. Sites are spaced adequately but there is no vegetation coverage or anything separating the area. No water available or any other amenities.

Solitude !

Great dispersed camping area. Appears to be used by a lot of hunters. There is a nice big picnic table at one site and a few spots with campfire rings and meat poles. There are no other amenities. The Greys River is right near camp as well as Spring Creek. The Spring Creek Falls trailhead has a river crossing at the 2 mile mark, sign states it is 5 miles to the falls. I didn’t venture further than that. I stayed at this campground because I was hiking up Wyoming Peak in the morning. Wyoming Peak was a wonderful hike, highly recommend! This summer has had the most amazing wildflowers!

Amazing wild flowers !

This remote cabin can be rented for $30 night if not in use by the forest service staff. This is a popular destination for snowmobiling in the winter month and fly fishing in the summer. I visited in July and the wild flowers were incredible in LaBarge Meadows. This is near the Tri-Basin drainage. The trail head for the Lander Cut-Off Trail is right at the cabin. There is an outhouse, picnic table in the yard and a fire ring. There is a stream right along the cabin and there is writer plumbing in the summer months.
There is a doorknob lock that you enter a code into to access the cabin that is provided upon your reservation. Call 307-877-4415 to make your reservation!

Morsel Spork at Dispersed Camping -San Rafael Swell

Campground Review: I have stayed at this camping area many times,it’s one of my favorite areas to visit and explore! I camped here over Memorial Day weekend 2019. We were camped down the first spur that is on the east side of the wash. This dirt road goes quite a way along this bluff. There are many options for camping in the nooks and crannies down this first turn past the state park line. If you continue down the little wild horse road, there are just as many options along that road up to the next fence line. Camping is first come first serve and it is a popular destination so get there early for the good digs! There are no amenities here, pack it in pack it out to help keep this area clean and healthy! While visiting this time we did some canyoneering. We rappelled into Goblin’s Lair in GVSP. It is a 95 foot rappel into a large cavern, it’s very fun! This was my first time rappelling with my dog! There is a full service campground inside the state park and they did have fire wood for sale at the visitor center. Make sure you bring wood if you intend to have a fire, there is nothing to gather here. Day 2 we did Ding and Dang Canyons, this is a moderate canyons with some deep water and class 5 climbing maneuvers. You should have experience canyoneering if you choose this route. Park at Little Wild Horse parking lot ( where the pavements) or take your 4x4 down the wash another mile and a half to Ding/Dang parking area. Cool area to explore and camp. I didn’t see any spiders this trip, but in the past I have seen the biggest spider of my life camping here. ( on my tent to boot!) We saw a lot of beetles and lizards!

Gear Review: Morsel Spork XL! This is a great product! I’ve used a variety of different sporks for camping and this is by far my favorite! It’s so long! They do offer a shorter size, but I recommend grabbing the long spork! It has a squeegee/spatula type coating around the soon end so you can really scrape your bowl clean! Means more food in your belly and less clean up after! Win win! The other end has a fork/knife. The knife will cut things like hot dogs, but I wouldn’t force it to do much more than that. It is the perfect utensils for eating directly out of the camping Mountain House meal pouch!

Ranger Review: Midland X-TALKER Two-Way Radios at Chatfield State Park

We were a team of 4 Dyrt Rangers in Denver for Questival! Chatfield Sate Park was our home away from home for the adventure!  I stayed one night on Friday, May 10th in Loop C, Site 140.

Campground Review:

I was the one in group who had a late arrival. Therefore I didn't get the full opportunity to export all Chatfield has to offer.  My impression during my short time spent here is that it is a wonderful place and definitely a place I would like to return. 

I got lost trying to map my way here. Apple maps took me to a Park Office on the east side of the lake.  I drove to  the west side based off the directions provided by the gentleman in the parking lot, At the fee gate the very nice park attendant provided me with printed instructions on how to navigate to the East side where the campground is.  Due to road construction, this appears to be a pretty common occurrence and they were so helpful in getting me to the rest of my group. 

The campground area is very large, there are 4 different loops for camping.  We were in Loop C Site 140.  This site had room for a medium to large pull through camper. Power was available. There was plenty of space for tents to be pitched on the grass.  The site included a very nice picnic table and a fire pit with grill.  There were restroom right near this cam site but were closed until Memorial day weekend.  The shower facilities were not far and were VERY clean!  Take note, they do not even provide hand soap in the shower facility. Bring your own and help keep the space clean for everyone. They also had coin laundry available in the shower facility that was very clean. 

