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I am a weekend warrior. I typically adventure in my home state of Wyoming, or nearby Utah or Idaho. I love rock climbing & mountain biking!
Enormous campground

I guess all things are grand in Grand Teton NP, this campground is enormous! 350 sItes! This was a spontaneous trip into the park, at the entrance it shows which campgrounds inside the park still have sites available. The ranger suggested Colter Bay as his favorite with availability. It was an hour and half drive from the southern most entrance be Teton Village. I arrived at the queue line to get a site just after 8 pm. I was able to snag the second to last site available! It was an RV site, but had a nice tent pad as well. Generators are required to be off at 8 pm so I didn’t experience what it was like with all the generators running in this area. The sites are roomy for being so many. There are bear boxes for food storage, fire pit with grill, and a picnic table available at each site. Each loop has 1-2 restroom facilities available that have flush toilets and a wash area available.
Outside the campground there is a full service restaurant and grocery store. The pay showers and laundry are right next to the market, less than a half mile from camp. There is also a gas station where you enter the Colter Bay Area.

Activities galore! I had my mountain bike with me and had planned on biking some of the many trails but they are foot traffic only. You can bike in the park on paved trails. They discourage trail running because it could aggravate a bear if encountered. They have boat rentals at the marina I was going to rent a kayak for a quick morning paddle, but they have a 2 hour minimum and I didn’t want to pay $50 for 1 hour use.

Free and Fun!

Places to explore galore! You can climb, mountain bike. hike, fish, and ATV in some areas.

All of the free dispersed camping sites are along Vedauwoo Road that leads to Happy Jack Road from I-80. The exit to Vedauwoo State Park is right off I-80 and only 17 miles west of Laramie WY. The Vedauwoo Road itself was a bit wash-boarded, but freshly laid with crushed granite. There are a few spur roads that allow camping. The map in the attached photo shows the area pretty well. There are no amenities here. A rock fire ring and a numbered post will show you where camping is permitted. The camp areas are spaced very far apart. You are near the road, but no other campers. You need to pack out everything you bring in. I had a very nice time here. The next evening I did go into the established campground. Please see my ranger review for Vedauwoo Campground. (includes a review of the ICEMULE cooler seen in some photos!)

Activities in the area include: mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, ATV's, and fishing. Nearby, continue on Vedauwoo Road until it meets Happy Jack (paved) take a right and you will encounter Curt Gowdy State park where you can rent paddling equipment or boat and tour 2 of the lakes in the State Park. It is beautiful there and they do have a couple campgrounds on the waterfront.

Ranger Review: ICEMULE Cooler at Vedauwoo Campground

This place is fantastic and easy to get to. Located right off I-80 and less than 20 miles from Laramie WY.

Campground Review: We arrived on the Friday afternoon of Father’s Day weekend, and there were a few tent sites available. All sites are $10.00-- If just visiting the park, there is a $5.00 day use fee. There are two loops that both accommodate large RV's down to tents. We chose a pack-in tent site that was down a trail about an 1/8 mile surrounded by the granite rock formations the area is know for. It was kind of tucked away from the rest of the campers in the area. Even way back in here, they had a very nice picnic table and metal fire rings with a grill for use. The campground was very clean. In the main area, there are restrooms and drinking water available. The camp host was very helpful with directions. (wish I could recall his name) He gave us some trail maps of the area. There are multiple mountain biking trails which we had a ball exploring. They are open to hikers and horseback riders as well so be aware and be courteous. The area is very well known for off-width rock climbing. There Is a wall of sport climbing and many boulder projects. Be aware the granite can flake off so use established routes.

Restrooms were tidy and well stocked with TP. there is water available near the restroom area.

The Badger Creek Fire was currently burning to the south causing a lot of smoke in the area. There was not a fire ban at the time we visited.

There Is free dispersed camping nearby. See Vedauwoo Road Dispersed Camping for my review of that area.

Gear Review: Occasionally the Dyrt will offer gear to test out and demo on a camping trip. I was lucky to have the opportunity to test and review theICEMULE Pro size Large 23L backpack cooler This cooler is amazing! I was skeptical at first. I let my teenage daughter use it prior to this trip on a beach outing and it is now the new favorite cooler for these girls! They raved about it! The ICEMULE Pro 23L held 10 pounds of ice and 10+ beverages and our food that needed kept cold. There was still ice In the bottom 2 1/2 days later when we returned home. The website says this will hold an 18 pack of beer, I don’t doubt that. Since we were camped at a pack In site, being able to pack In our cold stuff like a backpack was a great feature! We were even able to pack everything out between the two of us In just one trip! Normally a cooler of this capacity would require a singe trip for 1 or possibly 2 people. The cooler seals by rolling the opening down and buckling it closed. No zippers or latches. There is an air vent you can blow into to create additional insulation for the cooler. The cooler also folds/rolls down to a compact size when not in use. This cooler is easy to use, a dream to pack anywhere you need a cooler, and most Importantly: keeps stuff COLD! This is now an every trip favorite item! And they are currently on sale (20% off!) on the ICEMULE website!

