For 25 years, Red Ledge has created durable rain gear for outdoor enthusiasts who spend months on the trail – rain or shine. Their affordable, packable rain jacket weighs less than a pound so you can stay dry without adding unnecessary ounces to your pack — or breaking the bank.

When trekking into the backcountry, my biggest concern is always weight. I eat freeze-dried meals, wear clothes that don’t retain odor and refill collapsible water bottles with purified, delicious, crisp water from mountain streams.

Of course, I’m not alone in my obsession with the weight of my pack. There are entire forums dedicated to the radical ingenuity of backpackers whose ultimate goal is to pack the lightest, most efficient pack possible.

That’s where Red Ledge comes in.

Red Ledge Created a Packable Rain Jacket That Won’t Break the Bank

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Twenty-five years ago, Red Ledge began creating rain gear for the educated outdoor enthusiast. By combining cutting edge rain gear technology with production companies who could minimize manufacturing cost, they constructed a lightweight product for serious backpackers who aren’t deterred by the weather. Not only did they create a durable product for the most extreme conditions, but they did so with a price point almost anyone can get on board with.

The Red Ledge line of jackets, pants and ponchos are all breathable and stowable, making them an easy addition to your backpack, car or camp bin. Most items are designed to stuff into their own pocket, and the additional stuff sack lets the item breath when not in use.

Red Ledge’s Thunderlight Jacket

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Image from Red Ledge

We especially love Red Ledge’s Thunderlight packable rain jacket because it’s a sensible options for backpackers and campers who need some quick waterproof gear in their kit. Weighing in at just under a pound (13.6oz on average), the Thunderlight won’t weigh down your pack or take up much space once it’s stowed into a built-in pocket.

All of the seams are taped and the protective hood cinches closed with one hand for quick coverage, both critical features if you’re caught in a downpour. And if you’re hiking in the heat of summer, the caped back provides ventilation so you don’t end up soaked on the inside from the heat of your own sweat.

Beyond the functionality of the Red Ledge packable rain jacket, it comes at an unbeatable price point—$54.99. For budget-friendly campers who want to stay dry and keep their packs light, it just doesn’t get better than this.

 This article was brought to you by Red Ledge

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Add a packable rain jacket to your kit today!

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