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Built with the adventurer in mind, Kavu is an outdoor clothing brand that revolves around doing what you love in nature’s playground. 

Dirt Bikes of the Sky: Power Paragliding in Utah with Kavu

Founded in the Pacific Northwest in 1993, KAVU stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited. Roughly translated, it means channeling a zest for life and striving towards environmental perfection. Kavu inspires adventurers to get out there and experience the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. The Dyrt team caught up with Kavu at Outdoor Retailer Summer Markert 2017 and got the lowdown on their cool gear, patterns as well as Team Kavu and their impact on adventure sports.

An amazing crew of Kavu lifestylers recently went on one of the most unique and adventurous trips imaginable — power paragliding over The Great Salt Lake in Utah. What’s power paragliding? Watch the video below to experience power paragliding and the Kavu way of life.

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