Bachelorette parties bring to mind crazy adventures, irreverent behavior, and the occasional hangover. But the wild club scene is not for everyone, especially for bachelorettes who prefer a brew around the campfire over shots and strobe lights. What better place to celebrate an outdoorsy bride-to-be than at a campground, where everybody’s already using their outside voice and you won’t need a designated driver for the evening?

Camping Bachelorette Parties Are The New Trend For Outdoor-Loving Ladies

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If you are the maid of honor, the best friend, or even the bride herself just getting it done, a camping bachelorette party is a nontraditional way to celebrate friendship and an upcoming wedding. But planning a camping bachelorette party is not the same as planning a camping trip. Here’s what you need to think about first.

Determine Your Bachelorette’s Camping Style

Start with the bachelorette. Does she prefer comfort and good wifi access? Or would she rather not see a single other person for the whole weekend? Does she thrive on adrenaline-pumping adventure, or would she be happier playing never-have-I-ever around the campfire? Maybe she already has the spot picked out, or you’re planning to surprise her.

The tricky part about bachelorette parties is striking a balance between what the bachelorette wants and the group as a whole. Larger groups may need to focus on campgrounds with group camping areas, while smaller groups have more flexibility. Your guest list might also dictate your camping location: are the attendees experienced campers or do they fall into the category of friends who don’t camp?

The answers to these questions can help inform your choice of camping location. Fortunately, camping bachelorette party options are versatile so you’ve got a range of options.


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Glamping offers a level of comfort that makes planning easier, like catered meals, bedding, and tents for everyone. The associated cost is there, of course, but it can be comparable to catching Ubers around town and paying club cover charges. Bachelorette parties at a glampground combine the outdoor experience with convenience, and can be a good option if some of the party doesn’t like to camp.

Traditional Campgrounds

As an outdoor lover, the bride-to-be may have a favorite spot picked out already. If so, choose a date, make a booking and confirm it with the campground before you arrive. If your group is larger than six, you may need to reserve a group site. Get the scoop on quiet hours and whether or not alcohol is allowed.

When lodging and food isn’t provided, your job becomes a bit harder. Everyone needs to bring their own gear, so include clear information on the invitation about what to bring and what to expect from the experience. Depending on your group size and available resources, you may want to consider a large RV or source tents and sleeping bags. No gear? No problem. Renting camping gear might be the way to go.

Guided Adventure Trip

To combine camping with a unique experience, book an adventure trip. Whether it is a horseback ride through the Tetons in Wyoming or a rafting trip in North Carolina, a guided trip gives you group adventure without the logistical headache. Some trips offer optional upgrades in terms of accommodation and food, if you want to add a touch of luxury. You’ll also be guided by a trained professional, which can mean a safer, more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Plan B

If the party weekend is imminent, but so is, say, a nor’easter or extreme heatwave, you may need a back-up plan. The bachelorette and the guests have taken time off and gotten prepared, so do early research on alternative accommodation if Mother Nature throws you a curveball.

Camping Activities to Get the Party Started

Woman zip lining and smiling with trees surrounding her When picking out activities for a camping bachelorette party, the sky is the literal limit. Rock climbing, hiking, ziplining, rafting, SUPing, horseback riding, even skydiving—it all depends on your bachelorette! What does she really want from this weekend? Is it setting up camp in a beautiful spot, eating and drinking with friends, and playing games at the campfire? Or is she hoping for some insta-worthy shots, matching t-shirts, and penis-shaped candy?

Mix and match the traditional elements of a bachelorette party to make them work for your group and your setting. Just remember to leave no trace—which probably means no explosive confetti or toilet paper wedding dresses in the woods.

Cooking For a Camping Bachelorette Party

Planning the food may be the biggest challenge of your camping bachelorette party, unless you’ve gone the all-inclusive route. Focus on simple dishes that you can make with limited resources, and bring plenty of snacks. If possible, modify the bride-to-be’s favorite dishes for a camp setting, and consider any allergies or food sensitivities of the guests.

Some things to remember when cooking and drinking in the outdoors:

  • You are only as powerful as your campstove—bring extra fuel!
  • Avoid glass containers. Broken glass is dangerous and hard to remove, and is not allowed on most national- and state-owned land as well as many private campgrounds.
  • Store your food appropriately, which may mean using a bear canister or locking it in the car. Raccoons and mice aren’t invited to this party!
  • Speaking of bears…be bear aware. Research safety precautions for wildlife in the area, and be mindful of any rules or regulations that are in place.
  • Leave No Trace. No matter how crazy the party gets, respect the land by doing a thorough camp ‘sweep’ to pick up litter or food scraps before you leave.
  • Don’t forget about breakfast! Plan a hearty breakfast for all the partiers, and let the smell of coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs, or hashbrowns coax them out of their tents.
  • If you have never cooked for a campout before, don’t put pressure on yourself. Consider having a meal delivered, or even catered for the evening.

Personalize the Party With Themes and Favors

To distinguish your camping bachelorette party from a regular camping adventure, designate a theme. This doesn’t have to be elaborate, so feel free to keep it simple and make it your own. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Tutus in the woods. Get everyone into their favorite color tutu for the trip and start snapping some legendary photos.
  • Beach theme. Grab swimsuits, sarongs, board shorts, and Hawaiian shirts for fun sundowner cocktail sessions.
  • Winter is coming. Is your bachelorette a Game of Thrones fan? Picture everyone dressed as their favorite characters, desserts that look like heads on spikes, and dragons everywhere.
  • ‘Getting Hitched’. Bring out the cowgirl (or boy) in everyone with flannel pearl-snap shirts and cowboy hats.
  • Camping-themed party favors. Put together a bag with useful things for the weekend: bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, glow sticks or a warm beanie! You can get almost anything monogrammed these days.

When planning your camping bachelorette party, remember to keep the main thing the main thing: spending quality time with your friends. The details can get distracting and stressful, but if you’re all outside together to celebrate, consider it a win!

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