As members of The Dyrt’s Ranger program, our community of campers are occasionally provided products to test out on real camping trips. For this outing, we provided three rangers with a full HeadSpin Outdoors Light System—an all-inclusive lighting kit for every kind of outdoorsman. These are their reviews.

As the population of outdoors enthusiasts grows, so too do the needs of campers. No one knows this better than HeadSpin Outdoors, the makers of the three-in-one HeadSpin Light Kit that works as a headlamp, flashlight and bike light interchangeably. The move toward multi-functional devices at the campground just makes sense—why would you settle for numerous clunky, single-use items when a reliable all-in-one item does everything you need and takes up a third of the room? The HeadSpin Light Kit is more than just a multifunctional flashlight; the light piece detaches from three different holsters (one on a headband, one with a flashlight handle, and one attaching to a bike’s handlebars) as fast as you can move it—perfect for bike packing trips, late-night arrivals to campgrounds, and anything in between. With a rechargeable, long-lasting battery and different light intensities, there might be more uses for this light kit than you can count on your hands and feet. Here’s what our Dyrt Rangers had to say on their camping trips.

Three Dyrt Rangers Tested the “Game Changing” HeadSpin Outdoors Light Kit

To really see the resourcefulness of this device, we gave a kit to three of our Dyrt Rangers—members of our expert camper-reviewer program—who in return came back with authentic field-tested reviews, and a million new uses for HeadSpin Outdoors’ Light Kit.

Ranger Pat V. — Two Rivers State Rec Area, Nebraska

a man holding a flashlight in the woods

Image from The Dyrt Ranger Pat V.

Ranger Pat V. gave this light kit a test while taking a group of Boy Scouts out to Two Rivers State Rec Area in Nebraska. “When I un-boxed this light kit with my boys we were all immediately taken aback by the options this light provided for use,” he wrote. “The light system comes in a well designed case that houses all the components in their own foam lined spaces.”

“Now for full disclosure, I have always been into different types of flash lights as it always seems as though I have a job where they are required in some way. I was really impressed with the flashlight handle for the HeadSpin Light System. It is too often when you are carrying a flashlight where you notice the grip is either too big or too small. This grip really fit in the Goldilocks arena for me and I expect to use this quite often.

I really appreciate the versatility of this light system overall and recommend it to anyone looking for a good interchangeable light setup. This works for campers, cyclists, DIY addicts, etc. This is really a great kit and I plan to use this setup for years to come.”

Ranger Troy W. — Pine Springs Campground, Guadalupe National Park, Texas

Ranger Troy W. tested out the HeadSpin Outdoors Light Kit while bagging Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, in Guadalupe National Park. Rather than pulling quotes, here’s Ranger Troy himself, with his thoughts on the many uses of this light kit.

Ranger Lee D. — Trap Pond State Park, Delaware

Ranger Lee tested her kit out at Delaware’s Trap Pond State Park. “We had recently used headlamps on a guided trip and had considered buying them to add to our supplies,” she wrote, “so I eagerly looked forward to trying this one out.”

“I have a favorite flashlight I have used for over 10 years, so it was going to take a lot to convince me to change. I was very pleased with the HeadSpin flashlight– it is very lightweight and easy to hold, however, a strap would be helpful. My husband thought the strap was necessary since the handle was so slender (this was a plus for my smaller hands!) . . . Overall, I really liked giving the HeadSpin a try. I loved the flashlight, and the packaging is top-rate, however, it is pricey, so it is an investment. Picking up a battery-operated flashlight to find the batteries were dead would convince me it is worth the price! I think campers who like gadgets will like this product very much.”

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