Even the most seasoned travelers find Hawaii difficult to resist. Tucked away in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a veritable eden, dense with tropical foliage, ocean vistas, and endless opportunities to venture off the beaten track.

Hawaii may be small, but there is massive variation in landscape and activities throughout the island. If you’re looking to experience variety and thrills, Hawaii will surprise you around every turn of those winding ocean roads and craggy coastal cliffs.

Hawaii Destinations for Adventurous Travelers

You can relax when you’re home. Hawaii is full of adventures you won’t want to miss! Get started with these three, then explore other Hawaii campgrounds for inspiration on where to go, next!


1. Akaka Falls, HI

akaka falls hawaiian adventures

Image from Wikipedia Commons

The Northeast of the Big Island is one of the rainiest places on earth, and Akaka Falls stands as a testament of this merging of land and sky, where the water falls over 450 feet. You can hike a loop in the park that offers multiple viewpoints of Akaka Falls, as well as Kahūnā Falls. Although you may be tempted, don’t climb or veer off the designated path, both to respect nature, and stay safe!

2. Ka Lae (South Point), HI

south point cliffs hawaii adventures

Image from Flickr user Eli Duke

Keeping an eye on safety is important in Hawaii, and seemingly safe places can hide unanticipated dangers. Ka Lae on the southern tip of the big island is a place of breathtaking beauty, with water below the ocean worn cliffs just begging to be jumped into. It’s considered one of the greatest cliff diving spots in the world! Thrill seekers will love this spot. However, if you jump (or slip!) you could be facing danger. The currents below are swift and swimmers can quickly be taken out to sea. In fact, it is named after a Hawaiian chief who did exactly that.

Cliff diving at South Point, Hawaii will provide you with a rush of adrenaline — but be careful!

3. Kauai Glass Beach, HI

glass beach hawaii

Image from Wikipedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Perhaps Kauai Glass Beach isn’t visited because it used to be a waste dump, but that was many years ago. What has emerged from the trash heap is a unique blend of nature and waste, where the glass has been worn from sharp to smooth by the constant action of the waves. The industrial decay almost seems fitting as nature reclaims it. This is a gorgeous example of the power of nature and the passage of time. It’s also a reminder that our actions have a serious effect on the environment.

TREDAGAIN Keeps Your Feet Protected on Hawaiian Adventures

Your feet need protection and grip amongst the sharp rocks, slippery ground, and overgrown trails of Hawaii. When a few feet is the difference between land and lava, traction is definitely important. TREDAGAIN is the perfect choice in footwear for exploring this amazing island chain. Along with the superior traction of its upcycled APX rubber, its eco-friendly manufacturing process actually helps preserve the delicate balance of nature you are exploring.

Hawaii evokes a spirit of adventure in those who visit, and the rewards for those brave enough to venture off the beaten path are spectacular. Use these suggestions as a starting off point and see where your path might take you from there! Along the way, write campground reviews on The Dyrt, and you could win free gear from TREDAGAIN! 

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