This weekend the country’s newest national park, Indiana Dunes National Park on the shores of Lake Michigan, is welcoming participants of the country’s newest sport—Quidditch. The park announced in a press release that both experienced players and curious newbies could come play the fantasy sport at the park’s Chellberg Farm on Saturday, April 13th.

The sport has grown from the pages of Harry Potter books to an international phenomenon, and has reached grade schools, universities, and club leagues over the past decade. Fortunately, real life Quidditch can now be experienced at Indiana Dunes National Park, with no experience needed.

Play in A Real Life Quidditch Tournament This Weekend at Indiana Dunes National Park

For those unfamiliar with the game (or those curious about how this “fictional” game works in real life), the sport involves players on two teams holding “broomsticks” between their legs while aiming to throw dodgeballs into hoops on either end of the field. Still confused? Read up on the rules and regulations at the U.S. Quidditch organization’s website. Or visit Indiana Dunes National Park and check it out for yourself.

The park states that no prior knowledge or experience is required to come to the event, and staff will be on-site to help participants learn the rules and participate. The park will be providing all equipment, even the broomsticks (none that can actually take flight, however).

Getting to the Quidditch Tournament

The tournament will be held at the newly-minted national park’s Chellberg Farm, a 17th century protected farmstead just south of the dunes themselves, which is located on Mineral Springs Road between U.S. Highway 20 and U.S. Highway 12 in Porter, Indiana. No sign ups or RSVPs are required for this event, and the park can be reached at 219-395-1882 for any questions.

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