While much of the world felt a little topsy turvy in 2017, spending time outside and connecting to nature kept us grounded through it all. If you, too, found joy, peace, challenges, and fulfillment by spending time in the great outdoors, then this list of camping stories is for you.

From Hedgehogs to Hot Springs, These Stories Will Make You Want to Get Outside

Here at The Dyrt, we’re committed to sharing informative, inspiring, and occasionally just plain fun adventure and camping stories. Here are 11 of our most popular articles from 2017.

38 Tattoo Ideas for People Who Love to Camp

ideas for camping stories

Make your commitment to camping a permanent one with some outdoor inspired ink.


Camping Hygiene: How to stay fresh while you’re sleeping outside

hygienic camping stories

Camping doesn’t have to stink. Check out our tips for staying fresh in the outdoors.


5 Backcountry Permits You Should Start Planning for Now

Backcountry camping stories

Image from The Dyrt camper Sonja O.

There’s still time to start planning for these popular, backcountry excursions!


5 Reasons to Ditch Your Friends and Try Solo Camping

solo camping stories

Have you ever camped alone? These camping stories remind us to embrace solitude and go solo.


Camping Slippers Exist, and You Should Think About Camping Slippers

camping stories

Teva doesn’t call them camping slippers. But these incredibly comfortable and functional shoes are pretty perfect for lounging around the campsite.


Best Camping Gifts: The 2017 Wish List for People Who Love to Camp

camping stories

© Tyler Wilkinson-Ray @tylerwr

You survived the holiday season. It’s time to treat yourself to something you really want.


This Dog and Cat Duo Love Camping Together. And We Love Them.

pet friendly camping stories

Does the cold winter have you down? This adorable pair will warm your heart right up – one of our favorite camping stories all year!


This Hiker Survived a Grizzly Bear Encounter. Here’s How You Can, Too.

wild camping stories

This video of a grizzly encounter still gives us chills. Reviewing the information about how to survive an encounter makes us feel a little better!


7 Heavenly Hot Springs in the U.S. and Where to Camp Nearby

camping stories scenery

Image from Wikipedia Commons

Nature gets luxurious at these natural hot springs across the U.S.


This Hedgehog is Probably the Cutest Camper Ever

hedgehog camping stories
Sigh. We’re suckers for cute animals that camp.


Experience the Wonderland: Top 6 Pacific Northwest Camping Spots

camping stories road trip

We love the Pacific Northwest. And these campgrounds are perfect for exploring the natural wonders of the region.

Can’t get enough of camping and the outdoors? We already have so many camping stories that we’re excited to share in 2018. We hope you’ll join us as we continue to camp and celebrate the outdoors.

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