Food storage at campsites in bear country is about so much more than protecting your hot dogs and graham crackers. When bears discover easy access to food, they’re more likely to go looking for more and acting aggressively towards humans they run into along the way. Earlier this year, a mother bear was euthanized and her cubs removed from Grand Teton National Park after visitors were caught feeding them.

Ursack’s Bear Bag Protects the Food and the Bears

That’s all to say, you really need a dependable bear container when camping in bear country, and the Ursack Allmitey features the latest in “bear proof” technology. Our team checked out the convenient, bear-proof bag at this winter’s Outdoor Retailer and found the durability impressive, especially in a soft-sided bag that offers more flexible space for storing food than a hard-sided box or cooler. The Ursack Allmitey has a capacity of 10.65 liters—room for approximately five days worth of food for one human.

The Laminated UHMWP and Kevlar is “virtually puncture proof.” While other materials that hold up to hungry bears are often more susceptible to smaller critters that can create “micro-tears,” the Ursack Allmitey will protect your food from critters of all sizes. It’ll protect them from you, too.

ursack allmitey bear bag on a white table

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Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson

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