Long-trail hikers and elevation gain enthusiasts know best that not everyone is part-mountain goat. Tackling hikes with intense climbs or distances is best done with some gear assistance; specifically a collapsible trekking pole. Poles are crucial in helping hikers scale tough slopes as a pulling and stabilizing tool, and they are an absolute knee-saver on the downhills. But a bad pair of poles can be more than an inconvenience—they can be dangerous if they aren’t easy to use or aren’t adaptable to the moment. Outdoor brand Leki’s new line of collapsible trekking poles, made with the company’s “Speed Lock 2” technology, makes a case for being the most adaptable poles on the market.

Leki’s “Speed Lock 2” technology isn’t just a label: These poles are designed to be completely adjusted in two seconds, flat. Our team at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show had to make sure not to blink during the demo. The “Speed Lock 2” was designed with an easy opening method for hikers wearing gloves, so finally no more taking your gloves on and off just to adjust your poles. Consumers can find the tech installed throughout the 22 (!) different models available, meaning everyone can find a superb pair of collapsible trekking poles for their next adventure.

Give Yourself A Hand with Leki’s Fast Collapsible Trekking Poles


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Leki’s 22 different models come at a huge range of features and price points, so to help you on your collapsible trekking pole search we’ve collected their entire line with the Speed Lock 2 tech, with prices and features below.

Journey—Perfect for the entry-level hiker interested in great starter poles. The Journey model features PA Safety Soft grips, a matching Lock Security strap and “Speed Lock” technology. This model retails for $80.

Wanderfreund— A single hiking pole with an edge-free ergonomic form in the grip for safe and comfortable support.The Wanderfreund line features aluminum, antishock and black carbon models,  retailing for $80, $90 and $120, respectively.

Sierra Speed Lock 2—For hikers looking for something to match a slower pace, the Sierra Speed Lock 2 combines the style of a professionally-designed single hiking pole with the brand’s signature Speed Lock 2 technology, keeping you prepared for a hike of any intensity. The solid rosewood knob grip gives this pole a classic design, while blending modern technology. The Sierra Speed Lock 2 hiking pole retails for $95.

Legacy—This model is Leki’s jack-of-all-trades collapsible trekking pole, featuring ultralite but durable aluminum shafts and lightweight Thermo foam grips Leki’s Legacy poles might just be the best value on the market—with the men’s and women’s models starting at $100, and the shock-resistant model reaching $120.

Jannu—The women’s specific Jannu was designed with adjusted lengths for women’s sizing, but has the added benefit of making these poles light, thin, stable but still extremely comfortable. The Jannu is made from high-tensile strength Aluminum and features a compact Aergon Soft Rubber grip to fit smaller hands. The poles retail at $120.

Cressida—Design meets function with this female-specific collapsible trekking pole from Leki. A lighter and shorter pole configuration allows for more compact stowing into smaller packs, and who doesn’t love less bulk? The standard model retails for $120, while the dynamic suspension system model retails for $140.

Cristallo—The Cristallo model was made to be a collapsible trekking pole that will take you through any adventure you plan. Made from high-tensile strength aluminum, these poles also feature an Aergon Soft Rubber grip for comport on those long distance hikes. The standard model retails for $120, while the dynamic suspension system model retails for $140.

Corklite—A long-time favorite for thru-hikers, Leki’s Corklite comes with an 80% natural ground cork handle for comfort and durability, and retails for $140. The Corklite also comes in a dynamic suspension system model for more shock absorbance on the trail, which retails for $160.

Micro Vario Carbon—Possibly Leki’s most versatile and high-end model, the Micro Vario Carbon comes in ten different models geared toward every kind of trekker. The Micro Vario Carbon line uses Aergon Thermo foam grips and super lightweight carbon shafts in its design, as well as push-button releases for quick and convenient adjustments. Certain model variants include men’s and women’s versions, Cor-Tec grips, an ultra-durable black carbon version, and a shock-resistant version. Models vary in price, with mid-tier models starting at 160 to 220 or high-end models.

Leki also makes short-length poles for children, and larger poles with added support. If you’re looking for a reason to plan a thru-hike, Leki’s latest line just might be inspiration enough. Prices for models in this line range from $80-$200, and are all available on their online store.

Buy Now: $80-$200

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