I did get to visit the lake for a few of our Questival challenges! It is a very pretty lake with clean shorelines. There were folks out on boats fishing and some fishing from shore. Everyone I encountered seem to be enjoying the state Park!  

Product Review:

Midland X-TALKER T71VPP Two-Way radio Value Bundle As a Ranger for the Dyrt I get camping gear to demo on occasion.  During Questival I reviewed the Midland X-TALKER T71VPP Two-Way radio Value Bundle. This bundle came with two radios, rechargeable batteries, a charging platform, belt clips, and ear phones for hands free talking!  The bundle price was $79.99.  It like getting the headphones for free! 

My group of Dyrt Ranger Questivalers used these radios to keep dibs on each other around the campground and while out on our adventure race in the city.  Communication is very clear and the devices are simple to use! The headsets are quite comfortable and I really look forward to putting these to more use!  This was a perfect trial to get me familiar with the radios and their functions. We never got very far apart from each other so i can't attest to the range, but they were clear inside a museum, all around the campground, and on the streets of Denver.  We were never more than a city block apart. 

I am very excited to use there on my next climbing adventure.  The headphones will be great where you need your hands on the rope or rock.  Often when climbing trad you are out of sight of your partner, and if it is windy, often you can not hear each others commands. This will solve that issue!

Views are unbelievable !

This is dispersed camping. No amenities provided such as table or grills. They do have rock fire rings and sign/posts identifying the campsites. There are bathrooms at the Wedge Overlook as well as a more established campground with tables provided if you’d rather do that. Views are amazing there too! What I lived about our site ( site 5) was that is was at the halfway point of the mountain bike trail. This site is at the top of a shallow drainage. Other sites are literally right on the rim…see video.

Ranger Review: Renology Water Filter System at the Platforms- Garnet Canyon

I embarked on a day summit of the Grand Teton. I did not make it to the top, so I will tell my story of the adventure to the Lower Saddle and what I will do differently next time.

Campground Review: Most importantly, a backcountry camping permit is required to camp at any of the 6 Garnet Canyon locations. 3 up north fork can be used if summiting the Grand, the other for Middle and South peaks. There are 2 ways to acquire a permit. Jan 1 the application for permits opens. 25-33% of permits are reserved in this fashion. The remainder are first come first serve bright and early in the morning at the GTNP Jenny Lake Ranger Station. If you are planning on summiting the Grand Teton, the Lower Saddle or Moraines are the most desirable locations. It seems the guide services get quite a few of theses locations so they are quite competitive and difficult to acquire the day of. The cost in person at the Ranger Station is $35.00. There is an additional fee of $45.00($80 total) if you reserve ahead of time online. It is 7 miles and 5000 feet of elevation gain to reach the Lower Saddle camping zone. The Platforms camping zone is about 5 miles in and 2500 feet of elevation gain. The Caves and Moraines zones are between the two.

When camping in the back country, you are not allowed to pitch your tent over any vegetation. It must be a bare space or on the glacier. There are numerous areas available, and actually blend in to the surroundings pretty well. As you get higher, you will see some have created some rock enclosures to block wind. This is not allowed, but if it is existing, it can be used. Use 'Leave no Trace' principles while camping, and leave it better than you found it if possible.

The top two camping zones have some permanent structures that the guide services use. The top zone, the lower saddle is the most popular with guide services. Unfortunately it makes it much more difficult to get your hands on a permit for that zone. There is drinking water from a spring available at the the Lower Saddle. All other sources are recommended to be filtered.

If you use the restroom, it must be 200 feet off the trail and away from any water source. Once you get to some common areas, unfortunately, you can tell where people go to the restroom. Bag it up and pack it out is required. There is a wooden shelter at the top of the lower saddle that you can enter to do your duty and bag it up and pack it out. It certainly smells as though folks don't follow this rule. No sweet breath of mountain air near that structure.

I recommend checking out this website when planning your Grand Teton Summit trip. Tons of helpful beta and maps.

