It’s day 38 of our 40-day #GetOutAndGO project, featuring the hills of Mt. Tamalpais near San Francisco, CA. To celebrate, Tredagain is giving away a $100 gift card. Enter to win here.

The tech scene is a big part of contemporary San Francisco culture, and it can sometimes feel like the city is taking over your entire thought processes. Whenever you’re looking to experience the incredible outdoor spaces in and around the city, Mt. Tamalpais awaits to help you unplug.

This popular outdoor recreation area is a go-to for hiking, mountain and road biking, horseback riding, and hang gliding. The Mt. Tamalpais area contains large expanses of undeveloped land, which leaves it rich with crisscrossing trails for hiking and mountain biking alike.

Find beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean on the western slope of the mountain. Trails at a lower elevation are where you’ll find grassy areas, dense wooded areas, and shrubland.

See what it’s like to cycle from South San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and up to the wonders of Mt. Tamalpais:

Although backpacking isn’t allowed you can still find a chance to stay overnight at one of the campgrounds in the area. Kirby Cove Campground is a great option, just make sure you have enough layers as the close-to-the-water location makes the site cold at night.

To celebrate Mt. Tamalpais and San Francisco’s outdoors, Tredagain is giving away a $100 gift card today. Tredagain upcycles old tires into new shoes, getting tires out of the ground and back on the ground. Enter to win here.

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California is a massive state. With so much area it’s easy to find something fun to do. Whether you want to see the ocean, hike to the top of a mountain, or visit the desert, you’ll find something for you in California. For everything on California’s outdoors, be sure to visit the Outdoor Experiences section of Visit California.

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