It’s day 4 of our 40-day #GetOutAndGO Giveaway, featuring a $100 gift card prize from Mountain House and the chance to enter for the $10,000 grand prize GO Camper from SylvanSport.

Our next stop on the #GetOutAndGO Giveaway is the beautiful Asbury Park Beach (only an hour south from The High Line in NYC, our last stop). Walk the shoreline at Asbury Park, and let the stresses of the city drift away with the tides.

Located an hour east of Trenton, NJ, Asbury is perfect for quick adventures and weekend excursions alike. The historic boardwalk is home to dozens of restaurants and fun outdoor activities like mini golf, the splash park, and playgrounds for your kids (or inner child). Events are scheduled regularly—so check out their calendar if you need more motivation to escape.

If you’re planning a summer trip, be sure to read up on the access policy and beach badges.

In honor of Asbury Park Beach, Mountain House is giving away a $100 gift card as today’s #GetOutAndGO giveaway prize. All you need to do to enter is Facebook and comment with where you’d use their gear! Find their post here.

Here is what the beach looks like on Labor Day Weekend, an historically busy weekend for all tourist attractions:

And here is a great video on the history of the park, from booming destination to disrepair and back again:

And check out these incredible shots of the beach:


Get Out and Explore New Jersey!

If you’re in the Trenton area, or are thinking about visiting soon, here are some other great resources.

Asbury Park Beach is a must see, but New Jersey has more up her sleeve. We’re huge fans of Warton State Forest for camping and hiking, but don’t limit yourself! Check out the National Park Service page for more outdoor opportunities, and click here for all things New Jersey.

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