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High Line Park: A Public Aerial Greenway in the Heart of New York, New York

Providing crucial outdoor space in the largest city in America, High Line Park has operated for fifteen years, successfully preserving and repurposing retired railroad trusses into a marvelously designed public green space. The park spans just over a mile and is situated between the iconic neighborhoods of Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen just a block off the Hudson River.

High enough above the ground to transport both your body and your mind, High Line Park is an excellent reminder of the significance micro-adventures can have in our daily lives. With over a dozen access points, fitting outdoor time in before or after work has never been easier.

Photo © Friends of the High Line.

Photo © Friends of the High Line.

Photo © Friends of the High Line.

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Bonus: High Line Art

Check out these videos, just two of many pieces of High Line Art that takes place on the High Line.

Get Out and Experience New York!

While High Line Park is definitely worth a visit, New York has so much more to offer. Whether you’re exploring the city scape of the big apple or bouldering in Central Park, be sure to check out the I <3 NY page for trip planning ideas. If you’re planning to escape the city entirely, swing by the National Parks Service for all things New York state.

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