Gear Review: As a Ranger for the Dyrt, I occasionally receive gear to demo in the field while camping. Hiking the Grand Teton was the perfect opportunity to put the Renogy Tactical Water Microfilter to the test. This trek was taxing and I consumed a lot of water to keep hydrated. The Renogy water filter is compact and super easy to put together and use quickly. There is a silicon tube that attached to each end of the device. There is a float and sinker you attach to the distal end, the float keeps the tip out of any silt and debris at the bottom and the sinker keep the tip submerged so you don't pump air. The tip of the other tube goes directly into your bottle or water canister. Pump the handle until your vessel is full. It goes pretty quickly and the device is easily stored in the soft drawstring pouch provided so everything is kept clean and in one place.

The filter should be replaced after 3000 liters filtered or one year of use, which ever comes first. The device comes with replacement O rings and a syringe to flush the device for cleaning.

I recommend this water filter. It is more compact than the Katyden filter my travel partner used. The rate of filtration was comparable. Weight was very similar. The casing on this is aluminum, so the weight may be slightly heavier than some plastic models on the market, but it is very durable.


Nice, clean place, easy access

Pro: easy access, right off the highway. Con: right off the highway, traffic noise. Located right off Hwy 189/191 about 8 miles from Hoback Junction the WEST side of the highway. I camped here for 1 evening before a Grand Teton summit trip. I chose this campground for decent proximity to GTNP (45 minutes away) and the availablity and easy access of sites. I believe there were 12 sites that all had picnic tables and fire rings. There were several other cleared sites, some without tables and grills, that had alpha identifiers other than the 12 numeric sites. Not certain how many alph sites, but looked like tent only sites. They were all $15 nightly and an additional $7 for extra vehicle. They had one site with electricity, right next to the camp host. this one site is $25 a night. The campground has pit toilets, bear boxes, water, dumpsters. The Hoback Runs next to several of the campsites. I would highly recommend getting as near the river as possible to drown out the noise from the highway. Camp hosts were very nice! I only had a $20 to pay my fee with. They brought $5.00 in change back to my campsite after I placed it in the depository. They have firewood for purchase for $6.00 a bundle. I was a runner up in a Dyrt camping contest last month. with my REI gift card I purchased the Big Agnes MountainGlo tent lights and a Sea to Summit sleeping bag liner. Fun to try these out!

Ranger Review: Humangear at Cottonwood Lake Campground

Campground Review: As you enter the forest boundary, there is a sign alerting you to road damage. The road is pretty rough getting into the campground. You will encounter some pretty significant potholes and washouts. Just take it slow, you’ll be fine. Also, the campground is not on the lake, it is about a 1/4 mile from the lake. The campground is quite nice back in the trees. There are 2 separate forks, one for equestrians and the other allows off-road vehicles.

I camped at site 13. It was near the water supply and a couple sites away from the restroom. It was also very close to the ORV trailhead. The only bear boxes are located by the restroom, which I though was unusual. I just made sure any food items were stored away in my vehicle and locked vs storing in the bear box. The campground was about half full on a Friday. The group site does require a reservation. The site I occupied had a small iron fire ring with a grill component. Some other sites had much larger cement fire rings. The lake is spectacular! it is the prettiest shade of teal. There is a boat dock at the far end of the lake. Near the parking area there is a beach area where you can kayak and paddle board from. The lake has brown and cutthroat trout. They were jumping like crazy in the evening and the fly fishing was excellent! I used my favorite yellow caddis. It was a little more difficult from shore but the boaters were killing it. I could have easily spent the whole weekend up here. My reason for visiting this area was to get away from the madness of the Lincoln County Fair that I was in the area attending and supporting my kids in 4-H. I prefer the solitude of camping in the forest ca the commercial campground at the fairgrounds.

This campground is recommended it you are interested in the following: horseback riding, fly fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, hiking, ORV, wildlife viewing. Something for everyone!

Gear Review: Humangear Quick Bites, Go-Tubes, FlexiBowl. As a Ranger with the Dyrt, I occasionally receive gear to field test while camping. While planning for this trip, I brought some easy dinner items to quickly toss together. Prior to leaving, I mixed up some sauce at home and transported it in my GoTube. It was perfect! The opening to the soft silicone container is nice and wide. I added some chili sauce, soy sauce, and Sriracha to the tube and replaced the lid and shook it to mix. The lid has a nice mechanism that will lock the lid to prevent it from opening during transport. When squeezed, the contents are very controlled and there is no drip once you release. I used the FlexiBowl to mix up my concoction at camp. I emptied a tin of canned chicken int the bowel. The top inch or so of the bowel will fold down to create a wider opening. I used my Go-Bites spork to mix the sauce i brought with the chicken. I ate this on crackers. It was delicious after a long day. Pardon my dark demo video, it was 9 pm when I got around to eating. Prior to having the Humangear Go-Bites double ended spork, I had a light my fire spork. I was doing a side by side demo of the strength and barely put any effort on the ends of the light my fire sport and it split in two. I'm a fan of the Humangear eating utensils. I have also use the DuoBites which are a fork and spoon that slide into each other for transport and so they stay together. I really like both utensils that i have tried! I also have to throw in a GREAT word for the Humangear CapCap! This is a huge step up in my Nalgene game! I don't know how i got by without one! No more spills down the front of my shirt! Bonus!