First to Review
Ranger Review: Mountain House Turkey Dinner at Granary Spring/Motel 6

Campground Review: Granary Spring is a dispersed camping area. Many established fire rings in the vicinity. This area is a very popular canyoneering camping area as it is within proximity of many canyons in Robbers Roost and the Spur area. This area is also know as Motel 6, refrenced as such by many canyoneers. Motel 6 is spray painted on a old metal bunk house in the area. There are cattle in the area, but they were not bothersome. There are no amenities here, this is very rural camping. I would highly recommend 4-wheel drive in this camping area, there is a lot of sand. No cell service in the area. we did High Spur Canyon on this trip, about 25 miles from the camping area. 4 wheel drive is needed on most roads past the campground. I have included one photo of the beautiful canyon.

Be prepareed to encounter various desert creatures. Listen for the coyotes, watch out for the rattle snakes. Those little scorpions tend to make an appearance as well as some gnarly spiders.

As of March 31 the main road in is very washboard.

Gear Review: Mountain House Turkey Dinner How wonderful it was to eat “Thanksgiving Dinner” after a long day and many miles in the desert! This meal really hit the spot! I would recommend letting the meal stand for a bit longer than the 9 minutes total, the veggies were still a bit crunchy. The stuffing and turkey was tasty and I would definitely purchase this for future endeavors. Meal 5 stars!

Nice place only 10 miles from Moab

We camped at Tier 1, site 27 of the Ledge Campground system. There are about 6 different campgrounds within this area called Ledge: Tier 1,2,3,etc. The first has over thirty sites and are all well spaced with nice picnic tables and fire areas. Tier two is the largest with over 40 sites and the rest are smaller, all under 10 sites. We tent camped with two tents and there was adequate level space as well as a area large enough for a camper if you have one. There are few trees in ther area so bring something to provide cover/shade. The cliffs surrounding the campground are spectacular!

We camped here during Jeep Week, so this was a popular destination for the jeeping crowd, but the campground was not noisy.

The toilets look a bit strange from the outside but were quite clean and decent. Garbage dumpsters are provided.

Cost is $15 per night. Only 4 stars, wish there were more trees.

City Park Camping

This is a pretty great setup! Camping in the City Park is FREE and limited to 3 days. This place gets busy during festivals which occur with some regularity on the summer weekends. I'd check beforehand unless that's the reason you're there! There is a area for trailers. Tents can be pitched on the lawn area. It's a park with nice lawns which are watered regularly so there is the sprinkler obstacle.

Flush toilets are available and water. The park has a volleyball area and horseshoe pits. There are covered picnic areas. No fires allowed, but there are grill available for cooking.

Great place, close to adventure with town amenities readily available!

A Climbers Paradise!

I visit Wild Iris frequently! They have amazing limestone sport routes in a variety of skill levels. The campground is along a severely rutted road, but are level and in the trees along the OK Corral Crag. The area has a well marked trail system to point you in the direction of different walls along the crag.

Each campsite offers a metal bear boxes to store your food items. There story is, there was a black bear who broke into someone's camper and ate their waffles. So there is a bear named Waffles in the area! There is established rock fire rings. Pit toilets at the parking area for The Main Wall area. Tons of trees and more climbing than one can do in a lifetime! And it is FREE!

We visit several times a year! Check out the International Climbing Festival that is hosted in July each year!

Excellent fishing!

This campground is located along the bank of the Viva Naughon Resivoir. There are about 8 sites with picnic tables and fire pits, but is pretty primitive. There are vault toilets available near the boat ramp. The campground is FREE!

The fly fishing is excellent below the dam, which is about a 3/4 mile drive from the campground. The area is very popular with boaters and anglers alike. This place stays busy year round and ice fishing is very popular in the winter months.

I frequent this area often. I'm blessed to live 15 minutes from this great area in the town of Kemmerer.

Ranger Review: Saris SuperClamp EX at Hugh Otte Camping Area

I was visiting the Lander area to attend the first Girls High School Swimming Invite of the year. (My daughter qualified for State in the backstroke today!) Just so happened to also be the Jurassic Classic Mountain Bike Festival too! Bonus!

