The CreekKooler is a floating cooler that saves space while keeping anything fresh within arm’s reach.

Keep Your Cooler Close This Summer

The Dyrt team floated by CreekKooler at this summer’s Outdoor Retailer market.

We saw a lot of gear at this summer’s Outdoor Retailer show, but one of the most ingenious items was the CreekKooler. CreekKooler is a roll-proof floating cooler with foam-filled dual walls that can hold ice for two days in 85-degree heat. I was drawn to its hull-shaped design, which lets you pull the cooler behind just about anything: while you walk the beach, paddle your canoe, kayak, or SUP, while you wade, or just to float by you at the dock. Perfect for floating drinks to friends, storing fish, or keeping valuable items dry, the CreekKooler provides versatility and premium insulation for your next camping adventure.

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I’m no stranger to tubing down rivers with friends, and also not a stranger to cracking open a beer or two in the process. We were excited to discover the CreekKooler and catch up with one of the company’s owners, Steve.

Bonus: The Best Origin Story Ever

CreekKooler has one of the best origin stories I’ve read. It’s short, sweet, and something we can all relate to:

How many times have you been enjoying your day on the water, and then Joe tips the canoe? We all know a Joe.

In one moment, grandad’s square, clunky cooler is swiftly carried away, followed only by a littered current of keys, beverages, snacks—and that one engagement ring for Georgia, but that was probably for the best.

We wanted a cooler that floats and tows, not sinks and rolls. Whether you’re floating for a few trout, kayaking with your buddies or trekking through the marsh for the mallards, your cooler should be the last thing in your way. You’re at home on the water, why shouldn’t your cooler be?

We agree.

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