Ranger Review: Natures Coffee Kettle at Sheridan Big Horn KOA

Campground Review:

This KOA is easy access from I-90. That being said, bring your ear plugs, you are near the interstate. I stayed here for 3 nights while attending the American Legion State Baseball Tournament. I chose this campground because they have WiFi and shower facilities.

The camp ground managers are very nice folks! I talked baseball every day with the host and he shared stories of his baseball days. Very nice man who had his work cut out for him battling all the down branches and mess from the thunderstorms that rolled through each day. Cost was $32.88 w/ tax each night for a tent site without power (add $5 if you want a power source). Considering the WiFi and free shower facilities and only 1 mile from the ball park, it was the best value for me. If traveling with family/friends, the campground offers quite a few activities on site. They had a basketball court, horseshoe pits, mini golf, swimming pool, and some fun looking tricycles!

This place was very clean! The bathrooms were spotless each time I used them, regardless of time of day. The showers were very clean, the temperature fluctuated some while using, but nothing to complain about. Free coffee in the office. Laundry facilities do cost, but i didn't use these during my stay, so I can't say much about them. Sites are close together, that would be my only disappointment, but that is very normal for these kinds of commercial campgrounds. Which is the only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5.

The Big Horn Mountains are very close by and full of adventure. The town of Sheridan has a very nice downtown area with quaint shops and cafes. There are numerous museums in the area with relics of the history of the area.

Product Review: Natures Coffee Kettle - Brazilian Mountain Blueberry Bear with my product demo video…i was half asleep. Round 2 went much smoother! So, how this works: You are provided a Mylar bag that had a spout and a zip-lock seal. There are 2 compartments, in the upper compartment you will find a large bag of coffee grounds tea bag style. The slower you pour the water over the grounds, the stronger your brew will be. Once you have your water added and it has ran through into the bottom chamber, you can seal the zip-lock and hold the bag upside down to brew the coffee even stronger. I highly recommend doing this. The Mylar bag is not insulated, so I would recommend storing the brewed coffee in a thermos or insulated mug once you've completed the brewing process. I wasn't a huge fan of the Mountain Blueberry flavor, but really enjoyed the Guatemalan coffee I tried the next morning. I will be taking Natures Coffee Kettle with me in a couple weeks when I climb the Grand Teton! Coffee at Base camp and at the high camp on summit day! Cheers!

Ranger Review: ICEMULE at Lake Alice Campground

Disclosure: It is NOT 3.5 miles to the campground, it is 1.5 to the lake and another to .25 or so to the camping area on the east side of the lake. The app on my phone was screwy. Sorry for the confusion in my videos.

Campground Review: For a primitive camping area this place is pretty sweet! They have metal fire rings with grills and there is an outhouse as well. The picnic tables are built of of half hewn logs. I did see that one of the tables at a site was badly broken, so everything is not in the best repair. There was also garbage left behind by the previous visitors which we packed out for them. The views more than make up for it, though! This lake is the most beautiful blue-green color. Lake Alice is home to the only pure lake strain of Bonneville Cutthroat Trout in Wyoming. We caught about 4 this trip but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to share any shots. We had to leave just as the fishing was getting good in the evening. Fish AM/PM, the wind can pick up in the afternoons, and temps rise making fishing not so great in the afternoon. Horseback riders are frequently in the area, so make way for them on the trail. We passed a string of about 8 riders going in further. You can trail ride through all the way to La Barge Creek Road. The campsite at the very beginning of the lake has a primitive corral for the horses. There are a few ambitious folks who have packed canoes into the lake. There are also some forest service water crafts locked away. Maybe if you had the right connections…It would be so fun to canoe this lake!

