“There are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep.” -Edward Abbey

Across Utah you can hear whispers: this place is incredible, don’t tell anyone. Unfortunately, anyone who’s been to Utah has a hard time keeping the state’s glory to themselves. The beehive state, with it’s bone-dry powder, blood-orange slot canyons, and rusted-red sandstone towers is an adventure mecca for anyone with an inkling towards the outdoors. Why do so many young people come for the Utah adventures?

In not so many words:

Trekking into Reflection Canyon on Lake Powell provides all-day Utah adventures for serious hikers. The reward is in the solitude and waking up to sun spilling over canyon walls and splaying across Lake Powell’s waters.

When spring turns to fall, it’s time to get sendy. Mountain biking is one of the more popular Utah adventures, starting from the slick-rock trails near Moab…

….to the peaks of the Wasatch Front.

Then there’s the desert. A climber’s paradise. A gateway for jacked-up Jeeps. A place to raft, SUP, climb, mountain bike, drink beer, and get some red dirt beneath your fingernails.

The license plates don’t lie. Utah truly has the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” and whoever came up with that campaign decades ago knew exactly what they were talking about. The lake effect snow that sweeps onto Utah’s slopes is light, fluffy, and the best introduction you can have to the “white room.”

Each year hundreds of climbers gather near the entrance of Canyonlands to celebrate Creeksgiving. There’s a potluck, deep splitter cracks, and enough wine to leave you hungover ’til your next Utah adventures.

Some of the country’s best canyoneering is in the depths of the Mighty 5. Pictured here is The Subway, a technical and highly popular route that requires entering a lottery to make the trek.

And that’s just Utah adventures. Expand your search to a five hours drive of Salt Lake and you have Jackson Hole to the north, Rifle to the east, and Las Vegas to the south.

If you’re looking for a taste of Utah’s splendor, head over to our friends at Mountain Based and book an adventure-filled tour of the desert southwest and see parts of the National Park system yourself.

Join us in our quest to make camping even better for everyone. You can find campgrounds all over Utah and elsewhere with The Dyrt. 

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