Campground Review: I pulled into the campground on a Friday night around 9:30. All the good spots with trees where occupied. Campsites are identified by a rock fire ring. That's all they have to identify sites. I camped in a field. The wind was pretty bad, unfortunately. This campground is closest to the Popo Aggie Falls, only about a 10 minute walk to the trailhead. I biked the trail early the next morning. It is a difficult bike trail, beyond my skill level with vey rocky terrain. It is popular with hikers and trail runners. The roads in the campground are quite rocky and rutted in some areas. Some were not comfortably passable with my small SUV.

Product Review: Saris SuperClamp EX 2-Bike.

As a Ranger for the Dyrt, I occasionally get to test out some awesome products while camping! This weekend I demonstrated the Saris SuperClamp EX 2-Bike rack. I drive a compact SUV- Nissan Juke, and this suits my vehicle perfectly! The rack is light and very easy for me to manage installing in my receiver. The rack has tilting capabilities so you can leave it installed if you're a frequent biker. Just tilt it forward so it doesn't stick out quite as far. It also tilts outward so the hatch back can be opened when fully loaded!

Loading bikes onto this rack is so simple! The arms hug the tires securely without anything hooking into the bike frame. I previously used a trunk mounted rack which has caused damage to both my bikes and my vehicle. No chance of damage with the Saris SuperClamp, unless you're incredibly careless loading your bike. The wheel straps are nice and long and can accomodate bikes with plus sized tires. Not sure if the strap would accommodate a fat bike, you would definitely need to order the tire trays for fat bike tires, but plus size works with this rack. There are included bike locks, I love this feature! The receiver locks and the cables run through the bike frame and lock to the rack, nice touch!

The rack travels well. I love the ease of mind of not having to worry that the straps are secured tight enough, and rechecking if things have loosened. This is foolproof! Super secure and easy to use! I had the opportunity to show it off a bit at the Jurassic Classic Mountain Bike Festival that was right near the campground! Five stars!

Abundance of trails

We visited Scab Creek Campground during the 2017 Eclipse. This area offers an abundance of hiking trails, backcountry lakes, and granite rock climbing. We hiked into the Scab Creek Buttress and did some trad climbing. Oh, yeah, and the Eclipse was amazing!

This is a FREE campground! There are about 10 sites that are well spaced. There is one group campsite. We chose site 4 for our visit and I think it is the only site without a nice elevated fire pit with grill. Boo. It did have a rock fire ring that needed some TLC before it was usable. (I did take photos of the fire pit/grills from the other sites) Each site had a nice sturdy picnic table, some heavy wooden and some were nicer cement. There is a pump for potable water. It looks like a fire has gone through the campground several years ago, a lot of new growth, but not a lot of big trees at the far end of the campground. There is a separate horse area with paddocks for your animals about 1/2 mile from the campground. I believe you can camp there as well. There is a large parking area at the trail head.

Easy access

I did not camp here but drove through to check it out as this was going to be my plan B if Swift Creek Campground was full.

This campground does not allow ATV's in the campground but does offer a parking area for your toys just outside the campground entrance. The sites are well spread out throughout the campground. They have fire rings, grills, and picnic tables. Pit toilets are available and there is a hand pump water source. I spoke with the camp host, Bob Ranier, and he said it can fill up fast as it is popular with events like family reunions and such. This gentleman is very informative and friendly, I could have visited with him for hours.

Ranger Review: Lilytrotters Compression Socks at Swift Creek Campground

This is a great place just 2 miles from Afton, WY along the beautiful blue Swift Creek! I was visiting Afton for the annual Lincoln Couny Fair. I opted for some peace and quiet and a babbeling brook vs. the crowds/music/noise of the campground located at the fairgrounds. With some trail running too!

Campground Review: I thought the campground would be busier on such a busy weekend, but there was only one other campsites occupied other than myself. The campground had some damaged roads making some sites non-accessible, but other wise it was maintained and tidy, a bit overgrown, but I don't think it sees heavy use. The vault toilets were tidy and well stocked. Water was available, and I bet it is pristine spring water, however I had packed pleanty and didn't use it. The bonus to this campground: they don't allow ATV's in the campground, which keeps noise and dust down. (Guess that may be a bad point if you're an avid off-roader) Swift Creek flows through the campground and many of the campsites. It offers excellent trout fishing and is spring fed and is the clearest blue color. Up from the campground about 4 miles you can hike into Intermittent Spring. It's very pretty and I recommend visiting! The road up the canyon follows Swift Creek and passes a couple waterfalls and super fishing holes!