If you continue along Poker Creek Trail that follows the east side of the lake, you can visit Mount Isabel which is 5 miles from the start of Lake Alice. Poker Creek Trail will reach LaBarge Creek Road at mile 9.

Don'f forget to leave no trace! Picking up after others is frustrating.

Gear Review: ICEMULE Coolers Occasionally the Dyrt will provide gear to demo on camping trips. I had the opportunity to demo the ICEMULE Pro Large Soft cooler. I have been using this cooler for a little over a month now and it has come along on a variety of adventures and has not failed! This was the longest trek I've carried the cooler. We went for a day trip into Lake Alice. The trail to the lake is 1.5 miles. I was able to pack the fully loaded cooler with lunch, drinks, and snacks for 4, into the lake comfortably. I loved that this cooler has the crisscross bungee cord to hold additional gear. It held my fly rod case snugly as we packed in. The cooler has a vent on the side, you can inflate the side walls to help extend the insulating factor of the cooler. It also helps it float! The bag rolls closed like a dry bag and clips closed. The shoulder straps are adjustable and there is a chest strop for a good fit. It worked just as good as a garbage receptacle as we packed out trash we found in the campground. #leaveitbetterthanyoufoundit

Ranger Review: OOFOS Oolala Sandal at Granite Creek Campground

First things first- the road is rocky on the 9 mile dirt road to the camp ground. It doesn't require 4-wheel drive, but I would recommend taking it slow. 3 flat tires in 2 days that I know of, 2 were members of my party. It is still worth it though! It will take 30 minuted drive time to reach the campground from Hwy 189.

Campground Review: The Granite Creek Campground is a great campground in a beautiful setting within a pine grove. There is a crystal clear creek nearby, a roaring waterfall, hot springs and granite monoliths surrounding the area. Multiple trail heads are accessible from this area. There are 53 sites available. Two vehicles are limited per site, $15 per site with +$7 for the additional vehicle. The camp host is very helpful with directions and also has firewood for purchase $6.00. The campground has water available, several toilets which were tidy and good condition. There are bear-proof dumpsters throughout the camp ground and bear-proof boxes for food storage in each campsite. The campsites were adequately sized and could accommodate multiple tents. There is enough room for 2 vehicles in each site, we also had a trailer with our raft at one with plenty of room to spare. There is an abundance of deer in this area and so many species of birds. No bear sightings. There is no cell service at the campground or for 30 miles in any direction. Hoback junction is the closet area with fuel and groceries, however, I rarely was able to get even 1 bar with Verizion.

There is free dispersed camping along the stretch of road to the campground. No amenities.

Granite Hot Springs- Granite Hot Springs is 1 mile north of the campground. Cost is $8.00 and is cash only. The water is not too hot in summer months, luke warm- just right for relaxing. HINT there are undeveloped hot springs below the falls if you prefer free, primitive, and trail finding.

Granite Falls- Within walking distance from the campground, stay right when the road forks, you will see/hear the falls from this diversion. There are trails around this area, some to the top of the falls. Spectacular!

Backpacking- Multiple trail heads in the area for back country exploration

Fly Fishing- world class fly fishing in Granite Creek!

Kayaking- the Granite Creek joins the Hoback river right were the road to the campground turns off Hwy 189. We saw several kayakers.

Whitewater rafting- the Snake river is not far, there are multiple campgrounds along the Snake, but they fill fast. It is about 35 miles to the West Table launch where we put our raft in.

Gear Review: OOFOS OOlala Sandal

Last time I was in Scheel's, I really eyeballed these shoes. I was so excited to have the opportunity to demo these for the Dyrt! These sandals are like walking on a cloud! Sooo comfy! I wore these around camp the entire weekend. It felt like heaven to put them on after wearing water shoes rafting and stiff approach shoes while hiking. They are so cushiony and supportive in the arch. Watch my gear review video…I say 'amazing' like 50 times. ;-)

I wore these Oolala sandals when I visited Granite Hot Springs, talk about ideal recovery after a long day on the water, hiking, and in the sun. On our way out we decided to visit the Granite Falls. I did not have other footwear to change into, so I hiked in the OOFOS Oolala sandal. These sandals are not designed for hiking and they are not stable on the uneven and steep terrain. If you use these for what they are designed for, recovery, you will not be disappointed. I'm a firm believer on wearing the right footwear for the right activity and these OOFOS are excellent recovery shoes, as designed! 5 stars OOFOS!