RVs combine the lure of open-road adventure with the promise of at-home comfort, making them an all-American favorite. However, purchasing your first RV can be an overwhelming process. We’ve narrowed your options to five of the best RVs for beginners.

What are the Best RVs for Beginners?

First, you need to know just what kind of RV is right for you. The kind and size of RV that you want is entirely dependent on how you cam; this includes all fifth-wheels, motorhomes, and trailers designed for on-the-road accommodation. While many people use RV to refer strictly to motorhomes, we’ve picked the best RV for beginners of all types: Motorhome, fifth-wheel trailer, pop-up camper, and even a campervan.

Buying an RV can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Be clear about your goals for adventure and RV life; don’t break the bank and prioritize good trade-in value with this list of the best RVs for beginners.

1. Newmar Dutch Star: Classic Motorhome

Image from Newmar

Newmar is one of the most reputable RV companies, and its Dutch Star is a model to beat. If you’re looking to spend considerable time on the road or are traveling with a lot of people, the size, comfort, and technology of this superior Class A vehicle can make your experience more enjoyable.

It takes some skill to drive and park, but it handles better than many comparative motorhomes.

The Newmar Dutch Star is most certainly big enough for a couple (or even a small family with kids) to live in year-round. As a rear-engine 450-horsepower diesel pusher, it comes in floor plans ranging from 37′ to 43′ that sleep 4-5 people. A full bath and a half-bath easily accommodate a small family.

The stunning interior features wooden cabinets available in a variety of finishes, a 4k flatscreen television, a Bose sound system, and comfortable furniture. A Cummins Onan generator provides reliable power. For a Class A motorhome, the Newmar Dutch Star is also affordable, making it an excellent option for beginners who want good trade-in value.

2. The Crossroads Volante: An Affordable Fifth-Wheel

Image from rvusa.com

The Crossroads Volante is one of the most affordable fifth-wheels of its size. At 12′ tall and 30.5′ long, the VL270BH model boasts stainless steel appliances. A master suite occupies the opposite end of the fifth-wheel from the bunk beds–perfect for parents who want their space! The entire trailer sleeps up to ten people.

The U-shaped kitchen table, full bathroom, electric fireplace, flatscreen television, and trifold sofa complete the luxurious interior. A dry weight of 7,838 lbs. makes it compatible with many muscle trucks.

It’s also well-equipped for dry camping, which makes it perfect for families who want to make the most of BLM land camping or explore lesser-known corners of national forests, national parks, or state parks. A 51-gallon freshwater tank is paired with a 78-gallon black-water tank and a 51-gallon grey-water tank. As an affordable, wilderness-ready option, it’s excellent for beginners who want comfort but also don’t want to break the bank.

3. Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer: An Epic Pop-Up

Image from Jayco

The Jayco Jay series tops lists across the internet. If you walk through a festival campground in the summertime, you’ll probably start to understand why. The low profile and intuitive, easy-to-use pop-up design makes it one of the best RVs for beginners who don’t want to empty their wallets or fill their at-home parking space.

While it lacks a lot of the creature comforts of fifth-wheels and motorhomes, it is far more maneuverable, compact, fuel-efficient, and inexpensive. An adventurous couple could live out of this pop-up three seasons per year.

A few brave individuals have winterized pop-ups for year-round use in temperate climates. Mud tires and a high ground clearance help you make the most of soggier campsites. It’s unsuitable for extreme cold, however.

This trailer is smart, compact, and can sleep 4-7 people comfortably, depending on the particular floor plan. The pop-out bedrooms are equipped with removable privacy panels. A swing-galley kitchen makes cooking easy, and the interior kitchenette features a sink, carry-out stove, and cabinets. Floorplans range from 11′ to 18′ in length.

4. American Coach Patriot: A High-Quality Campervan

Image from rvusa.com

While it’s on the more expensive side, the American Coach Patriot holds its value exceptionally well. This makes it one of the best RVs for beginners when trading in for larger recreational vehicles further down the line.

As a Class B campervan, it’s no more difficult to drive or park than a minivan. For this reason, some families choose this as their soccer tournament van, and hobby climbers make this into their hobby vehicle of choice. It’s also perfect for individuals and couples who want to participate on the celebrated social media hashtag #vanlife, but don’t want to build out the van from scratch themselves.

This campervan is exceptionally safe–far safer than Class A or Class C motorhomes. Built on a Mercedes-Sprinter van chassis, its interior is customizable and stunning. It sleeps two comfortably and four with a push but can be customized with different floor plans. Like other Class Bs, it boasts front airbags and stability control.

This van has become synonymous with the social media movement for a reason: Understated and sleek; it functions equally well when boondocking or BLM camping. However, it’s far smaller than motorhomes with floor plans ranging from 19′ to 24.3′ and does not offer the same water storage, which is a factor to

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