It’s day 39 of our 40-day #GetOutAndGO project, featuring Palos Verdes near Los Angeles, CA. Boost Oxygen is giving away a $100 gift card to celebrate Los Angeles’ outdoors. Enter to win here.

Have you seen Pirates of The Caribbean? That’s one way to paint the picture of the craggy cliffs, sandy beaches, miles of coastline, and salty coves that reside along the seaside at Palos Verdes. It was a simple decision for Disney to film scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean on and off the coast of Palos Verdes.

Over 1 million people call Los Angeles home, and with that many people it can be hard to find serenity in nature. But just 31 miles south of downtown LA is the seaside at Palos Verdes.

Get a diver’s perspective of Palos Verdes at Honeymooon Cove:

It’s a stunning place to visit and escape the bustling city. Take a scenic drive or plan a day at the beach. And be sure to look out at the horizon when you stop at one of the beautiful vistas. You just might spot a pod of migrating gray whales.

Today is day 39 of the #GetOutAndGO project. The second to last day! To celebrate, Boost Oxygen is giving away a $100 gift card today. Enter to win here.

Get out and Explore Los Angeles!

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Los Angeles is an underrated outdoor destination with coastline to the west and mountains to the east. Wake up early for a hike to Potato Chip Rock. Then spend your afternoon along the coast and see an amazing sunset over the Pacific Ocean. That’s just one of the many great ways you can experience the outdoors in the City of Angels.

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