Update: Colorado Parks and Wildlife are now reporting that there is inconclusive evidence that the June 6 bear attack occurred, and the investigation is now closed. 

A family of four was trampled by a bear while sleeping in their tent in Colorado on Tuesday. The father was rushed to the hospital. He sustained non-life threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

The family was backcountry camping in the Red Feather Lakes wilderness area in North Larimer County with their two dogs.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is now searching for the bear, and it will be euthanized if caught.

With camping season in full swing, it’s important to brush up on safety precautions in the wild. When camping in bear territories, always store your food in a sealed container away from your tent. Many campgrounds in places with bears will offer bear boxes, but if you’re back country camping like this family was, you’ll need to bring your own bear safe food containers or store anything that might attract them far away from where you’re sleeping.

Now is a good time to brush up on bear safety. Review our tips on how to survive a grizzly bear encounter, and this helpful resource on bears from the National Park Service.


Britany Robinson

Britany Robinson

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