★★★★★ | “Ranger Review: Xero Z-Trail Sandals at Primitive Campground”

–The Dyrt Reviewer: Kelly Z.

“Campground Review: This is super primitive camping, just some pull-offs and man made fire rings, but the views are spectacular.”

"View of the primitive site"

“View of the primitive site”

“We pulled all the way down one of the little roads and found a spot with an amazing view of Pike’s Peak. The trail to Rampart Reservoir is also very close to these sites.”

"Trail coming down the ridge, right from the camp site."

“Trail coming down the ridge, right from the camp site.”

“Gear Review: As a Dyrt Ranger, I also get gear to try out and review. I packed my Xero sandals for this trip and I’m so glad I did. These sandals are meant to feel like you’re not wearing any shoes at all and I have to say that is what it feels like. Even though they’re very lightweight, they also feel durable and capable of handling just about anything. I wore them hiking, climbing around on rocks, and playing in the stream.

"Scrambling on rocks in my Z-Trail sandals"

“Scrambling on rocks in my Z-Trail sandals”

“I would say the only downside to these is if you’re not used to wearing minimalist type shoes, it could take your feet some adjusting. I feel that these shoes are definitely Ranger worthy! Check them out at

"Relaxing in my hammock with my Xero sandals on."

“Relaxing in my hammock with my Xero sandals on.”

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