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With a quality suspension system, The Boss by IceMule Coolers is a backpack cooler that allows for portable, multi-day ice retention. 

The One Backpack Cooler We’re Bringing with us This Camping Season

The Dyrt team caught up with IceMule Coolers’ boss James for a demo of The Boss, IceMule’s latest in cooler innovation at this summer’s Outdoor Retailer market.

Imagine a cooler with multi-day cooling capabilities that you can comfortably carry anywhere. The Boss by IceMule is that cooler. The Boss’ waterproof design lets you carry ice and anything cold so you can stay comfortable while you’re adventuring. From food to drinks to entire meals, the boss has you covered. Anglers and hunters will love the cooler for the super convenient on-ice transport. And with ventilated air mesh back pads, a cushioned hip belt, and external straps that allow you to strap on any gear you need, you’ll truly be ready for the long haul.
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The Genius Team Behind IceMule Coolers?

Coolers have become much more than just a cold box. Today’s coolers are becoming ever more versatile to meet the needs of the modern adventurer. IceMule started with innovation when founder James Collie created a makeshift cooler out of a day pack and double lined it with plastic trash bags. James’ improvised backpack cooler seemed like a good idea until the trash bags broke releasing ice water down his back. Frustrated, James set out to create the real deal. And thus, the ultimate soft-sided backpack cooler was born:

IceMule got on the map with innovative coolers like the multi-purpose Pro and we’re excited to see them continue that tradition with The Boss.

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