It’s the second day of your camping trip and you’ve had your phone in airplane mode to conserve the battery in the event of a can’t-miss-photo-op for Instagram, or when the urge to check your email overcomes you. But, when you reach for your phone in the morning, you discover a dwindling 3% battery — and no outlet. What to do?

Renogy’s newest product, the Renogy Solar Backpack, comes equipped with a solar charger designed to power your devices on-the-go.

The backpack features a laptop sleeve, compartments for your phone, pens, and passport, and, of course, the solar panel on the outside, which can be turned inside for protection from the elements when not in use.

But do the backpacks hold up, and really charge your devices, in the wild? We asked some of The Dyrt Rangers to take the Renogy Solar Backpack out camping and report back on what they thought of its solar charger. Here are their reviews:

Convenient for Commuting

Ranger Daniel B. took the backpack to Horsetooth Reservoir in Colorado where he hiked through the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest. He recommends the bag for daily commuters or multi-media users. With so many compartments the pack is ideal for toting around electronics (laptop, lenses, camera body, etc), and then using the solar charger to refuel those devices.

“If you’re in the market for a 15-20L day pack and want something that provides power, buy this. Especially if you’re outside a lot. The bag is lasting very well, the panel is going strong even after I spilled beer on it (it’s waterproof and obviously it was an accident as I would never waste beer), it’s comfortable, and I like how versatile I can configure it for all my stuff.” – The Dyrt Camper Daniel B.

Not Ideal for Long Hikes, But Handy for Everyday Organization

walking with a solar charger backpack

Image from Dave V.

Dave V. took the Renogy Backpack to Claytor Lake State Park in Virginia, and has since been testing it daily as his work pack. While he wouldn’t recommend using this pack for heavy duty hiking (there are no waist or hip straps), it’s a great pack for staying organized at camp or the work site.

“Personally, I really like the Renogy Solar Backpack. Though it may not see much of the backcountry, it accompanies me, daily, in my work truck and short treks into the woods.”– The Dyrt Camper Dave V.

Read Dave’s full Renogy Solar Backpack review

A Comfortable New Piece of Camping Gear

spacious solar charger backpack

Image from Jenny R.

Jenny R. went to Cowboy Campground in Utah to test out her solar backpack. Her overall impression? She’s found a pack to add to her camping arsenal. The pockets alone are enough to keep all her smaller items organized, and the solar charger powers her devices when she’s without electricity for days at a time.

“The straps are super comfortable, it has tons of pockets to store and organize your electronics stuff and the main pocket is huge to safely accommodate a laptop as well as lots of other stuff.”–The Dyrt Ranger Jenny R.

Read Jenny’s full Renogy Solar Backpack review.

Charge Your Power Bank for Even More Charging

interior of solar charger backpack

Image from Kari T.

Kari T. camped at Stockade Lake in South Dakota with her family while testing the Renogy backpack. With cloudy weather, the device still charged, and within three hours her portable battery pack charged to 75%. She loved having the backpack for their weekend on the river. It kept their cameras charging so they didn’t have to miss a moment!

“We wanted to be able to keep our electronic devices such as our cameras and phones charged throughout our weekend adventures! This backpack is exciting! It sports a 5.6-watt solar panel and you can connect any usb device with its 5V charging port (maximum 1.2A output).”–The Dyrt Ranger Kari T.

Read Kari’s full Renogy Solar Backpack review.

Removable + Portable For the Win

solar charger in use

Image from Chanel C.

At Doheny State Beach, Chanel C. and her husband tested the Renogy backpack. Their favorite feature? The removable panel. Instead of keeping the panel out to gain a charge, they removed the panel and positioned it inline with the sun to gain the most solar charge. Chanel camps often in popular campgrounds, so she loved being able to keep the pack and her valuables inside the tent while charging the panel outside.

“I have another solar product (bluetooth speaker) from Renogy that I love, but this solar backpack blew me way. The panels are much larger so it charges so much more quickly and efficiently. I was able to charge my phone to 100% in an hour and a half of being plugged in.”–The Dyrt Ranger Chanel C.

Read Chanel’s full Renogy Solar Backpack review.

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