Product Review: FIVE STARS! Lily Trotters Compression Socks Occasionally, The Dyrt will offer Rangers gear to reiview. I was offered the opportunity to demo the Lily Trotters Compression Socks. I've had a few opportunities to wear these compression socks before posting this review, and I LOVE them! I've worn them hiking and trail running and the definitely decreased leg fatigue. I think I'm going to find a new love of running! Before using any kind of compression, my calves would burn when I ran, so I used it as an excuse not to. This would happen on long hikes as well. I think these socks are my answer to longer and more challenging hikes and a new love for running! Thank you for broadening my love of adventure! I hope to climb the Grand Teton soon and I will be rocking my Lily Trotters!

Popular with groups

I visited this campground for several hours while dropping my son off to camp and boat for the weekend with some friends.

The sites are very large and can accommodate more than one large camper, plus a few tents. The beach is a very short walk from the campsites. No sites are actually on the waterfront. There are fire rings with grills available and there are centrally located vault toilets. There are no trees or shade except close to the beach.

2017 was a very high water year and the beaches are under water. See the trees way out in the water in the photos. Fishing is great though!

Very nice campground

I stayed one night in this campground. There are about 10 sites and it was almost full capacity on a Friday. There were 2 available site. I chose the site near the Paris spring Trailhead. The trail to the spring is about 1/4 mile in and is very beautiful. There were hummingbirds everywhere! And dragon flies too! The wild flowers were still pretty vibrant but starting to fade.

They are replacing the picnic tables so each site has two, a very nice coated metal table and the old cement and wood ones. The have metal fire rings and a area large enough for a camper and a level tent site. The offer two central pit toilets that were tidy and well stocked.

Nearby, about six miles from the campground, is the Paris Ice Cave. This is very interesting and I recommend visiting!

Incredible place!

This place is upscale! It will cost a bit more but offers so much! $30 for a lakeside site, $23 for others. Lake Superior is gorgeous in July and the weather is fantastic.

They offer a very nice children's play area, frisbee golf, and accommodations for equestrians. The majority of the campsites are beachfront and offer full hookups. There is a tent area as well, but the large sites can be used as well. Shower facilities are well maintained. Firewood and ice are available for purchase. There are several bathroom throughout the camp but the showers are centralized.

This is first come first serve and is a busy place. There were available sites mid week. 16 day stay limit.

5 stars for spooky factor!

This campground is located at the end of Robin's Pond road where the Paulding Light is seen.

The campground offers no amenities, only a rock fire ring is provided. There are only 3 cleared areas known as campsites at the end of the road, but they are nicely spread out. This setting is PERFECT for telling ghost stories and watching the light!! The atmosphere is cool if your into the spooky factor, but the campsites don't offer much, basic and primitive. Which is why I gave only 2 stars.

The Paulding Light ( copied from link provided) The Paulding Light, also known as “Ghost Light,” can be seen every night, just above the vast line of trees and power lines in the rural area called Robbins Pond road. It slowly flickers on like a candle, burning brighter and hovering like a fire ball among the stars for several seconds. It has been reported to be a range of colors like a bright white, to a reddish-orange, and even green.

It was dark when I visited to watch the light, no photos, sorry. Oh, yeah…bring bug spray!

Nice place near a historic lake

Nice campground with all the basics of a National Forest Campground. The sites offer each site a fair amount of privacy. They are all suitable for trailers and tent camping as they provide a level tent pad in each site.

I'm only giving 4 stars because the campground is about a mile from the lake. However, the distance from the water does help with the mosquitoes.

Fire rings have grills, and there are wooden picnic tables.

Lac Vieux Desert is a big and beautiful lake with excellent fishing! Although we didn't do great, others did. This is the headwaters of the Wisconsin River.

Great for paddling

Fun place in a beautiful setting in the Shoshone National Forest in the southern most part of the Windriver Mountains.

Be perepared for afternoon rain. But bring plenty of drinking water as there is no potable water here.

The rate is $10/night pretty reasonable! The camp sites are kind of close together, but it is also fun to get to know your fellows campers.

There are pit toilets, bear proof storage, and nice tables and fire rings with grates. There is no potable water here.

There is a lodge on the lake with rustic cabins for rent. starting at $85/night

I prefer Fiddlers Lake ( see my Review) There is abundant primitive camping all over the area if you prefer space over amenities.

Small family friendly campground

This campground is located just inside the border of Sinks Canyon State Park, only 6 miles from the town of Lander.

This campground has a large group area with a very nice playground for the kids. It is rather close to the highway. The Popo Agie river flows through the campground and borders each campsite (I think there are about 6 sites.)

Sinks Canyon is a fantastic place to explore for the day or weekend. There are abundant hiking trails, mountain biking, and rock climbing ion the limestone cliffs.

this campground would be best for vans or small campers.