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Have you ever been hiking or backpacking when you reach a particularly scenic spot and you suddenly get thirsty? And no, we’re not talking about hydration.

There’s something about being outside with all that fresh air that can really get you going. Think about it: wind tickling the hair on your neck, blood pumping, skin glistening, muscles rippling, heavy panting– okay you get it. Combine all that with a romantic campfire and there’s no wonder why this guide comes so highly requested!

When the mood strikes you in the great outdoors, try to keep these tips in mind for keeping it clean while you’re getting dirty.

How to Master the Art of Camping Sex

silhouette of naked man and woman having camping sex in an illuminated tent at night

Okay, so you’ve found the perfect camping spot for when the mood strikes, but you’re not sure about logistics, hygiene, and comfort. Don’t worry! We’ve acquired the expertise of campers who have done the deed and collected the six essential tips for you to keep in mind when you’re getting frisky.

Prepare Your Tent

Doing the deed in your tent is the simplest way to achieve privacy and avoid bug bites in inconvenient locations. However, there are things to consider.

A challenge for most tents is keeping them dry and condensation free. When getting jiggy in your tent, make sure to use the vents and windows to reduce condensation from building up when things start getting steamy.

Creativity is usually encouraged to spice things up, and your primal instincts might be intensified in the wild, but when it comes to having comfortable camping sex in a tent there’s no need to get too crazy with your positions. Set out plenty of ground cover to protect your knees or invest in a stable camping mattress.

Then set the gear outside or in the car, and give yourselves plenty of room to get busy.

Beware of Poisonous Vegetation

Let’s be honest, the restrictions that come with trying to have camping sex in a tent can be too much for some couples. Maybe your partner is the tall, amazonian type and will need more space. Perhaps the heat will be too intense and you will need the fresh air. Whatever the reason, practice due diligence before moving the party out into the open.

That means you need to know your plants.

Brushing your arm or leg up against poison oak, stinging nettles, or poison ivy is bad enough, but we don’t even want to think about getting it touching more sensitive areas – yikes! As you shed the layers, don’t forget about the environmental risk in your region. While not every campsite is surrounded by poison ivy, the chances of getting poked are usually pretty high — and that’s not just because you two showed up.

Never rely on the nature around you for leverage either, as your sexy brute strength could damage the environment or yourself. Instead, spread out a down blanket or swing around in a hammock (hint, hint) and enjoy your romp in peace.

Be a Good Neighbor

man holding guitar kisses woman beside a campfire in wooded campsite

If you’re not secluded in the backcountry please be mindful of your neighbors. Many campgrounds are full of families, so keep your vocals to a quiet minimum. If camping next to a lake, remember sound carries over water!

Come prepared with a white noise machine or rely on music, as long as you’re considerate of the quiet hours and policies at your campground. And if all else fails, wait patiently for a neighbor’s generator to kick in and have yourself a camping sex quickie!

Also, don’t forget to turn off lanterns and flashlights while in your tent. Not everyone wants to see you and your lover’s silhouetted moondance.

Skip the Beach

Just don’t do it. Seriously. The sand will find its way into places you wish it hadn’t. Sand might feel silky when you’re digging your toes in, but try to roll around on it for long and it’s much harder and harsher than expect. Plus you’re less protected by the privacy of a tree-lined campsite. Most camping-friendly beaches are also accessible to the public. There is nothing that kills the mood faster than a family coming across your steamy tent right when you’re about to drag a hand through the condensation à la Kate Winslet in Titanic.

The only sex on the beach that anyone should be having is with vodka, peach schnapps, and one of those fun little umbrellas.

Leave No Trace

If you’re bringing condoms, wipes, or lube packets, then make sure to bring a garbage bag and pack out all of your waste. There are a number of things campers hate to see when they show up to a site after another group, and your sexy evidence is at the top of that list!

A standard LNT practice is camping more than 200 feet from the trail, which is perfect for some private camp canoodling. Try to find a location where you are either completely out of sight from the trail or you can see hikers before they can see you.

Bring the Right Supplies

camera focuses on twigs burning in campfire as couple kisses in the background out of focus

You don’t have to go to a naked camping destination to get down and dirty in the backcountry, as long as you come prepared. In addition to bringing your coziest double sleeping bag or a sexy pair of underwear, don’t leave home without tossing these items in your gear bag:

Baby Wipes

Wipes are a camping kit essential, and even more important for your camping sex adventures. They are lightweight, compact, and multi-purpose. Multi-use wipes are great for many things around camp including for personal hygiene pre- and post-tumble in the tent.

Remember that all scented products can attract animals, so stash your wet wipes with your food.


If you plan on getting it on while camping, then make sure you take into consideration how you’re going to finish before you start.

Safe sex should be of utmost importance during any encounter, but even more so at the campsite. Using condoms will help keep you and your sleeping bag clean while you’re getting dirty, so she can avoid that uncomfortable walk to the outhouse and he can keep his towels stain-free.

As always, remember to safely and responsibly dispose of all post-coital souvenirs – and that doesn’t mean chucking a rubber onto the fire because you’re too busy basking in the afterglow to find the trash.


If you prefer to leave the wet wipes at home, then try a bidet attachment for your squeezable water bottle or a portable bidet kit. As long as you have access to filtered water, this Leave-No-Trace-friendly piece of gear will help keep you clean without the hassle of packing out your used toilet paper or baby wipes.

This backpackers bidet is a bit different than its fancy French counterpart, but it will help keep you fresh, you Casanova.


If backpacking or multi-day camping trip and you’re prone to yeast infections or UTI’s, then plan ahead by bringing along the necessary medication. And yes, this includes the emergency bottle of cranberry juice!

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